The priapic intervention

by Mark Bargen

Story of a future genitalia expansion procedure written in the form of a scientific review.

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According to most historians of biotechnology, the most significant breakthroughs in the application of biotechnology to sexual enhancement occurred fairly rapidly. The entire field, of course, is built upon the work in the area of tissue regeneration in the early '20s by Jack Edger, and the refinements introduced shortly after by the Minneapolis and San Francisco Teams. It was these latter refinements that made possible “orderly” regeneration, as it came to be known.

Once Edger, and then L. Day Mann, joined the San Francisco Team, it shifted its research focus from regeneration to applied generatrics, as they later dubbed the process of controlled modification of completely grown tissue complexes. So far as was known publicly for many years, the entirety of their work was funded by the NJEC and had at its sole aim the development of safe means by which to quickly develop workers whose morphology best suited the rigors of mining in the Belt or exploration in the further reaches.

It was inevitable, however, that there would emerge an avid interest in, and deep- pocketed parties would come forward to fund, generatrics applied specifically for the purpose of enhancing sexual endowment and performance. Research in this area was clandestine throughout the '30s and early '40s, resulting in little or no communication between research teams. The effort appears to have gained momentum substantially as a result of successful (and according to oral tradition, spectacular by the standards of the time) enhancement procedures performed, at the direction of one of the wealthiest men of the era, on a succession of subjects drawn from a “stable” he maintained at the time. In was in this work funded by Mehoff that the Priapic Cult was formed, and the most important conceptual development to date occurred: treating the (as then viewed) “normal” development of the male genitals as “prematurely arrested” at the end of puberty. Edger and Mann sought and found, first, the means to extend for several months the period during which genital growth occurs; second, to accelerate the growth during that interval, and finally, to the means to initiate several growth episodes in succession.

Concurrently, the Hungarian Team, motivated by concerns that have never been determined, undertook to make modifications to the male hormonal cycles so as to increase rate at which semen could be produced. They were able to achieve substantial increases over short periods of time, but were unable to effect long- term stable and sustained increases. In '45, the by then financially self-propelled Priapic Cult uncovered the work of the Hungarian team and funded work by the San Francisco Team specifically to integrate the two projects.

It was this synthesis, together with one further development that emerged at this time, that led to the Priapic Intervention, as it is known today.

The PC also took an interest in Sanderson and Kelp's work on Neurotraining, as they called it. Neurotraining never emerged as a major discipline in Bioengineering, but the PC found a specific application: focused neurostimuli which when applied during sexual arousal interfere with the ability of the nervous system to generate the feedback loop which triggers the contractions required for orgasmic ejaculation. The stimuli interfere with the process so as to substantially delay ejaculation, rather than suppressing it, resulting in an interesting side effect. Such neurostimuli greatly facilitate non-ejaculatory orgasm, or in fact, multiple non-ejaculatory orgasms in succession. So long as arousal is sustained, the subject will repeatedly experience orgasms of varying, but in general increasing, intensity and duration, with progressively shorter intervals between them, until the native ejaculatory reflex “breaks through”.

The Priapic Intervention is customarily performed on a subject between 22 and 35 years of age. The subject must be in good physical health. The Priapic Cult controls access to the technique, and selects only specimens which meet their standard of masculine beauty. Although the standard changes along with the leadership of the cult, it has in recent years selected for tall, muscular, dark- haired and olive-skinned men with heavy body and facial hair.

As a rule, the subject undergoes three genital growth episodes. A few subjects have undergone more than four; two extraordinary subjects (described further below) have undergone six episodes of growth.

The first episode is devoted to enlarging the testes, elevating the libido, and increasing the production of semen. Neurotraining commences in parallel. This episode usually lasts four to six months and yields, on average, testicle dimensions of approximately:

  • Length: 9 cm -11 cm (~4”—4 1/2”)
  • Diameter (each): 4 cm—6.5 cm (~1 1/2”—2 1/2”).
Testicular enlargement is accompanied during the first phase by only moderate enlargement of the penis itself. Significant variation in the rate and extent of penile enlargement is observed, but enlargement by a factor of more than 1.5::1 (3::2) is rare. A somewhat more pronounced effect on girth is observed. Average resulting penile dimensions are on the order of:
  • Length (flaccid): 12 cm—15 cm (~5”—6”)
  • Length (engorged): 20.5 cm—26 cm (~8”- 10 1/4”)
  • Diameter (engorged): 5 cm—7 cm (~2”—2 3/4”)

Average ejaculate volume increases, on average, five fold. Many subjects, especially those with an initially high level of semen production, experience increases on the order of 7::1 or more.

Subjects experience a dramatic elevation of libido evidenced by more frequent sexual ideation of longer duration, as well as by frequent self stimulation. The effects of neurotraining only first become apparent at about the midpoint of the growth episode. At the conclusion of this episode, most subjects voluntarily defer ejaculation for six to eight hours.

Unrestrained subjects (i.e., not hypnotically prohibited from self-stimulation) masturbate to ejaculation an average of 14 times per day, representing a total time spent masturbating ranging, on average, from two to four hours per day until such time as their neurotraining becomes effective. At the conclusion of this episode, well-trained but unrestrained subjects masturbate three to six hours per day, with up to ten percent of subjects masturbating in excess of eight hours at least one day in five. These subjects typically produce .6 liter to .8 liter (~ 2 1/2 cup—3 1/2 cup) of semen daily.

