Young lords of the vampires

by Darian Drake

My name now is “Count Darian, Lord of the Vampires,” and I will carry that name for all of eternity.

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My name now is “Count Darian, Lord of the Vampires” and I will carry that name for all of eternity. My partner was “Count Maricious.”

I have not always been a Vampire, let alone the leader of them. When I was turned, I had just turned the age of 49 years, and I will be locked at that age in perfect masculine form for eternity.

I was one of the lucky ones, as when you are turned, you keep the shape your body was in at that time.

I was on an exercise trend at the time and had developed a firm well defined Six Pac, a set of Abs to die for, Oh ya, LOL, I had died.

I had developed a magnificent pair of powerfully shaped muscular arms and legs to match.

My body was topped by my handsome virile face, with a perfect manly square jaw and ivory white teeth, and with long wavy blonde hair covering my head. My eyes were light blue with a bit of a reddish tinge to them

I had this amazing inner glow that caused people to turn heads and look intensely at me, finding something they liked.

All of my human life I had found in myself sometimes a strange power rising and distributing throughout my body. I couldn’t explain it, I knew things before they happened, I would visit somewhere and know all about the place and yet I had never been there before. I know that in my ancestry there were some who had had psychic powers. It must have carried down through the line and I had been blessed with those powers too.

I was 49 years old and I was unhappy with my life. I was in a boring no future job in the Marketing industry, I still hadn’t found a significant other, or at least one that I felt could be worthy of me and that I could worthy of for them. I wasn’t really fussy, all I needed was a handsome, well hung top who knew how to take control every once in a while and who would send me flying high every time he made love to me. See I wasn’t that picky, LOL.

The night of my changing was in the waning of summer on a warm balmy evening with a full moon rising high into the sky.

The vista was a majestic, serine and tranquil landscape. I had been saving my money and finally had the funds to travel to Europe. I wanted to explore ancient archaic sites. I needed something different, maybe something mythical like out of a Fantasy realm.

I craved for some Fantasy man to swoop down out of the night sky and possess me and take me away from the drudgery of my ho hum life. Whisk me off to some far distance place to ravish me with Love and affection and most of all fuck my ass good and hard.

I had left the Villa I was staying at in the early evening and had wondered up into the secluded foothills of Soother Romania. I was wearing my well-worn faded button fly denim Levi jeans. The ones that hugged my succulent melon shaped butt and showed off my ample crotch. I had an eight and an half inch cock when hard, but even soft it hung four inches and my balls were rare, they were about the size of extra-large chicken eggs. Thus in the right pants I showed on hell of a nice bulge. I also wore a tight form fitting white Tank top over my masculine chest and abs, finishing off with a comfortable pair of cowboy boots.

I had no destination in mind so I just walked into the thickest deepest wilderness that I could find. I wanted to lose myself and get away from it all. I had been walking for a couple of hours and as dusk approached the bright orb of the full moon was just entering the night sky.

Up ahead there was a small meadow with a low-lying hill in the middle of it. It was the perfect place to lie down and stare up into the night sky at the reddish tinged full moon creeping up over the horizon.

I plopped down to the ground and lay with my arms behind my head and just stared, my thoughts were racing, was this all there was to life, a boring predictable world. I needed a change. I craved some excitement, some adventure. I wished that I was in a mythical fantasy realm.

As these thoughts flowed through my head, I reached into my pant pocket and pulled out the Marijuana joint that I had gotten in town. I lit it and took a long deep inhale of the hallucinating smoke. My mind started to become free; the moon beamed its mysterious light down on my body and infused it with radiating calmness and pleasure. It glowed majestically in the night sky and in turn it entered me and transferred some of its glow to my very soul.

I sighed and thought, damn I need a change, no I need a man, a real man. I don’t know where it came from but somewhere deep down inside of me, I felt a storm growing and surfacing. I leaned my head back, opened my mouth and let out a loud whaling mournful howling scream of pure anguish. The sound of it echoed throughout the night sky. All around me the night sounds of nature became silent. I could hear my howl echoing throughout the hills as it faded in the distance.

Suddenly all the tension and stress left my body. I began to feel so at ease, a contented calmness passed through me. It was as if I had discarded all my worries, all my fears, all my stress. I felt so alive, so calm. I could hear my heart thumping in my chest.

I felt a tingling sensation in my body, visions started to flow through my head. Some just shades fleeting across the horizon. Different forms of Muscular men; they were everywhere, beckoning to me. I wanted to leave my body and join with them, become one of them. Free.

A shadow passed over the moon, did I imagine it, but as suddenly as it had appeared it was gone. Was I hallucinating it?

