Vengeance is mine

by Tereshky

A group of frat boys terrorize a college town with their extreme wealth and privilege until forces from the other side intervene to put them in check. Will any of them be recognizable by the end of the night? Will they even be human?

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Author’s Note

For those of you who thought Hollyville was too pensive, buckle up…


Matt stormed into his dorm room and slammed the door. “Fuck!” He shouted, dumping out his backpack. Instead of books and a laptop, a pile of fish spilled onto the floor. “They did it again!”

Mattias Sandoval was in the middle of what could be considered as an all out war with the frat house next to his dorm. He had called the police one night when a girl ran out of the house screaming during a party and somehow the brothers of Delta Kappa Kappa had found out it was him. Now they were determined to see that he dropped out.

Sometimes they bumped into him on the side walk or knocked his things out of his hands. Now they were stealing his stuff. He had tried reporting it to the school but their parents were all boosters representing millions in fundraising for the university so nothing ever happened.

The door to the bedroom opened and Toby, Matt’s goth roommate walked in. “What’s with all the fish dude?” In truth they were dating but kept it quiet from all but their closest friends.

“The Dicks again…” Matt said, referring to the frat by its nickname. “They stole my laptop. I had two term papers I was working on. One’s due tonight. I just can’t keep doing this. I think they won.”

“Have you reported it to the police?” Toby said, walking over and giving his boyfriend a sympathetic hug.

“Campus police won’t do anything against those guys. Face it, I’ve got to dropout and go back home. Next semester I can start again someplace else.” He choked back the tears that were beginning to well.

Toby turned red. He hated Delta Kappa Kappa with all of his heart, they could act with impunity at the university because of the money their parent’s brought in. And that had led to a reign of terror in their small college town. Now they were ruining his relationship. “I’m so sick of the shit they get away with! I think it’s time we got revenge.”

“Pshhh yeah right,” Matt groaned. “Remember the time I punched one of them for knocking me down? Remember who ended up going to honor court? Not them.”

“Well… there are other forms of revenge…” Toby said.

Oh God… Matt thought, Toby was going to pull out his weird-ass witch books again. Matt tolerated the incense, the candles, and weird crystals all over the place out of love. In truth they secretly fascinated him but ‘witchcraft’ was something that he’d been raised to be wary of. Still, he wasn’t really in the mood for hocus pocus right now. Toby saw his skepticism.

“Well… I guess you could just drop out and give them what they want,” Toby said. “Or… we could do this ritual to give you a chance to get even with them.”

“I don’t really believe in that stuff man,” Matt said, hoping Toby would drop it.

“What’re you worried about? If nothing happens you can still drop out.” Eventually Matt agreed, if only to make his boyfriend happy. Toby got on the phone and called his ‘cult buds’ as he affectionately called them. Tonight would be the last night “the Dicks” got away with anything.

That night Wyatt Miller was heading out to the bars with his friends. As they left front door of Delta Kappa Kappa they noticed the street light in front of their yard flickering. “Piece of shit campus,” he called out to Carl, a campus police officer who was making his nightly patrol.

“Hey! Someone gonna fix that!?” His tone of voice seemed to suggest that he wanted Carl to drop what he was doing right then and there, magically produce a new bulb, and replace the light on the spot. Wyatt’s family had donated an inordinate amount of money to the school and heavily implied that all campus employees were nothing more than personal servants.

Carl had dealt with this before. He simply waved at them as if he had no idea what was said and continued on with his business when the light in question went completely dark. Then one by one the street lights began to go out along the entire avenue. He picked up his radio receiver to call it in but all he got was static. In the street, engines were cutting out and cars were grinding to a halt, their headlights going dark.

As the lights in the surrounding dorms began to flicker out, one room at a time people began to pull out their phones to light their way but the screens all went black. Even Carl’s flashlight wouldn’t work. The only sources of light were the stars and one dorm room.

Up on the 8th floor the Manning building, a room was flickering with the glow of a hundred candles. Fire of any kind in the dorms was a violation and normally Carl would have gone in to put a stop to it but he clearly had bigger problems. The sound of echoing voices in the sudden darkness, calling out to each other in their confusion, were suddenly stilled by a piercing wail that bellowed down from the Manning Building. The screech grew louder, deeper and less human until it was cut short, leaving only silence.

