Tim and his body

by Atokamematoke

A gym accident victim gives an interview on how he copes with a body he can no longer control.

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Since the freak accident at the gym, Tim's body has been separated from his head. It now lives a simple life, and works out even more thanks to the now unrestricted impulse to exercise. The head retains sensation of the body he can no longer directly control, and sometimes finds it touching itself, going as far as jerking itself off while at it, even when it is miles away from home.

Luckily the decapitated hunk is submissive most of the time, due to the loss of cognitive control, and the head was able to train the body to touch itself only in front of him. It is quite a wonder to behold, seeing and feeling one’s headless body admiring itself.

Being a disembodied head means that he is staying at home most of the time. When boredom overwhelms him, he would have the body take him out for a walk. It certainly helps that the head can hover, though not much. While missing being able to see above his tall shoulders, he is growing accustomed to this new vantage point, and has noticed quite a few new things at this angle.

Tim uses the dog leash to anchor itself to his body, and on the street it can look like the body is walking the head like a dog. Of course, the head is actually leading the way, and the leash keeps the mindless stud from wandering away.

“It’s actually quite relieving,” said Tim. “Feels like having your body on auto-pilot, and you can watch TV or read some books when it’s toiling away at the gym. You still feel the pain, but it is so much easier not having to will it. That’s why it has grown larger than when I was in control.” The body flexed its right arm and gave a thumbs-up with the other hand. “It seems excited all the time as well, and that improves my mood.” A hand patted his head and fumbled over his face, messing up his hair. “Okay, maybe sometimes a bit too excited.”

“We share some of the excitement, if you know what I mean. I guess it works a bit like how I can feel its every sensation; a little arousal gets spilled over.”

“Body! Not now!” Tim ordered as the body tries to take off its sport pants, but it continued after a brief hesitation. Its two feet stomped onto the floor repeatedly, which seemed to signify impatience. Apparently the body was going commando as the erect cock was soon in sight.

“Oh god, this is embarrassing. Now it usually starts a long session of self-worship, and ignores my orders, but I found out the quickest way to calm it a few weeks ago,” explained Tim.

“Body! Give head!” The head closed his eyes and opened the mouth, when the body stood up and picked him up at the cheeks in front. The following sight was striking: the muscular bod held the head against its crotch and started jamming it into his cock. Tim’s mouth got hold of the manhood and sucked violently. He moaned, busily feeling everything happening.

“Being able to give yourself a blowjob is another great new thing to experience,” said Tim in retrospect, “And the spillover ensures we are both horny when we do it, but some problems can arise when I’m doing other stuff, like being interviewed, for example.” He smiled awkwardly.

It is hard to say if Tim is even one person any more, with the separation and the radically different natures of his two parts. “It is all me, but it is like a companion at the same time,” said the head, “Weird I know, but there is a kind of love there in between. Is this narcissistic? I don’t even know anymore. I just know that we need each other.”

The body stood up and roamed away briefly, returning with a leash and a tissue, and ungainly rubbed the cum off the grinning face. “Yes, body, it’s time we went out for a walk. Let’s do some groceries as well.” Tim’s head smiled. A hand held the back of the head, the other tilting it to reveal the stump and its coin-sized orifice. The plug at the end of the leash fit perfectly into it and stayed put.

Tim’s head pulled itself off the table, while the body went on to wear its shoes and open the front door. “Get the water as well,” called the head, now floating outside. The body grabbed the bottle by the door before leaving.

As Tim looked up his pecs were bouncing up and down, pulling on the large, tight T-shirt the body was wearing. “It’s a great day, isn’t it,” the head floated along the pavement as the body closely followed.

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