As I lay there, I closed my eyes and almost felt like I was sinking into the ground beneath me. It felt like Mother Nature was claiming me, absorbing me, rescuing me.

I heard a small sound in the night. I stopped breathing and attuned my senses to focus on the area around me. There it was again. I slowly opened my eyes and peered around in the moonlit darkness.

I let out a gasp; there standing over me was a human form. It was an extremely well formed and muscular man.

I could see his silhouette against the large bright orb of the moon behind him. He stood there with his hands on his hips looking down at me. His eyes shone and glowed dimly with an enhancing radiation. It seemed he was looking right inside of me. He had a wonderful smile on his face. And when he parted his lips, I could that he had fangs.

For some reason I wasn’t scared, instead I was intrigued. Was I hallucinating or had my wishes come true? Could somehow something I had always dreamed of actually be coming true? Was this a Vampire?

As he looked down on me, a smile came over my face. My eyes were locked with his. It was if we were reading each other mind.

“You are not afraid?” He inquired in his sexy Romanian accent. “You know what I am, do you not, what I am going to do with you and you are not afraid?”

My smile widened and I calmly answered him. “No, not afraid, a bit nervous, but no, not afraid. You are beautiful.”

And he was. I could see him more clearly now as my eyes adjusted to the glow of the moon. He had on a pair of jet black leather pants and a white dress shirt that was open and displayed his manly slightly hairy chest. His pecs were massive matching his rock hard abs and muscular arms. He radiated power.

He had a full head of wavy golden blonde hair framing his gorgeous face that was so masculine and his skin glowed. I was melting before his very eyes.

He continued to look down at me with a curious expression on his face.

“Curious, “he continued in his hypnotic baritone voice, “Perhaps you are the one, after all this time, can it be so? Were the Seer’s predictions accurate? It was foreordained by them that you would come. Listen well to what I am about to tell you.”

I felt so calm, so comfortable as I looked up adoringly into his wonderful eyes.

“I was born a vampire, my father was Lord of the Vampires and my Mother was a fair maiden who he feel in love with.” He started to narrate in his hypnotic voice. ”I was one of the undead. It was wonderful, I radiated power, and nothing could hurt me. I was strong and was one of the most handsome males on the planet. But I was not complete. I had not found my perfect mate yet. I traveled to seek the Seer’s and Sages wisdom. They granted me egress to their temple, and did a divination of me. Count Marcus, that is my name, you have proven yourself worthwhile. What you desire and seek will soon be granted to you. Travel to the wilderness of Southern Romania and reside there. If you truly desire, a gift will be given. One will come who is unafraid, your perfect match, equal to you in every way. One who will Love you unconditionally and you in turn will Love him unconditionally. You will at last be fulfilled. Go now, seek your destiny. I had been dismissed, but now I had hope that I would finally achieve my utmost dream. I traveled here to Romania and I have searched for decades for that one. Men have come and gone, but none were worth the effort of changing and becoming like me, I drank of their blood but that is all. None drank of my blood. And now there is you. Are you the one?”

He continued to examine me as I lay there at his feet.

I did not answer him at first. Instead I searched deep down in my thoughts and tried to read his eyes. He really was handsome, was he the one for me? Could at last my true dreams have become a reality?

Slowly I lifted myself up off the ground to my knees. His body was bare inches away from me. I could smell him; he radiated power and had an intoxicating manly odor. I was looking up into his face as I crept closer. His eyes were locked with mine. I could feel the want, the lust, the need in them. I saw his body tremble a bit.

Then I made my decision, I moved closer to him, I reached out my hand and gently touched his manly chest with my fingertips. As I touched him he released a contented sigh, his eyes left mine momentarily and he raised his head to the sky and sighed again.

“Oh, Oh,” He mumbled as his body continued to tremble beneath my touch.

I leaned my face close to his chest and then ever so cautiously placed my tongue against his manly torso. As I licked his chest I slowly got up off my knees moving up his body with my tongue. The taste of his flesh was unbelievable. It sent tremors throughout my body. I brushed past his hard nipples and firm Pecs, pausing at his neck, giving it a gentle playful nip and then on up to his chin and towards his mouth.

He lowered his head and again met my eyes. There was so much want and need in them. He was still trembling and almost pleading for me to come to him.

Our eyes were locked. I parted his lips with my tongue and pushed it into his mouth. I ran my tongue over his pearly white soft ivory teeth, paying a lot of attention especially to his incisor fangs. It was wonderful. I wrapped my arm around him and he followed my lead. We were clasping each other in a death grip as we explored each other’s mouths. I had never felt like this before, I wanted him so much.

It was time, I knew what I had to do, what I wanted to do.