Everyone froze for what seemed like an eternity when suddenly the sound of car engines filled the night and the lights all flipped back on at the same time. People stood in the streets staring at each other as if to confirm that their shared experience had been real and then gradually everyone moved about their business. Wyatt and his friends moved on. The moment had passed and they had a bar to tear up.

The next day the whole campus was talking about the crazy power outage from the night before. Everyone had a different explanation varying from a military experiment to the belief that everything had been imagined. “I dunno man,” Asher was saying as he walked with Wyatt and Caleb. The three fraternity brothers were heading back to the house from class. “The whole thing’s nuts.”

“God… can we talk about something else?” Wyatt groaned. “That’s all fuckin’ anyone can talk about today. We’ve got a kegger you’re supposed to be recruiting for.” Say what you wanted about him, Wyatt always maintained his priorities.

“All I’m saying is that it happened right by the house. Maybe we should…” A quick glance from Wyatt shut him up. Wyatt was obsessed with the success of his parties, feeling that they were key to his dream of becoming a legend on campus.

“Wait…” Caleb stopped. “Who the fuck is that?”

“That Matt?” Wyatt said. “The fuck’s he doing?” Matt was standing in the immaculately manicured frat house lawn and pissing on it. The three of them had gotten drunk and pissed in the grass there more times than they could count but watching Matt do it was beyond an insult. No one outside of the frat stepped on their lawn without permission and no little scrawny guy was going to piss on it in front of them. Immediately the three of them bolted after the intruder like a pack of wolves defending their turf.

Matt saw them coming and sprinted off to the house next door. Once upon a time the large Greek revival style home had been another fraternity but, unable to tolerate competition so close to their doorstep, “the Dicks” endlessly harassed anyone who tried to set up shop there. For the past five years it had sat empty and boarded up. It was popularly known as “the white house” due to its fading mother of pearl paint and large front columns.

“He’s going to the white house!” Asher shouted.

“Little prick… time to teach that bitch a lesson,” Wyatt said bolting after him but by the time they reached the lawn Matt had managed to get a window open and was inside.

They reached the overgrown lawn and Caleb stopped them. “Guys, we could just call the cops on him.” Caleb was little more clever than his friends. “He’s trespassing after all. If he gets caught in there, he’ll get arrested.”

“Or… we beat the shit out of him, leave him in there, then call the cops,” Wyatt said. “He goes to jail and learns we fucking own this town.”

“Yeah but what if we get caught in there?” Caleb said. His father was getting tired of sending the family lawyer to get him out of trouble.

“Jesus Christ… stop being a faggot,” Wyatt said before slinging himself through the open window. The other two obediently followed. Inside it was darker than they had imagined. The windows were mostly bolted, shuttered, with plywood over them. The old, dingy curtains were still up, catching most stray beams of light that might have otherwise penetrated the odd crack. Sheets were draped over old furniture, looking like ghostly sentinels in the dark. Everything was dead silent. Matt could be anywhere in the house.

Suddenly the prospect of prying through every corner of this creepy place seemed a bit daunting. “Matt!” Wyatt shouted, deciding to change tactics. “We want to talk. Things got out of hand before. Why don’t you come out and we can back to the house and get you your stuff.” There was no reply.

“Maybe he didn’t come in here?” Asher said.

“We fucking saw him come in…” Wyatt grumbled. Pulling out his phone for a flashlight he led the other two around the ground floor. They had made a complete loop and were passing the stairs by the front door when movement caught his eye. “He’s up there.” Wyatt whispered. “Come on Matt, just come down and talk with us.” He shouted.

“I’m not going up there,” Caleb whispered.

“Jesus Christ, he’s a toothpick. What’s he going to do?” Wyatt said. “Don’t be such a queer.” The three of them made their way up the creaky steps. Only one of the doors was open up there. Assuming he was in that room they went in one by one. In the far corner a pile of clothes and a back pat sat illuminated by a stray beam of light from one of the windows. The three of them went over to investigate.

