The touch

by TylerGermany

Nick is dosed with nanobots that allow him to grow and shrink others with just a touch.

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Part 1 Nick is dosed with nanobots that allow him to grow and shrink others with just a touch. (added: 31 Mar 2014)
Part 2  (added: 13 Apr 2014)
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Part 1

I had been mowing the lawn of Mr. Mackage when I looked up to see him calling me inside. I was drenched in sweat and he held a pitcher of icy lemonade. No way I could refuse that. I killed the motor and strided across his half way cut lawn. I was short. 5’4 to be exact. And I only took the offer of mowing his massive lawn twice a week so I could trim down some extra fat. I was 219 pounds of mostly fat.

“Well.. Well the gardener is exhausted?” He remarked with his perfect smile. His blue eyes were half hidden dend his medium length black hair. Mr. Mackage was a bodybuilder. He hated the loud noise the mower made so he always hired someone to cut it for him. His bulbous muscles pushed for freedom through his tight low cut tanktop. He was one of the taller bodybuilders at 6’6. He dwarfed me at the amazing weight of 350 pounds. He was in complete harmony with his muscles.

“You.. You.. Have a huge yard.” I said through heavy breaths. I looked up at him. Yes I looked up. He was a full 14” taller than me. I took a glass that he had in his other hand, and he poured me a glass of lemonade. I greedily chugged down the sweet lemonade. It was very cold, and I wasn’t gonna complain!

He offered me to enter the mansion of his house. “Step inside. Take a break and relax in the air conditioning.” He scooted aside for me to go into his house. It was a bit awkward for the 18 year old Frank Tylers, to enter the 29 year old Roger Mackage’s house. But my legs dragged my corpse inside.

“Oh thank god for AC.” I exclaimed as I entered the home. It was exagerant for me to say the house was a mansion. But the house had 3 stories, each with the victorian style 12’ ceilings. The house had 8 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. All to himself. “I can’t believe I will stay here for a whole week while my parents are out of town.”

“Yeah.” Mr.Mackage said. “You will be able to stay up as long as you want. With the exception you don’t die finishing my lawn.

“Hopefully,” I said. it was slightly embarrassing that my parents didn’t trust a 17 year old by himself for 7 days. Mr. Mackage led the way into the living room as we both sat on the couch. “You don’t mind me sweating on my couch?”

He frowned and said, “ Nahh. I don’t mind. Nobody comes over to my house anyways. I’m always alone. Well alone with my weight lifting equipment.” He flexed his bicep and a baseball formed under his skin.

He caught me gawking. I looked away embarrassed. I was attracted to Mr.Mackage. I was a 18 year old boy who loved bigger men. it was slightly embarrassing being gay. I was a closet gay, afraid of being the subject of teenage cruelty.

After a few minutes of awkward silence I got up and grunted “ I better get back to work. If I want to finish before dark.” It was 7:00 PM and the sun wouldn’t go down for an hour. And there was only about 30 minutes left of cutting the grass if I sped along. But I would give me enough time to have a heat strike halfway through. Or if I needed to catch my breath even.

“Alright hurry up. See you tomorrow. And no time is too early I get up before the sun!” He exclaimed as I shut the front door behind me. Tomorrow was the day I would go to his house and spend a whole week with him.

I finished the lawn with 5 minutes to spare. I looked up at the sky to see the beautiful Florida sunset. I stared towards at it, not directly. after the sun was behind my house which was next door. I pushed his lawnmower back into his garage. I stopped for a few minutes to admire his corvette. It was a vibrant purple. Unexplainable due to the english vocabulary.

I walked out of his garage and down the 75 foot driveway. The black chainlink fence gate was open so I closed it behind me. He always told me to close it. He didn’t want anyone breaking in. But on a personal level I wouldn’t fuck around with a bodybuilders stuff. I walked the length of his fence on the side walk admiring the job I had done with the grass.

As I walked into the side door and into the kitchen I saw a note left by my parents.

The note read:

::Sorry sweetie, Aunt Marie wanted to leave this moment. Dinner is in the fridge if you want it. It’s just some pizza but I thought you’d appreciate it. ~Love Mom & Dad

I flipped over the note and read the post script.

::P.S. Don’t you dare make Mr. Mackage wait for your sorry behind. Be at his house around 8:00 AM. Be good. We love you and no parties at his house without his consent at least.

Okay then. I walked over to the fridge and pulled out the zip lock bag of some pizza slices inside of it. I opened the bag and grabbed the pizza. The single handed best kind pizza. Cold. “Mmmm,” I purred.

After the 5 star dinner I went upstairs and got into bed. I lay awake for a bit. Just starin at my ceiling before exhaustion got the better of me and I was wiped out. It was a dreamless sleep. I think because of the exhaustion and fatigue. +<

I woke up at 7;30 which was usual for me. I was always awake at no longer than 7:45. I dragged myself out of bed and headed to the bathroom across the hall and took a shower and to take a piss. It was an enjoyable shower. I peed with morning wood in the shower. I was only 7 inches fully erect. I was a bit above average. But it was fine. I wasn’t going to let that ruin my life.

As I climbed out of the quick shower I slowly got dressed in a teeshirt and some cargo pants. I grabbed the bag I had readied for the week at Mr.Mackage’s house. And headed down the stairs. I locked the door behind me as I made my way down the sidewalk and up to Mr. Mackage’s house.

When I knocked I waited a few minute as shirtless Mr. Mackage opened the door. “Oh hey Frank. Come on in.” I never took my eyes off of him as I walked into the door. I couldn’t help it though. His bare torso had muscles packed into every bit of it. His pecs stuck out a few inches and the dollar coin sized nipples faced the ground. His six pack looked as though actual bricks were packed into them. a treasure trail led from his flannel pants to his belly button.