I took my mouth from him and kept my eyes locked on his and finally spoke, “Marcus, I give myself to you, yes I am the one the Seer’s spoke of, and you are the one I seek.” I said in a passionate voice. “Please, I beg of you, bite me, make me your mate.”

Then I leaned my head to the side and exposed my jugular vein to him. I could fell the blood pulsating through it. I heard Marcus let out almost a whimpering sound and then I felt his warm breath on my neck and his teeth brushing against my bulging vein. Then his teeth slowly closed and penetrated my neck.

I let out a gasp as they sunk in. I was melting in his arms as he slowly began to swallow my warm blood. I felt my essence entering him and his entering me. My body felt a bit week as he drained me. Then he put his finger up to his mouth and put it between his teeth and my neck, he bit harder on my neck and also opened a vein on his finger tip. His finger moved around to my mouth and pushed into it. I could taste his blood, it was invigorating. I started to suck on it as he sucked on my neck. My eyes went wide open.

Something strange was happening. As I felt the blood flowing out of my body into his, I also felt his blood flowing back into mine as I swallowed. Our body fluids were mingling, it was like nirvana. I felt so alive, so wonderful. I felt my body transforming, changing as his powers infused me and made me like him. It was almost better than sex.

I could see an aura leaving my body and one leaving his as well. It was like a shimmering mist in the air surrounding us. It swirled constantly around our bodies as we continued to mingle our blood. I felt it brush all over my skin, every hair on my body stood up almost like an electrical static field.

Marcus took his fangs from my neck and I stopped sucking his finger. He leaned his head back and our eyes met and locked again. They were radiant. I had never seen such love as I did when I met his eyes. Our auras were still swirling around us, then they combined and there was just one, stronger, more powerful, radiating immense energy. As they merged the aura’s drifted towards our heads, hovering before them and then suddenly plunging into both of ours eyes at the same time.

Our bodies suddenly convulsed. It was not painful, it was exhilarating. We began to glow so brightly that it almost hurt my eyes. My mind started to open up; I could read Marcus’s thoughts and knew he could read mine. Our bodies had melded together, we had become one. You could see wave after wave of energy passing between and throughout our bodies. First I was him, then I was me, then I was we. It was happening faster and faster becoming a blur. There were all the colors of the rainbow surrounding us, infusing us.

As one we hugged each other tightly and then started to kiss again. Our minds wrapped around each other’s. I was Marcus and he was me, there was no singularity, there was just us. My thoughts were his, and his were mine. I felt so much a part of him, I knew him, and he knew me. There were no secrets, everything became shared. There was no one else. Just us.

I don’t know how long we stayed that way, hours, days, years, it didn’t matter for there was nothing else, there was just us.

Finally the energy that had joined separated and distributed into our bodies. I was no longer Darian, he was no longer Marcus. We were as twins.

I stepped out of Marcus’s embrace, and moved backwards so I could see my fantastic new mate. Our bodies glowed. We were perfect, we were Gods. Power Radiated through and out of us to the surrounding wilderness. There was a serene magnificent field of calmness and joy everywhere. It was no longer night; the bright sun had risen and shone down brightly on us.

Oh, yes, it is fallacy that Vampire’s cannot tolerate sunlight. We are able to blend in with common humans. There are many of us amongst the human race.

It was a glorious day. It was the first day of the rest of our lives or death, all depending on the way that you interpret being a Vampire.

I reached out my hands at the same time as Marcus reached out his. A beam of energy passed between us as our hands clasped together.

I tilted my head back a started to laugh and cry at the same time. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as we started to dance and jump. We sang and laughed and sang, and as we relished in each other, a strange thing happened, our bodies began to float up off the ground. We were flying, swirling around and around throughout the air.

I looked at Marcus and yelled out for joy, “I LOVE YOU, MARCUS, I LOVE YOU.” As I ended my yell, Marcus’s thoughts came into my head. “And I LOVE YOU TOO, DARIAN. UNCONDITIONALLY.”

It was amazing. I was finally complete.

Finally we settled back to the ground. Marcus was looking into my eyes as he said in a romantic voice, “DARIAN, you are now a Vampire Lord like me. Come we must go to my Villa where we will spend eternity together ruling the surrounding wilderness.

He led me by the hand out of the meadow and down a pathway through the woods. After a five minute walk we came out into another meadow. My mouth dropped open; there before my eyes was a fantasy world. In the center of the meadow was a small Medieval Castle surrounded by a moat, with a drawbridge crossing it! The meadow was filled with all sorts of flowering bushes and wildflowers, there was even some small animals skittering throughout the grasses.