“Fuck he’s in here naked?” Wyatt was shocked at first but then the idea came to him to take the clothes and leave Matt here for the cops to find. Bending over the pile to pick it up, he heard a creaking sound at the doorway behind them. They all jumped and spun around and saw Matt standing there, his slender body fully exposed.

“The ace detectives finally arrive,” he said grinning. As they hit him with bright beams from their phone he looked different. His thin body was defined with toned muscle, a massive soft cock hung down over his left quad. A glittering crystal was hanging from a necklace between his emerging pecs.

“You’re a fucking moron. Hope you like this place faggot, when we’re done with you, you’re gonna be fucking buried here,” Wyatt shouted.

“Ah, you boys came in here to play,” Matt smiled, his voice didn’t sound the same. “Well as you can see, I’m all ready for that.” He reached down and grabbed the crystal which started to glow with a red light, like a fire in his hand. Suddenly their phones went dark as if they all went dead at once. In the dusty gloom, Matt’s muscles seemed to be flexing, growing larger.

His pecs were ballooning out, causing the crystal to get pinned in the valley between them. His delts and traps rose like a chain of mountains from the sea as veins bulged from his swelling biceps and tri’s. His lats pushed out his meaty guns and his thighs swelled. The light from the fiery crystal seemed to spread into Matt’s veins. His pecs pushed out as two new pecs emerged, stacked under his already beefy set as two muscular arms emerged out from his pits.

“Du….de… what the fuck is happening!” The three bros backed away into the wall as Matt’s swelling body filled more and more of the door frame. His spine stretched as he grew taller and his wiry black hair fell to the floor. His abs divided into a ten pack, then a twelve pack. Glowing veins were bulging up in his groin as his swelling cock and balls demanded more blood. Matt could feel a bulge at the base of his spine as it began to push out into a prehensile tail, as his skin turned jet black.

“What’s the matter, boys?” Matt’s voice was unrecognizable, inhuman in fact. “Never met a demon before?” His eyes glowed with power. Suddenly a thick rope of cum shot out of his massive cock and splattered Caleb with such force that he slammed into the wall. With a single bound Matt had jumped across the room and was on top of him. Wyatt and Asher didn’t wait to see what came next, they bolted out of the room and down the stairs so quickly that they tripped and fell flat on their faces.

When they looked up, they couldn’t tell which window they had come in from. Everything was closed and shuttered. They threw themselves against the front door but it wouldn’t budge. Up the stairs they could hear Caleb shouting. “Fuck! No! Please!”

Wyatt and Asher looked around and saw a light shining from the back of the house. They made their way to what turned out to be the kitchen. The lovely glow of day was streaming in through the back door but five people in hoods stood in their way. “Welcome to the party.” One of them said.

Upstairs Caleb struggled against the thick webs of black cum that pressed him against the wall. Matt’s massive cock was spraying thick ropes of it everywhere as he roared in delight. “What’s the matter? Don’t like it when you don’t have a choice!?”

Caleb squirmed. “Fuck… no please! Please… man… I was just…gnnnngggg.” The cum had taken the shape of clawed hands that began to grab him. One of them clasped over his mouth and began to force its way inside him, re-liquifying and forcing its way down his throat.

“Is that what the girls say when you don’t mickey them first? How many of them had a choice?” Matt grinned, his breath hissing past his sharp teeth. Caleb was still wearing his backwards cap. “Drink up.”

Caleb let out a muffled scream as he felt the tingling spunk splashing against his face, forcing it’s way into his mouth. He wrapped his lips around as much of it as he could. Load after load of spunk filled his mouth, it was all he could do to swallow it to be able to breathe. Gulp after gulp Caleb’s belly filled with pure jizz that made him tingle all over.

He felt his clothes begin to tighten as his pecs began to swell. The waistline of his pants snapped with the bulging of his thigh’s and ass. He could feel his limbs lengthening, twisting and shifting in shape. He began to drink more subserviently as his mind was washed clean of his previous thoughts and his consciousness grew dark.