“Yeah my parents left already yesterday and told me to come here earlier than planned.” I licked my drying mouth as I stared at his muscles. I was right at his chest. At this moment I was partially happy to be short.

“Here let me take your bag.” He reached forward and he grabbed my duffle bag. “Follow me to your room. or just continue staring at my muscles.” He smirked

“Oh my god Im so sorry.” I flushed “It’s just you look really good.”

He said nothing and walked to the stairs. i looked at his bubble butt the time we went up the stairs. My lord it was sexy. “You know how you call me Mr. Mackage? Don’t. Just call me Roger. I don’t truly want to sound old.”

“Yes Roger.” It had a nice ring. As we got to the top of the stairs he hung a left and we were faced with a hallway with 3 doors. 1 to my left. 2 to the right. He led me to the room on the right and farthest away.

“This is your room.” He threw my bag onto the bed across the room. It was a nice room. It was fully furnished. Just like the rest of the house with 12 foot ceilings. The queen sized bed was in the middle of the room with all the sheets and covers on it. A night stand on the left and right hand side. And a dresser with a large mirror against the wall on the same wall as the door. there were two windows in the room. One faced my house and the other pointed at the luxurious pool. The walls were lime green and the carpet was a light shade of purple that contrasted the paint.

“Would you like a tour of my house?” Asked Roger.

“Sure, why not?” I was masking my giddiness.

He showed me around the second floor. Across the hall was the most massive bathroom ever. And right next to my room was the weightlifting room. there was a machine for every muscle along with several dumbbells. To the right of the stairs were two rooms. Both guest rooms with a shared restroom in the middle.

As we headed downstairs I caught sight of the stairs that went upstairs. “ What’s up there?” I asked with a immense curiosity. I had a small guess more rooms along with his room seeing how we haven’t seen his yet.

“That would be my room. Its the whole floor with a large corner separated for the bathroom. Also there are more advanced weights up there.” Roger responded. “There truly is nothing up there other than my bed, some weights, and a bathroom.”

We were back down stairs as he showed me around. There was a living room to the left of the front door and to the right of the same door was a staircase along with the dining room through an arch. Behind the stairs was a kitchen along with a den. Connected, but with a half wall separating the two rooms. Past the kitchen was a sliding glass door which led to the back yard patio. In the kitchen was a hallway that had doors which led to a bathroom, laundry room, attached garage, and finally the dining room.

There we were stopping the tour back into the living room. “Alrighty, I’m going to take a shower real quick. You just watch T.V. Don’t cause trouble please.” Roger said as he sat me down on the couch and handed me the remote.

“Okay. I won’t.” I said obeying his law. I got one last good look at him before he ran upstairs.

The rest of the morning was filled with television. And the sound of metal clanking upstairs no doubt he was exercising. But afterwards he came downstairs and smelled sweaty (which I did not mind one bit!!). “I have a gift after dinner. One that you’ll appreciate.” roger told me as he plopped down on the couch next to me.

“Can I ask what it is? Or even just get a hint?” I said. I was hoping he’d show me his room for the rest of the night. But he didn’t budge with the question.

Eventually he said. “ No I’m not having sex with you..”

I looked at him as though he had just stabbed me with a knife. I was confused was he reading my mind or something?

“I know you’re gay. Don’t get scared I know you’re a closet gay. But so am I. I have other secrets but for now its good to tell at least some one.” Roger said.

“But.. Roger.. I thought you were straight. And how did you know I was gay?” I asked hoping not to sound weird.

“Nope I’m as gay as you are. And come on dude.. I saw you gawking at this.” He flexed his right bicep and a baseball formed under his skin.

I said nothing we both sat there watching television until 5:00 PM. It was a bit awkward like that though sitting in silence for 5 hours watching T.V. No communication. At about 5:00 he got up and headed for the kitchen. i knew he didn’t eat lunch normally because the white stud. Was not a normal person.

“Dinners ready!” He called from the other room. His deep voice bounced through the house and hit me. I loved his baritone voice.

I got up and walked to the dining room where two seats were already set. Across from each other. The seats weren’t across the table from the short ends but across the long ends. I sat in the seat that had its back to the garage on the other side of the wall. He took his seat on the other end and he reached around the table grabbing the multiple choices.

I didn’t fully look at all the food until he started to dig in. A large stuffed chicken, a large bowl of salad, a bowl of fruit, a bowl of multiple vegetables, and to top it all off. The gift he promised me. it was in a box wrapped in wrapping paper. “ You can have that after diner.” He said through bites of food.

As we ate I opened up to him more and we talked about surfing which he was in to, and I recently had lost all the talent. But soon we both were consuming all the contents on the table. Everything, and I mean every bit of food. Was gone. roger ate most but I had my fair share. I said I was stuffed but I could tell he wasn’t.

“Do you still want the present? I mean if you don’t want it it’s fine. “ He suggested. “ I made it myself and I knew what you liked and personally I would abuse it. You have enough self control to know how to appropriately use it.”

“Are you kidding me? This has been torturing my curiosity.” I reached for the box but was stopped.

“You HAVE to keep this a secret between us. You can use it on anyone but you can’t tell them you did it. Promise on your life.” Roger said. As he looked at me with his intense blue eyes.

“Okay I said I promise.” He let me grab the box. I ripped open the wrapping paper neatly not wanting to make a mess and put it on to the table. The cardboard box was easily opened by myself as I pulled out a glass bottle with a mysterious glowing purple sludge inside of it. “ What is it?”

“I’ll tell you as soon as you drink it. Every last drop.” Roger said intensely

I pulled the cork out of the mouth and smelled the awkward elixir. It smelled like flowers. I tilted it to my mouth and started chugging. I expected a horrible flower taste but was shocked with the taste of chocolate. It was easy to drink with this kind of flavor.