Hypnotically restrained (i.e., not permitted to self-simulate) subjects experience an average of 30 to 50 spontaneous erections daily during waking hours (approximately every 20 to 30 minutes). If so restrained for an extended interval, subjects begin after a few days to experience occasional involuntary ejaculations spaced two to four days apart. After ejaculation, well-trained and hypnotically restrained subjects who produce semen in the greatest volumes usually again reach occasional orgasmic state within two days and, within another day, achieve intermittent near-continuous orgasmic periods of duration on the order of 90 to 150 seconds. Cataclysmic ejaculatory orgasm typically occurs within four to five hours of the onset of this phase, yielding volumes of 170 cc—250 cc ( 3/4 cup to 1 cup).

The second growth stage targets enlargement of both of the testicles and the penis, but effects substantially greater penile growth than testicular. As with the first stage, it lasts four to six months. Neurotraining continues in parallel.

Average resulting testicle sizes reflect growth of 25% to 50%:

  • Length: 11.25 cm -16.5 cm (~4 1/2”—6 1/2”)
  • Diameter (each): 5 cm—10 cm (~2”—3 3/4 ”).

Penile growth occurs during the second phase at a much more rapid rate than previously. Interestingly, growth rate is moderately inversely correlated with initial dimensions. Average results represent enlargement on a order ranging from 1..75::1 to 2.25::1; fewer than ten percent experience enlargement by a factor greater than 2.5::1. As during Stage One, greater effect is observed on girth than on length. Average resulting penile dimensions are on the order of:

  • Length (flaccid): 23 cm—32 cm (~9”—16 1/2”)
  • Length (engorged): 39 cm—56 cm (~15 1/4”- 22”)
  • Diameter (engorged): 10.5 cm—16.5 cm (~4”—6 1/2”)

The production of ejaculatory fluid continues to increase during Stage Two, though not nearly as dramatically as during Stage One. Production, on average, increases by a factor ranging from 3.5:1 to 4:1, though as many as ten percent of subjects experience increases by a factor of as great as 6:1. In contrast to the moderate dampening effect observed with respect to penile growth, the rate of increase in production of ejaculatory fluid correlates positively with initial volume: subjects with the greatest initial production tend to experience the greatest increase in production.

Neurotraining is most effective during Stage Two; by the conclusion of this stage, nearly all subjects fully master voluntary postponement of ejaculation for periods of at least three days. A few subjects are able to defer ejaculation for up to nine, or even ten days. These subjects achieve nearly continuous orgasmic status for several hours at a time during the last few days. Owing to the very high rate at which these same subjects produce ejaculatory fluid during this time, their production of semen exceeds their capacity to store it. Inasmuch as they are at the same time not ejaculating this fluid, it is expelled gradually in a stream flowing at a variable rate which among the more productive subjects can reach yield over 0.5 liters (~2 cups) in a peak hour.

As noted above, cataclysmic ejaculation typically occurs in these subjects only after several days of nearly continuous orgasmic state. Once ejaculation commences it typically lasts 15 to 25 minutes, with the longer times correlating with the rate of seminal production; the most productive subjects as described above may ejaculate for as long as 40 minutes, yielding volumes in excess of 1.25 liters (~5 cups).

The third growth stage is reserved for those subjects with whom the most satisfactory results have been obtained in the first two stages. This stage continues to target both genital enlargement and increased semen production. Additional genetic therapy to modify the heart is required, and subjects are often maintained in life-supporting systems most if not, in fact, all of the time. With continued neurotraining the third stage customarily yield subjects capable of continuous orgasms for several days and sustained ejaculatory orgasms exceeding several hours in duration.

The duration of the third stage varies by subject, ranging from three to nine months. Average resulting testicle sizes at the end of the third stage (recalling that subjects are selected based on successful growth by the conclusion of the second stage) reflect growth of 30% to 60%:

  • Length: 19 cm -24 cm (~7 1/2”—9 1/2”)
  • Diameter (each): 11 cm—15 cm (~4 1/2”—6”).

Penile growth in the third stage is commensurate, yielding resulting dimensions on the order of

  • Length (flaccid): 40 cm—51 cm (~16—20”)
  • Length (engorged): 70 cm—90 cm (~28”- 35”)
  • Diameter (engorged): 20 cm—26 cm (~8”—10”)

Semen production doubles to triples during this stage, resulting in average daily production volumes of 5—7 liters (5.5—7.5 quarts). Non-ejaculatory flow rates for the most productive subjects exceeds 1.5 liters (6 1/2 cups) in a peak hour. Cataclysmic orgasm, which as described above can last for several hours, yields as much as 5 liters (~22 cups or 1.4 gallons).

At this time, it appears that further stages in the Priapic Intervention are limited by the ability (or more precisely, the inability) of the body to sustain the needs of such massive and productive genitalia. To this writer's knowledge there have been few subjects capable of progression to a four stage. As noted above, two extraordinary subjects have survived six growth stages. The factors which made their survival possible have not been identified, but they survived (on continuous life support) in uninterrupted ejaculatory orgasm for 37 and 46 months, respectively, after the completion of the sixth stage. Subject measurements were as follows:

Subject A:

  • Testicles: 45 cm x 25 cm (17 3/4” x 9 3/4”)
  • Penis (erect): 172 cm x 48 cm (5' 7” x 1' 6 3/4”)
  • Peak semen production: 12 liters / hour (3 1/4 gallons / hour)

Subject B:

  • Testicles: 40 cm x 22 cm (15 3/4” x 8 1/2”)
  • Penis (erect): 185 cm x 52 cm (6' x 1' 8 1/2 ”)
  • Peak semen production: 14.5 liters / hour (4 gallons / hour)

It will be clear to the reader that in the instance of these subjects, their genitalia reached proportions near to, or in the second case, greater than their own height. It could be said that for these men had essentially become enormous genitalia, for which their bodies served merely as support system.

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