Downstairs, Wyatt was at an impasse in the kitchen, the cult was blocking his way out of the back door. “Get the fuck out of my way!” he bellowed.

“Or what?”

“You don’t think we could take all of you?” Wyatt screamed.

“Maybe, but after the spell we put on the door, I doubt you could take it,” they said, ducking out and slamming it shut behind them, leaving them in blinding darkness. The two frat brothers threw themselves against it but it was solid as steel. It didn’t even sound like wood when they banged on it. They shouted a mixture of threats and pleas until their eyes adjusted to the dark of the house again.

Asher turned to Wyatt. “What the fuck is happening here bro? Are we on something? Please tell me this is from those shrooms we took last week. Some kind of flashback!”

“Shut up so I can think!” Wyatt thought for a minute. “Look, obviously they’re just standing on the other side of the door, blocking us in. If you go around to the front, they can’t block both. I’ll keep them busy back here while you get more bros, come around back, and clear them out.”

“But what about that thing upstairs…” Asher shuddered.

“It’s upstairs! Now get going before it decides to start moving around the house.”

Slowly Asher skulked out of the kitchen. His legs trembled as he made his way back to through the dark house, trying not to make a sound. Every time he bumped his knee or a board creaked, he held his breath, listening for anything that would tell him where the predator was. The house was completely silent now. He had no idea what had happened to Caleb and he didn’t want to think about it.

The door was just ahead. He could see a tiny shaft of light, leaking in from under the jam. He made his way to it as fast as he could, reaching out for the knob. Surprisingly it turned, it wasn’t even locked. In their panic, had they even tried turning the knob before? He cursed how stupid he had been to run toward the back. A blinding column of light appeared as he pulled back the handle when he felt the knob fly out of his hands with a powerful slam.

Asher looked up in fear to see the monster that had become Matt leaning over him. His hand on the door. “Where you think you’re going princess?” he said with a smile.

Asher fell to the floor and scuttled away on his ass. A choked “Nooo…” was all that could escape his mouth as the demonic figure loomed over him. As he walked forward on toes that were arching and turning into claws, Matt’s cock drooled a vile black substance.

“You want to know something funny? After all you did to me, I don’t even remember your name. You’re just Wyatt’s little bitch.” Without warning his cock began to spray powerful blasts of dark jizz on the struggling boy. The spunk began blanketing him like a cocoon. Asher struggled against it helplessly as his panicked screams were choked by the thick ooze. As layers of it clung to his body, Matt grabbed him and spun him around forming a ball. The muffled shouts became quieter as he wrapped him like a spider might before hanging the wriggling bundle from the ceiling by a thick strand of cum.

Soon a series of bumps began to form on the black ball. The movement inside intensified as dozens and dozens slimy tentacles emerged from within, sweeping the air around them as one writhing, growing mass. Soon they were long enough to grab lamps off a nearby table. This would make an excellent door guard. Matt gave a demonic chuckle as stubby spikes pushed out of his spine.

Wyatt had heard Asher’s struggle from the kitchen. He knew he was on his own. Maybe people would come looking for him, but who even knew he was here? The frat brother heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall in his directions. He tried the door again. The knob wouldn’t turn. He reached for a nearby window but it was stuck in place and even if he could open it, the shutters were fastened tight with boards.

The footsteps were getting closer. Maybe if he was quiet, Matt wouldn’t come into the kitchen. He could hear his enormous tail, thudding against the walls in excitement. By the sound of it, the demon was just outside the door. He could hear lobs of cum splattering on the floor. Then all sounds stopped.

Wyatt waited in silence for what seemed like an eternity, had the monster gone away? An explosion of dust and splinters dispelled those ideas as a massive black arm pummeled through the wall from the next room over. A deafening roar filled the house as Wyatt jumped up and ran out of the kitchen. He had heard the front door open and slam minutes before. Maybe it was still unlocked.

As he ran, tables and chairs crashed behind him as the behemoth snarled and chased after him in the dark. Wyatt tripped over a coffee table and scrambled back to his feet, ignoring the searing pain to his shin. He had to get out. He could see the stairs, the front door was just in front of them when he saw it. A writhing mass of tentacles was blocking his way. He couldn’t get near the door to let himself out.