As I finished the last drops of the liquid I let out a sigh of relief. Although I could feel it in my stomach. It first felt warm but felt warmer as time progressed. “I can feel it in my stomach its heating up and its starting to hurt a bit.” As I finished that sentence my whole body froze.

“Good its working. In a few minutes it’ll pass.” Roger got up and walked around to me and continued. “You are going to be able to change the personality and thoughts of others. Well except me. It doesn’t affect me for some reason. But you will also be able to change the shape and size of anybody. Make them taller, shorter, fatter, skinnier, more muscular. Do anything you want to them. Also you’ll be able to change the size of any other object. That part does affect me. As well as it does you.”

All the while I was frozen. I could feel the liquid now move through my body. Slowly. After a minute of this it subsided and I was free to move again. “Wow.. I..I feel.. powerful.” I stammered out. Suddenly the buzz was gone and I felt as though I did before the beverage.

“Try to make me look taller.” Roger said. “Start with a few inches to be safe. I don’t want to be an eight foot behemoth. Also you’ll have to physically touch the person.”

“Okay, I said, but this won’t work.” I let out a nervous giggle, as I reached out to touch Roger’s arm. Roger is now 4 inches taller than he is now. I thought to myself. “This is weird nothing like this will work ever.” I let go of his arm.

Suddenly I saw I was horribly wrong. There in front of me Roger grew 4 inches taller and it was shown. As he grew taller everything else stayed the same. He just stretched 4 inches taller. “ Bull crap, eh? Well I’m now 6’9. I grew 3 inches.”

“Four actually. But holy crap this is amazing. How do I do that to myself?” I wanted to now really bad. I hated being short. and now that Roger was 4 inches taller it kind of made me feel smaller. And more aroused.

“Well first. I’d appreciate it if you would make me my normal height again.” He said as he looked down at me.

“Oh sure sorry about that.” I grabbed his arm and thought Roger is now 4 inches shorter. And like magic he was still tall but shorter. “How is this even possible. this is incredible!”

“Okay well one question at a time.” Said Roger. I could tell he was getting a bit overwhelmed. “ I’ll tell you this much. What you just drank is a small dosage of nanobots. They self reproduce and listen to your every command. When you touch someone and think of them growing or shrinking, or changing. The nanobots go through your pores, and straight into the other persons. When they are inside. They induce hormones. Those hormones are the same ones that stimulate growth.”

“Okay. But is there any side effects for the other person?” I asked. Then it dawned on me. “ What about on me? What will happen to me?”

“Nothing will happen to you. However anyone including yourself will feel progressive pain as the hormones make them grow. Its undetectable in small growths, but anywhere around 4 inches or more. There will be pain depending on how tolerant they are. I have a high tolerance.. I felt nothing.”

“What about if I run out of the little nanobots? Eventually I will run out if they go from me to the person. Every time.” I was getting questions that seemed to agitate Roger. I wasn’t going to overload him.

“The nanobots are self reproducing. And there will always be at least one in your brain reading your thoughts.”

“What about my immune system? Won’t the white blood cells destroy them all? I mean they aren’t me.”

“The nanobots can’t be enveloped by your white blood cells because the nanobots will trick them into thinking it’s also a white blood cell.” Roger was now a bit agitated at all the questions.

“Okay.. Last question, how do I work it onto myself?” I was hoping for a nice answer. I was tired of being short, and now I could change the way I looked entirely. I was already thinking of a dream body.

“Just hold your own hand or something.” He flicked his wrist. “Have fun with yourself. Not to much. And control it. Don’t bring to much attention to yourself by growing a foot within a day. I’ll be arrested and my lab and research confiscated..” And with that he collected all the dishes and walked to the kitchen.

I was giddy, I had the ability to turn myself into a super muscle giant. I was however obedient when it came to warnings and rules. I didn’t want to be probed. I was considering the ways I could look. Any way I wanted. I could have the most beautiful blue eyes, instead of the unsightly brown pair I had. My brown hair could become a light black. I could trim so much weight oh lord.

I grabbed my own hand and I thought of anything I could. First off I want dark blue eyes. Second I want my hair to be light black. Third.. I cut myself off there and released my hands. I wanted to watch the fat that has cursed my body disappear. No more fatty.

I bound up the stairs as fast as I could. I walked into the bathroom across from my room. I locked the door behind me and was confined into a massive bathroom. In there was a toilet, a sink with a large vanity, a shower big enough for 5 men, and a full wall mirror. The floor was white with the occasional black square here and there. The walls shot up 12 feet, and were covered in a calming light blue. High above was a florescent light. Also up there was a ventilation fan for steam to escape the bathroom.

I lined myself up in front of the wall mirror and took off every article of clothing I had on. I leaned forward to get a better look on my eyes. They were perfect. The deep shade of blue was as blue as the ocean. My hair had also changed drastically. The ugly brown was replaced with a soft black. My hair and eyes seemed to accompany each other very well.

When I was done peering into the mirror to look at my eyes I stepped back and took my own hand. I was completely nude in front of a mirror which shown my body with crystal clear reflections. I am now 6’4” and my fat is not even there. I looked at the mirror intently. Suddenly as if something were being lifted off of my shoulders, the fat melted away. I smiled. Eww next I would fix my teeth. After all the fat was gone I saw the world start to shrink little by little. Wait no. I was growing! A complete foot. My body readjusted itself to grow larger. I inched up and up.

When I finally reached my target height of 6’4” I felt a strange feeling at my feet. They were also growing. They grew and grew until finally my baby doll size 8 and 1/2’s, were the giant size of 15! I smiled even larger as I knew the process was over. i stood naked in a bathroom looking at myself. There were still many flaws but I could only do so much at a time.