Marcus looked at me and saw the amazement in my eyes. ”This is yours now, Darian, yours to share with me for all time. Come; come into your new home.”

He led me down into the meadow and across the drawbridge and into the castle. The floors were marble stone and there were crystal chandeliers suspended from the ceilings. Ornate furniture filled the rooms.

In the main room there was a silver throne. On it sat an elderly gentleman. I had not realized that anyone else would be here. Marcus, still holding my hand led me over to in front of the throne and bowed his head to the man who sat on it.

Then in a mellow confident voice he spoke to the man. “Father, He has come, as it was foreordained. This is my lifeblood, Darian. We have joined and wish your blessing. Do you give it?”

The older man looked at Marcus intensely; I could tell that there was passing a communication between them, but I couldn’t quite pick up on it all. I was not fully telepathic yet. Bits and pieces though I caught.

“Do you Love him?” His father asked in his mind.

“Oh, yes father, more than life itself and then inwardly laughed and corrected his self, I mean in afterlife itself.” Marcus replied with earnest.

The elderly man nodded and turned his attention to me. I could feel his mind coming into my body and reading everything about me, there were no secrets kept from him. He was all powerful.

He looked deep into my eyes and spoke in a supreme majestic voice, “Darian, do you Love my son? Are you now his and only his?”

I felt a strange compelling sensation that was trying to make me subservient to him. But I did not flinch a muscle. I stood proudly before him and gave a light nod of my head.

“Yes Sir, Marcus is a God sent miracle to me, I need your Son, more than I have ever needed anything in my life before. I promise to Love him and make him Happy. May I ask? No request of you that you approve of our bonding and give us your whole hearted blessing to join and become one as we already have?” I honestly answered the Noble Lord that sat before me.

I turned to Marcus and who such a Happy Rapturous grin on his face, I smiled warmly at him and our eyes sent radiating sparks towards each other that joined and danced around together before rushing back to re-enter us. How could I not Love him.

I turned back to the Lord and he also had a smile on his face as he again spoke out in his all powerful voice, “You are strong, you resist my power. I did not have to compel you to answer although I thought of trying. Perhaps you are the one as foreordained by the Seer’s. I like you; I wholeheartedly give my permission for this joining. Come, Darian, come stand before me.” He beckoned me forth with a wave of his hand.

I felt that compelling sensation again but it had no effect on me. I hesitated for a moment to show the Lord that I indeed could resist him and that I did not come to him because he compelled me but because I chose to come to him.

I walked confidently and assuredly toward the Lord. When I stood before him, I bowed my head to him.

He laughed out in a hearty robust laugh and said, “You really are a strong one, you resist me to the end. I am proud to have you join with my Son and in doing so you are also now my Son as well.”

I could catch bits and pieces of his probing mind. One thought was stronger than the rest, I barely caught it. ”My Son chose well, and this young man has such a fine neck on him, would that I could be certain of his loyalty?”

I don’t think he realized that I had read his thought. I myself thought a moment, and then I came to a decision. I knew how to set his mind at ease.

I came closer to him until I was barely a hands width away. I reached up to my head and tilted my head to the side exposing one of my bulging veins that pumped my blood.

Then in a subservient voice I said, “Drink of me my Lord. Take what I offer freely, know that I felt you compelling me to submit to you, but that was not necessary, for I offer myself to you freely. Please Lord; honor me with your taking of my essence.”

Then his laughter boomed out again as he spoke, “Damn Boy, I do like you. You are the Foreordained.”

His arms shot out like lightning and grabbing me and pulling me into him and then he plunged his teeth into my neck and fed on me. I could feel his lordly power infusing my body and soul as he made me part of him. Marcus watched in concern. I could feel his thoughts as he worried for me, was his father killing me or accepting me? I still had my senses about me and I was able to send a powerful though back to him reassuring him that I was fine, not to worry.

I felt his father’s arms loosen their hold on me and slowly the Lord withdrew his teeth from my neck. I turned my head and met his eyes. I could read what was in them and the Lord connected with my mind and told me inwardly, “Yes you are strong, I feel the power in you, you are more than you seem. Even as I drank of you, you were able to communicate with my Son. I sense an inner power in you; you are almost as powerful as I am. And I see now that you speak the truth, you do Love my Son. You would and could destroy anyone who tried to bring harm to him. You are now one of us.”

The Lord leaned forward and placed his hands on my shoulders and drew me towards him and kissed first on cheek and then the other. I felt an instant feeling of relief coming from Marcus.

Marcus ran to me and we wrapped our arms around each other in pure Joy. Love radiated out from us in all directions.