As he peered into the boiling mass of snake-like limbs, the tentacles parted, revealing a center mass from which they all sprouted. A large mouth started to open, spitting out the tattered remnants of clothes. Then without warning, it yawned wide revealing a screaming person, blackened with slime. At least it looked like a person. It was joined to the rest of the abomination at the hip, like some hideous tongue to that wretched thing.

Wyatt backed away until he bumped into a warm bod, he slowly looked behind him. Matt had been standing there allowing him to take in his fate. “No!” He shouted and ran up the stairs, the only way left to run. It only took him a few seconds to reach the top. His pursuer was at the bottom looking up with glowing red eyes. Slowly the clawed feet began to take the stairs two at at time. He was obviously not in a hurry.

Wyatt ran into the open room and gasped. This had been where they had left Caleb. In the dim light he saw that the entire room was covered in black slime. An extremely muscular torso was hanging from the wall, it’s limbs had grown into branching roots, spreading across everything in the room like arteries in some hellish organ.

Suddenly, the man on the wall opened his eyes, they were glowing red, just like Matt’s had been. “Caleb…?” Without warning hands shot out from the slime and grabbed for him. Matt tore himself away from their clutching grasp, tearing his shirt in the process.

“Why you struggling, bro?” An inhuman voice said without emotion. “I thought we were hommies… for life…”

Wyatt shouted and ran out the door, colliding face first into Matt’s enormous pecs. “No! Let me out!” Wyatt screaming, madly beating against the tower of meat.

“Of course Wyatt… you’re far too important to share a room.” Matt said gripping him by the cuff with one of his arms and dragging him screaming across the hall. Inside the room every mirror in the house had been gathered and hung on one wall.

Matt dragged Wyatt to the middle of the room and pulled down his pants. “Take a good look at that body you love so much!” He said ripping the back of Wyatt’s pants off. In an instant he had penetrated the struggling frat boy. He strived against those four massive arms as he was plowed mercilessly. Blast after blast of hot black cum poured into him. Two powerful hands ripped his shirt off so he could watch as his belly distended with gallons of jizz, his six pack melting away.

“No! Please! I’ll do anything! Just let me go!” Wyatt grabbed at his bloating gut as it grew bigger and bigger and mounds of fat grew over his perfectly sculpted body. His shouts became harder to discern and soon they came out as a series of squeals as his face elongated into a snout and his ears grow pointy and flop. As he fattened up even more, tusks began to lower over his bottom lip and his feet shrank into hooves. Gallon after gallon Matt filled the squealing frat bro until he was so big he couldn’t move.

Pulling out, Matt laughed. “You always were a pig.” Wyatt tried to run scramble away but his belly was so enormous his hooves couldn’t gain traction. His hands barely reached the floor it was so big. Then he realized what the mirrors had been for. He couldn’t look away from his reflection.

Matt laughed, “Hope your bros don’t get hungry. There’s a lot of meat on you,” he said walking out.

Back at the Delta Kappa Kappa house, the boys were trying to find Wyatt. The kegs had arrived and he was nowhere to be found. “Bro it’s not like him to be this late before a party.”

“Chill the fuck out. He’s just out fucking some chick. He’s got a watch.”

Suddenly the door opened and Wyatt walked in to a chorus of questions. “Where the hell you been?”

Wyatt looked at them all and smiled, uncharacteristically. “Oh you know… out doing things. What you guys up to?”

“Uhhh… getting ready for your party. Nice of you to show up and give us a hand…”

Wyatt smiled. “Oh sorry, I’d be happy to help. Where do you need me?” Everyone dropped what they were doing and looked at him. Wyatt looked around. “What’s the matter guys?”

“Uhh you okay, bro?” Someone asked. He was only this friendly when he was up to something.

He had an uncannily placid grin on his face. “Sure am! It’s gonna be a great night.” He smiled. The other brothers shrugged and figured if Wyatt was going to prank them there wasn’t much they could do but get him back later. So they all went back to what they were doing, having no idea what they had let into the house.


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