Next I wanted my teeth to better accommodate my body. I grabbed my hand and thought about it like I had rehearsed it thousands of times. My teeth are straight and as white as a puffy cloud. I smiled to see my teeth which pointed in all directions slowly become strait. Pointing the direction they were designed to. Up or down. Next my yellowish teeth slowly bleached white. It stopped when they turned white as paper.

Next was my cock. I looked at my fully erect dick. When I grew taller my cock grew harder. My dick NEEDED to be perfect. My cock is 16 inches long hard, and 12 inches flaccid. I stared intently at my dick as it slowly inched closer to the mirror. Soon it bent down, it was getting too heavy for its own good. I almost forgot. My dick is as thick as a beer can, and my balls are as big as tennis balls. I looked on as my testicles swelled to large proportions as well as my dick that began to swell.

After the smaller features I noticed something I forgot. Muscle. I was skinny now after losing all of my fat. I stood in front of the mirror and flexed my skinny arms. I wanted to know the before and after. I grabbed my arm and followed the same routine. I will.. I trailed off. I stood there and looked around. I wanted to weigh myself now. I spotted the heavy duty scale in the corner of the room. I walked across the chilled floor and hopped onto the scale. My 219 pounds had slimmed down to 160 pounds even.

After the little set back I went back into position in front of the mirror with my arms hooked onto one another. I started small. I decided on a rough image, knowing that I wouldn’t grow until tomorrow. I am now 45 pounds heavier. All muscle, but proportional all around. All of which is well defined. I smiled at this idea. I liked it I wasn’t going to get huge, but I was gonna get more muscular.

After a bit of time I was the first indentations of abs, and a small rift opening where my flat chest was. My arms as well began to balloon. Slowly my biceps grew larger and larger. I flexed to see small peaks formed. My arms stopped growing but I was okay with it. I could grow larger later. i was so distracted I didn’t notice that my pecs and abs were done as well. My pecs jutted out about half an inch. My nipples had stretched to fit the larger chest. Not the size of quarters they stiffened and popped out. My abs were equally as good. Each section of the six had hardened.

I just started to look at my legs as they to swelled! My skinny legs grew quads, my calves also swelled up. My legs slowly grew into tree trunks. After that growth spurt hit my back started to tingle. I turned enough to see little muscle pop up here and there. My lats began to broaden. Also while looking back there I got a good look at my ass. It too began to swell larger until it stuck out 6 inches.

Sadly the growth reached my neck and shoulders. Slowly as my shoulders began to broaden, my traps grew. My head was forced forward but I could still move it. Just not as far as it used to. My deltoids began to swell up into baseball sized slabs of meat. Nice.

I was completely done growing and staring at myself in the mirror flexing every muscle Ifad just acquired. I stepped over to the scale but kinda stumbled like a drunken idiot. My dick was fully erect and my quads brushed against one another while I walked. I was going to have a tough time walking until I got accustomed. but I was well used to adapting to things such as calling one of my two dads mom. I should’ve said something earlier but it too was a bit embarrassing.

When I reached the scale I stepped onto the rubber pad. The wheel spun trying to find my weight until it stopped on the number 205. Perfect I thought. I smiled and heard a knock on the door. “Nick is here, Frank.” Roger said through the door. “ I know what you’re doing so dress yourself and get ready to make him think you’ve looked like this forever.” I heard his foot steps go down the halls and down the stairs.

I stepped off the scale and over to my clothes. I just then realized I was to large for my own clothes. I held all my clothes in hand and thought. My clothes are not large enough to fit around my body. I felt the clothes grow heavier in my hands as the nanobots re stitched the fabrics larger. After the clothes began to feel the same weight I pulled them on. They were a bit tight around my globes of my butt. I didn’t care I was proud of my ass.

I unlocked the door and headed for the stairs and walked down them. I was not quite used to the new muscles so I walked slowly and carefully.Not wanting to take a tumble. As I reached the bottom of the stairs I looked over into the living room. He was sitting with his back turned towards me. He was in the recliner that was a little too small for Roger.

I snuck up behind nick. I looked down at him. I grabbed his bare shoulders where the muscle shirt didn’t cover. Nick has always though I looked like I do now. He twitched as the nanobots readjusted his thoughts. He now was fully turned around and looking at me.

Nick stood and turned around to hug me. Nick and I have been friends for as long as we could remember. He was as bigger than I. He was a full on jock. Strict diet, workouts every day, and every sport the school could offer. He was roughly 250 pounds and was still taller than me. he was 6’7”. He had some of the best genes imaginable. his bubble butt stood out like a shelf against his looser shorts. He was openly gay, but didn’t want to be in a relationship.

“Hey Frank.” He said as he gave me a large bear hug. he did it all the time even when I was tiny. He loved showing off his muscles. He wrapped his large arms around me and heaved me up high. “I brought all my stuff and I’m ready for the sleep over.”

“Good, sorry I had to reschedule and be here instead of at my house. I’m just thankful Roger was willing to let you stay.” Nick set me down. His humongous arms which didn’t even strain to lift me up released my torso. I was sorta sad. I liked the feeling of his giant muscles. Maybe I could grow him..

“Yeah I know.” He said as he did a fake yawn he did a lot. The fake yawn was his excuse to flex his giant mountains of biceps. But this time I looked closer. Normally he wore short sleeved shirts or shirts that reached his elbows. This time I could see the thick patch of armpit hair that grew.

I looked at them with immense desire when suddenly Roger broke my hypnotized state. “ Im going out to the mall for 2 hours. If you do anything fun clean up afterwards. Do you need anything? Just remember things are popping up around here for no reason all the time.” He winked at me. The comments he had added were targeted to me. He wanted me to have sex with Nick.

“Nah I think we are fine.” Nick said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders and leaned on me a bit. I took his weight well. Normally it would have crushed my bones to have that much pressure pushing down on my body. Now it felt perfectly fine.