“Now,” Boomed out the Lord in his commanding voice, “I will depart these premises and return to my Kingdom. I leave you alone in Marcus’s castle for you to finalize your Love for each other. I will make sure that you are not disturbed!” He clapped his hands together and before him appeared a royal carriage pulled by to pure white stallions. He stepped into it and clapped his hands again and it disappeared in a flash.

Marcus and I were alone.

“Oh my Darian, my wonderful Darian, come we must retire to the master bedroom where we can start our new found Love. I want to please you in every way, first by making Love to you and then I want to take your pretty bubble ass and penetrate you to your very soul, filling you with my Vampire juices. I Love You!!!!”

“You promise?” I looked into his eyes with an imploring look of Lust and begged him. ”I want so much to have all of you, to feel your manhood deep inside of me, to taste your juices. I want to join with you again and again both physically and telepathically. Lead me my Love, I will follow.”

Marcus clasped my hand and almost dragged me up the stairs to his, now our bedroom.

“Marcus turned and looked at me and then called out in a pleading voice, “Please Darian, remove your clothes, I want to see your body!”

I laughed and replied in a playful voice, “NO way, I want to see you first. You remove your clothes.”

Marcus laughed back at me and blurted out happily, “Lets compromise, let us strip both at the same time, imitate each other. Turn each other on.”

Then as one we watched each other, in one smooth movement our hand went to our shirts and slipped them off. We were almost like twins in body. We both had rock hard firm six Pac Abs, with a set of tight well-formed Pectorals with protruding hard nipples ready for playing. We had magnificent bulging Triceps and Biceps, showing how well we kept our bodies. Then we unbuttoned our jeans and undid the belts. Letting them drop to the floor. All that was remaining was the jocks that we wore.

Then I laughed again and called out in a dramatic hilarious voice, “DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!” I made the sound of drums with my hands on my chest.

Our hand went to our jocks and together we ripped them off exposing our magnificent manhood’s. We were almost identical; we both hung four inches soft. Marcus was beautiful. Dang he was such a man’s man.

I snickered, I wanted to see him hard so I used one of my new powers and aimed my finger at his crotch and let a mild flow of energy pass through the air to reach his cock. It started to vibrate and lengthen.

Marcus snickered back at me and did the same to me. Dang, it felt really good. It didn’t take long until both our cocks were at full mast and as hard as a rock. We really were identical. Both cocks were eight and a half inches long and as thick as a beer bottle.

The only difference was that my balls were the size of xtra large chicken eggs and his were one size bigger almost like tennis balls. I had never seen such big balls before. Dang, I bet they were jam-packed full of cum and I wanted every drop I could get.

As one we approached each-others rapturous bodies.

Marcus spoke out in a masterly authoritative voice as he approached me. “Darian, I am going to get you all worked up and then I am going to fuck your ass till you beg me to stop. I am going to make you my little Love Slave.”

“You think so do you?” I replied in a calm cool equally authoritative voice matching his, “Two things are wrong with that, my mate. I will not beg you to stop; I will beg you not to Stop and as to being made into your Love Slave, that would be impossible as I already am your Love Slave as you are mine. I FUCKEN LOVE YOU MARCUS, get that through you thick head.”

“AND I FUCKEN LOVE YOU TOO. DARIAN, so get through your thicker head.” I yelled back at me in a fake angry voice filled with hilarity.

We were both almost falling laughing and then on a sudden impulse we ran the rest of the way together and grabbed each other and held each other in a death grip hold. Our lips met and we tasted each other. As one we gently nipped each other’s lips with our fangs to cause a bit of blood to flow and then mingled our fluids together. It was like ambrosia. I was floating like I was in Heaven. Damn I loved him. Damn I loved him so much it hurt.

Somehow we found ourselves sprawled on the King-size bed, we were so entwined you could hardly tell where one body left off and one began. We were in deep compassionate Lustful Love. We just could not get enough of each other.

One nice thing about being a Vampire is that your bodily functions were different. There was no need to go to the washroom as your body absorbed all waste and incorporated it into your system. Therefore there was no need to have to clean yourself out before getting fucked. All you had to do was focus your vampire powers on that area and think clean and it happened. I was already thinking clean because I could hardly wait for Marcus to take control of my ass and work it like I wanted and needed.

We could also produce our own internal lubricant, excreting it from our pores and self-lubing ourselves.

To Be Continued…

A tease of things to come in Part Two:

Marcus must have read my mind because he dropped his fingers to my hole and started to insert not just one of them but four all at once. My ass spread open for him and engulfed them swallowing them into my Love channel, he had easy entry. We were ready for one long love making session, my ass was twitching hardly being able to wait for my new found Lover/Mate Vampire man.

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