“Alright see you both in a couple of hours.” Roger said as he closed the front door behind him. After a few seconds I heard the car start and take off down the road. He obviously hinted to me to use a condom when he said things popped up all the time around here.

I turned to Nick and placed my hand on his massive shoulder. “Hey whatcha doing little boy?” Nick asked as he put a hand onto my butt. I didn’t even need to alter his mind. He was attracted to me. “How about you show me to your room?” He asked when suddenly he scooped me up and carried me upstairs.

I guided him to my room where he set me onto the bed, flicked on the lights, and drew down the blinds. He looked at me with his dark green eyes very seductively. “Alright lets get onto it. i know you’ve had the hots for me.” He pulled of his shirt and revealed a wonderful 8-pack. Only to be topped off with perfect plump pecs.

“I have and you can see why. Just look at you.” I exclaimed as I pulled off my shirt to reveal only a bit of muscle that was dwarfed by Nick’s muscle. I then moved to my pants just like Nick did. However my pants had a well fitted pair of boxer briefs. He on the other hand was going commando. His big dick flopped out. It smacked against his thighs as it still was soft. It was at least 7 inches soft.

He walked over to the bed and crawled over my body that was now sprawled over the bed. I was pinned down onto the bed. He then locked lips with mine. The scruffiness of his beard tickled me. It felt good. Suddenly his soldier stood at full attention at 12 inches long and was as thick as a door handle. I felt it plop down on my stomach.

I broke the kiss. “Its so big. Why dont you let me suck it?” I asked hoping for the answer of yes. i looked deep into the green eyes that stared down at me. His blonde hair drooped down.

“I can’t see why not.” He said as he got off me and sat against the headboard with his dick pointed straight up. He looked at me intently.

I went over to his dick and put my lips over the head. I willed my dick to stay soft. I wanted him to see how big it could get when hard. As I sucked his dick he let out lots of pleasure moans. I had to open my mouth as wide as possible so my teeth wouldn’t scrape this beauty. I grabbed my own hand and though. my mouth is now wide enough to take all of his dick all at once. Also Nick’s dick would grow 6 inches longer.

My jaw opened a little farther and I felt his dick slide towards the back of my throat. Without either of us doing anything. I then grabbed the base of the shaft and forced his dick down into my throat. I got to the bottom of the shaft and felt his soft pubes tickle my nose. Normally pubes were thick and wiry. Not his. I then reared away and went forward again to get a fucking motion into play.

This blowjob went on for at least 20 minutes before his balls, which I cradled started to shudder. His balls soon retracted upwards. “Dude.. I’m gonna blow!!” Nick yelled as most of his muscles tensed up.

I felt the sweet and salty seed slip down my throat and into my stomach. It felt good to have given my first blowjob. Nick let out a deep orgasam that led on for a solid minute. He now had his hands on the back of my head. He ran his fingers through my hair. It was wonderful.

Soon he pulled out of my mouth and started to doze off. His steel pole of a penis began to grow flaccid. Soon he laid fully nude on my bed. I was a bit concerned at the time because although the 20 minute blowjob was good, we both got lost in ecstasy. We pretty much blanked out for that time. There were 30 minutes before Roger got home.

The only thing I had to do was clothe myself and Nick, seeing how I swallowed most of the jisim. After I was fully dressed along with Nick. I layed in bed and wrapped my arms around him. I started to drift off when I had the best idea imaginable. Grow Nick.

I sat up and moved my lower legs under me. I faced Nick. His excellent chest rose and fell with each breath. I placed my hand on his warm meaty chest. Right in the middle. I was on his right side with my left hand placed on his chest. Nick is now 3 inches taller. He is now 315 pounds of muscle. Any bodyfat is now completely gone. Nick’s cock is now 15 inches soft and 24 inches hard, with balls the size of tennis balls.. His ass is now larger. His hairless torso is covered in a dusting of hair. His armpits are full of hair. His libido is at full capacity. He could go all day and still have energy.

I studied his body in the light, slowly but surely he grew little by little. Soon I wasn’t sure if his clothes were going to hold or not. His muscles filled the already tight shirt. but the shirt withstood the pressure. His shorts stretched to the max as his quads grew thicker and thicker. His cock inched its way down his shorts. It wasn’t hard to see. The pants were tight.

When the growth stopped. I noticed the body hair hadn’t sprung up yet. I looked again after I yawned. Stunningly his smooth muscles grew coarse with hair. He lifted his arm to scratch at the hair that tickled him. A small forest grew. I smiled as he flipped from his back onto his stomach. His perfectly shaped globes called ass cheeks swelled outward.

While I admired his ass. The front door opened and closed signaling that Roger was home. I got off the bed, covered up the beauty called Nick with a blanket, and walked to the door closing the door and flicking the light off behind me. I headed for downstairs, I wanted to talk with Roger.


Part 2

When I got down the stairs I found Roger struggling to carry in several bags all at once. I walked over to him and picked out about half of the bags he held. We moved from the front door where he struggled to the kitchen. “Thanks Frank.” Roger said with full honesty. He truly was thankful.

“Eh. No problem, least I could do since you gave me the serum.” I said as we set down the bags on the counter. “I do have a question about the nanobots. If you don’t mind me asking..”

“Ask ahead Frank. I kinda have been keeping you in the dark.” Roger said as he looked at me. He awaited my question. he was ready to answer.

“Two things only for now.. Umm, is there anyway you could reprogram the little nanobots to. How do I say this.. Only work if I say ‘I wish..’ I think it would be could to have it like that.” I sounded a little confused when I asked the question. I wasn’t sure how to ask the question.

He gave it a moment of thought trying to comprehend my question. “OH. You want me to make the command start with, I wish. Gotcha!” It clicked in his mind. He got up from his chair and went for the basement door. He started down the stairs when he said, “Come on.”

I followed him down the stairs. Most houses in Florida don’t have a basement because of hurricanes. But this basement was something out of science fiction.. There were control panels on just about every wall, each with its own display of monitors, buttons, and levers. but Roger was attracted to a large computer with a capsule attached. The capsule was plastic and big enough for a cat to fit comfortably.

“Please put your hand in the capsule.” He gestured at the oval shaped object. I did as I was told and inserted my hand. A weird tingling sensation overtook my hand. As though he read my thoughts he said. “ Inside is a small radio that transmits signals messages to the nanobots. It tells them things, and the nanobots relay the message all the way to the master bot in your brain.”

“Okay.” I said with confidence, truly I had no idea what he said but i had a guess. He tapped away at the keyboard with great haste. After what seemed like a minute or two he hit enter. A voice like his but more metallic said the process was complete.

“And its done. You can take your arm out now.” He said cheerfully. I took my arm out and itched my hand. The tickling administered made me want to itch so bad. “Now what was the second question you had for me Frank?”

“Can you make it so I don’t have to touch the person? Like I just have to be within the same room. And the nanobots go through the air?” I was hoping for a yes. that way I could do it to anyone discretely.

“Patience. the amount of nanobots needs to grow before that can happen. Airborne nanobot transformations will take time.” He said as he got up and shooed my upstairs. “I’m staying down here to run diagnostics. You go off to bed. I know it’s early but the nanobots rebuild faster when you sleep or eat.”

I went upstairs into the kitchen and closed the door behind me. I walked to the other stairs and went upstairs into my room. I climbed into my bed with the hulk. Nick was still dead asleep. But he could sleep at anytime through any type of condition. I crawled under the covers with him. But noticed that he got up and took off his shirt.

I lie there with Nick breathing down my neck as he wraps his arms around me. He cuddles me like I’m a teddy bear. But i’m not complaining it was wonderful for him to wrap me up.

I drifted off to sleep. Once again it was a dreamless sleep. i just fell asleep and what felt like seconds I awoke. But to a nice surprise. Sometime during the night Nick woke up and undressed us both. He was spooning with me, morning wood and all. His humongous python resting between the cheeks of my ass.

I got up and through on my pants and walked across the hall to the bathroom to piss. I hear a knock on the door. “ Yeah sorry, peeing away in here.” I said with a hint of sarcasm.

“It’s Roger. I have a bodybuilding competition to go to. I’ll be back in 6 hours. If you want you can invite one more friend over. But thats it!”

“Okie dokie.” I said while at the end throwing in a yawn.

I heard him walk away as he left the door. Again like last night the front door closed loudly. I finished my pee and headed back to my room. Nicks libido was now off the charts if what I tried worked last night.

Nick was now sitting up waiting for me. I looked over at the clock. It was already noon! “I’ve been waiting all night for you to wake up. I’m sooo fucking horny right now.” He patted the other half of the bed and said. “I think it’s time to explore your ass.”

I couldn’t agree more. I walked over to the bed. He maneuvered me onto my hands and knees for some doggy style sex. He took his big fat cock and put it right up to the entrance of my butt. He tried to shove it in but it was no use. I was too small, and he was too big. I wish I could accommodate all of Nick’s cock. Suddenly he plunged in. I was now wide enough as he shoved in inch by inch. All the while I let out loud, short moans.

Once his thighs connected with the back of mine, he began to pump. As he pulled outward, I would move forward. So when he moved back into me I would move towards him. This created a fury of sexual pleasure through Nick. His whole body dotted with goosebumps. As for me I was already about to cum.

The more he thrust into me, the more pleasure we both found. Suddenly he stopped. He pulled out of my now sore ass. Again inch by inch but in the other direction. As soon as he was fully out he flipped me onto my back. He grabbed my legs and gave them to me as he pushed them against my chest. He looked at me in this position and gave out a healthy chuckle he liked the way I was. Bottom.

He thrust his dick into my wide open ass. This time i let out a huge moan of pain and pleasure. I just couldn’t get enough of this feeling. I loved it. I needed more of it. I wish Nick’s dick was 2 feet long. And also as thick as a baseball bat. Suddenly it began to hurt. His dick swelled outwards. He stopped altogether when the growth of thickness stopped.

“Woah what’s going on?” Nick sounded confused. “I think I got so hard that I got stuck.. I can’t move my dick.” He struggled.

I almost forgot. I wish I was big enough for all of Nick’s endowment. Suddenly he started pumping again. I was lost in ecstasy. It was a beautiful moment of time. Suddenly just like last night he began to shudder and moan. I took this as an opportunity for as much of Nick’s seed as possible. I clamped down with my buttcheeks and wished. Nick can produce 1 gallon of cum per ejaculation.

Suddenly like a firehose was unkinked spurts of seed were injected into my colon. This went on for several minutes. All the while I counted spurts, and Nick moaned. After we were both sure he was done cummingI was dazed, and he pulled out.

At this time he hauled all of me up with his humongous muscles. I was sorta dazed as he carried me into the bathroom. Both of us were already buck naked. He pulled me over to the giant shower and set me down on a bench. I hadn’t noticed it before now. He turned on the water and a sprays of water went everywhere in the shower.

I was only in there for 30 seconds while dazed, before one of the squirts made contact with me. The water woke me up. I sat up. Then stood. As I stood, cum poured out of my ass. And I mean poured. It felt nice to lose all of that.

“Shit I really got you good in there!” Nick let out a nice chuckle. “ Do you mind cleaning my back? I’m kinda too big for that now.”

I walked up behind him. “That was really good back in there.” I said. “No pun intended.”

At this he laughed with a boom. After I finished with his back I handed him the soap bar back. As he reached for it, he dropped the soap. He smiled at me, giving me ‘the signal’. he bent over to pick up the soap.

I was already hard. The back washing gave me a boner when I felt each of the muscles bulged under his skin. My 16 inches were at attention. ready to plunge into the bubble butt Nick supported. I grabbed his waists and plunged in. I stood on my tip toes to get to his butt. He was too tall for me. I grabbed my right arm with my left. I am now 6’11. Just taller than Nick by a single inch. I began to get taller. Slowly at first but it sped up and my waist now matched with Nick’s buttocks. Quickly I maneuvered my hands back into position. I grabbed on tight. Nick has always though I was this tall.

We were in this position for about half an hour before I shot into Nick. My warm seed being unloaded into his ass made him moan with ecstasy.When I was done unloading I pulled out of his raw ass. He flopped to the floor and began to fall asleep. I turned off the shower.

When I got out I left Nick in there. Exausted. I dried myself off and pulled some flexes in the full length wall mirror. Every muscle, bulging to escape my tight skin. My skin was sprawled like the canvas of a drum, over all my tight bulging muscles. As I flexed I saw Nick start getting up.

“Sorry Frank but I’m going to go home.” Nick said as he got up and rubbed his head. And his extremely sore ass. “I need some R & R.”

“Oh it’s fine. Just be careful. You look in pain.” I said a bit concerned. He was. He limped over to the door. “Hey can I get a kiss?”

“Sure.. But could you come over here? I would go over there but my ass feels like I was jst speared.” He said with a tone of pain mixed in there.

I walked over there. When I reached him we locked lips. I wish that his ass would only hurt for another minute. I thought with mercy. He broke the kiss, turned around and exited the bathroom to get his clothes in my room.

I heard the sound of struggling, Nick could hardly get his clothes on. Followed by heavy footfalls to the front door. Then a slam. Weirdly enough as he shut the door Rogers’ home phone rang.

I walked over to the phone leaving the bathroom, and entering my bedroom. It was Roger contacting me. “Hello?” I asked as I picked up the phone.

“Yeah.. I have some news. Interpret it how you want. Your parents and aunt got in a car accident.” He informed me some more as I got a bit frantic. “Don’t worry they are all fine, but your aunt broke a leg and an arm. She needs to recover for a month. She can’t be alone so your parents asked me to watch you for another month.”

“Okay,” I said. “Also Nick left. What should I do now?”

“Well don’t transform anyone else. I don’t wanna see muscle behemoths walking around everywhere. But you can invite another friend.” Roger included

“Okay fine,” I joked. Truthfully I wanted to make a lot of people hot.

“Alright, be good. Do what ever you want but nothing outrageous.” And with that he hung up. I pressed the end call button on my half of the phone line. I thought of who to invite. Aaron Hernandez? No, too fat. Michael Jeralds? To short and skinny.

Then it dawned on me. Mickey Fluten. He was a friend of mine across the internet mostly. On the couple of times he came to my house, he stared at my junk. Once upon a time he saw me get a boner. My flaccid 5 inches started to tent my pants and grew hard at 7 inches. He came out earlier that same year.

I recalled Mickey’s number, and dialed it into the phone listening to the rhythmic beeps the phone made. I held the phone to my ear and listened to the ringing. It rung about 5 times before Mickey himself picked up.

“Hello?” He asked going through the works of ho you normally pick up a phone.

“Hey yeah Mickey. It’s Frank.”

“Oh hey Frank whats up?”I could hear a bit of excitement in his voice. He liked me mainly for my dick, but I knew there was a mix of love from the fact of me protecting him at school. Sure that was when I was short and fat. But I had the strategic advantage of having dirt on anyone and everyone.

“Do you wanna come over? I am at Mr. Mackage’s house for the month while my parents are helping my aunt. She got in a car accident and broke her arm, but otherwise shes fine.” I said not missing a beat.

“Umm sure. I’ll be there in about 10 minutes? Do I need anything?” He asked. This boy was too excited for his own cause.

“A bathing suit. He does have a pool we can use.” I said boasting a bit. But knowing Mickey, he wanted to go swimming.

“Alright see you later!” He hunk up the phone as did I. I could tell he was in love with me. He always tried to keep in a secret, but sometimes he got a bit ahead of himself.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

When Mickey arrived he was wearing his casual everyday wear with a drawstring bag clung to his back. He had biked here. It was easy considering it was only ½ a mile from here. he stared at me wide mouthed. Obviously shocked at my new “renovations.”

“Dude! What happened you’re fucking huge!” he was stammering a bit, also he started to tent. “The last time I saw you. You were half the size!!”

“I grew?” I shrugged. I couldn’t give out that I was injected with nanobots. Just in case of Mickey accidentally slipping and then telling everyone in the continental united states. ”Come on in.”

He follow my gestured as he closed his ajar jaw. As he stepped inside he started to now look up at me more. His brilliant blonde hair moved back and retreated as Mickey looked up at me. His sparkling grey eyes, shocked at the change of appearance. He was 5’9”, completely dwarfed by my masculinity. His scrawny frame could easily be crushed by my bodybuilder status.

“I’m going to get changed. You stay here. Get dressed in the bathroom in the hallway. Go into the kitchen take a right. Then it’s the room to your left.” He obeyed silently and walked over to the bathroom weak at the knees.

I went upstairs and into the weightlifting room. Roger had to have a speedo in here. I searched the drawer in the corner. Until I found a bleach white speedo. This speedo had a cup that looked like it could possibly hold my package.

I slipped off my clothes and slipped into the speedo. My 12 inches left no room for imagination. It ran the length of the strap on my left leg. My balls were cradled in the pouch. It was tight everywhere. A piece of the strap disappeared into the crevice made by my ass.

I walked downstairs. Nick was waiting for me facing the sliding glass door. He was in some loose boardshorts. This was the first time I saw the 18 year olds body clearly. He turned around revealing his partially muscled torso. He had the beginnings of pecs. And had the ridges for abs.

“Holy shit dude!! You are even bigger looking!!” He exclaimed as I progressed towards Mickey. “This may sound weird but can I feel?”

“Sure go ahead.” I answered casually. He reached up to my pecs and groped. His hands were one place as his eyes looked a bit farther south. I flewed a double bicep. As my biceps reached up. Mickeys eyes bugged out. He moved his hands to my biceps. He couldn’t quite make it so I crouched.

As this worship went on he asked to see my back. I turned around and did a lat spread. He touched the muscles carefully. As a small child would touch an animal they didn’t know. “Another weird question. Can I touch your..” He trailed off a bit not wanting to cross the line.

I stood up. “…My butt? Go for it Mickey.” He didn’t even listen to the whole thing. He just grabbed after my ass. He tried to make a dent in my bubble butt, with no success. He went on for a minute of groping my tight muscled ass.

“Alright. thank you Frank. Lets go swimming now. Thank you for letting me touch your muscles Frank.” He pulled his arm away and headed for the pool in the sweltering humid air of Florida. I walked behind him, I thankfully didn’t get a boner in this speedo during that encounter. This poor speedo would have burst.

The backyard was quite interesting. It was as large as a football field. Split in half by a concrete walkway that led to the end of it. If there were goalposts, thats where the path would’ve started and ended. On the right side, a pool, a cabana with a fully equipped bathroom, and an outdoor weightlifting set. Above the weightlifting stuff was a glass roof. There were no walls, so the wind and air could flow freely through the mini outside gym.To the left side, there was a large party deck. At least 50x50 feet. Next to that was a bar, this bar was with grills, a fridge, etc. Further down was the open part of the backyard. A small track cut through the walkway. It was an oval, obviously for running. But past this was the back gate. that gate led to the canal. All of this yard was hugged in a large 12 foot cement security wall.

“Wow this place is fucking huge! Mr. Mackage must be rich!” Mickey said breaking from the path and heading for the large pool. The pool was surrounded in pool tile, not the green grass which grew at bay. “And this pool, it must be 15 feet deep!”

“Well Roger is a professional bodybuilder. There is a lot of money that comes with it.” I reasoned. I looked at the pool, the crystal clear water was held there by a plastic blue pool liner. At the deep end were 2 diving boards. One short, the other was 9 feet tall.

“Well he is a millionaire then!” With that Mickey set his stuff on a lawn chair and got a running start before jumping into the pool. His head went in first. He learned to dive 10 years ago and kind of imprinted into his mind permanently. “Jeez and the water. its temperature controlled!? Its like 75 degrees!”

I walked over to the shorter diving board. I climbed the steel steps. The diving board was one with springs on the bottom for extra height. I walked out to the end. When I was halfway out I sped up and jumped twice. With the momentum, I flew upwards into the air. My feet were 4 feet from the original height of the board. As I peeked to the top I pointed my toes downward.


I had added on so much weight it didn’t matter about form. I made a huge geyser upward. Into the sky. I sunk to the bottom. I reached the bottom. I sat down legs folded. I opened my eyes and looked up at Mickey. My new strength gave me more breath. I swam upwards after a few seconds.

“Shit dude! That was amazing. That splash went higher than the wall.” He chuckled. I was treading water when he started moving closer. “ Let me get on your back. This will be fun.”

I dipped into the water a bit and allowed Mickey access to my shoulders. He swung his legs over my shoulders and with his arms steadied himself by grabbing my head. My powerful legs kicked forcing me upwards. But I struggled to keep his 150 pounds up. I wished my legs were stronger.

As I finished the wish I began to feel a bit more ease while kicking. It was gradual but soon I had no troubles at all. “Dude! You’re like the hulk. You’ve been treading water with me on your shoulders for a few minutes.” He said leaning backwards and falling into the water, and off my shoulders.

“Well I am pretty built now.” I said as I flexed my right bicep for emphasis. As I flexed a softball formed under my skin. Slowly peaking upwards until at least 20 inches around. “I have no idea what happened.” I tried to act like an uneducated buffoon.

Mickey swam there slack jawed. He stared at my body as we both swam there. His gaze was locked onto my muscles. Switching from biceps, to pecs, to abs, to my legs.

“Do you wanna see these bad boys in action?” I asked. His response was a nod and a swim to the side of the pool. We both climbed out of the pool and crawled onto the cement where we stood up.

We walked over to the pavilion where the weights were. I went over to the bench and loaded on the weight. 500 pounds seemed to be the magic number right now. No doubt I could handle it, but I couldn’t go any higher without a spotter. As I layed onto the bench, I moved my arms under the bar. I heaved it all the way up.

I continued lifting on all the equipment for a hour or two. Silently being worshipped by Mickey. I pushed all my muscles to their max, working up quite the sweat. “It’s time to wash up.” I said. Then it dawned on me. “ I could use some help with my back. I can’t reach it.”

When we got to the house and into the upstairs bathroom across from my room, I undressed. Mickey followed my example and stripped off his board shorts revealing his 5” hard on. He looked a bit shameful of his small cock. I turned around and headed to the showers.

When I shut the door after Mickey got in, he rushed over to the knobs. He began fiddling with them getting them ready. Then the water poured out of the faucet and onto me. The relaxing warmth spread down my body, flowing through every crack and crevice. mickey grabbed the soap and started rubbing it all over me.

Eventually after he cleansed anywhere below my waist he headed to my torso. He struggled being so short so I got onto my knees. The silent muscle worship tuned me on. My dick stiffened to full mast. this was when Mickey worked on my back, curiously exploring every little muscle.

He rounded around my left side and to my front where his eyes just about popped from their sockets. My full hard on, was almost just too much for him to even look at. “Dude! your dick takes up my entire field of vision. I’m going to.. Well can I suck it?”

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