1313 Raven Lane (revised)

by WordShop

 Two young guys find themselves in trouble on Halloween night after a party. They hide in an old house with the reputation of being haunted. We don't believe in haunted houses, now do we?

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Dave and his buddy Daryl had been out to one of the parties so typical of high school kids. There had been beer, there had been pot, and there had been other substances flowing like water.

They had to find a place to come down from the high. If any of their parents caught them in a drunken state it would all be over. Daryl’s parents had promised him a new car for his High School Graduation, but if he fucked up now, near the end of his senior year, they would pull that car without hesitation and he knew it! He had ditched gym class a few times and he already knew he was going to have to combat that one. There were also a few grades that could be up for questioning as well! This was not going to be easy anyway. “Look dude, we gotta maintain. I’m really fucked up!”

“So am I, fucker! And it was you who added that motherfucking vodka to my beer!”

“I was maintainin’ jus’ fine ‘til you fuckin’ screwed me man!”

“Sorry dude, I never seen you fucked up before!”

“This ain’t funny, fucker!” Daryl complained. “My old man and old lady catch me like this and my new car is fuckin’ history!”

“What about that old house over on Raven Lane?”

“Oh, shit! You know what they say about that place!”

Dave eyed him skeptically. “Dude, you believe all that shit?”

“I don’t know what to believe!”

“Look, don’t you remember the story?”

“There were two fag dudes living there, both were bodybuilders and one was competing for some big title or something when they were both murdered!”

“I remember the one dude man, he was fucking huge!”

“He was so fucking big that the cops thought that he was dealin’ ‘roids or somethin’, and that’s why they were both snuffed!”

Dave nodded. “He was so fuckin’ big that it took a special coffin to bury him, an he weighed so much that the dudes carryin’ the coffin were fuckin monsters too!”

“I remember the pictures in the fuckin’ paper man!”

“Yeah, they had this big baby blue Caddy Convertible, an they’d drive round town in it with no shirts or tank tops on!”

“Don’t you remember me’n Doyle’d yell ‘musclefag’ whenever they’d drive by!”

Dave grinned. “Dude, I don’t remember the ‘musclefag’ thing. My bro and I called ’em ‘queerbait’!”

Daryl snorted. “I gotta take a piss dude!”

“We’re on the street asshole, don’t pull it out here!”

“But I gotta take a piss!”

Just as this was said, they both saw a white police cruiser sliding by at a cross street ahead.

“Dude! It’s after eleven, we’re out alone, and we’re so fucked up we can hardly walk. If they check we’d be in trouble for the booze, the other shit they could find in a blood test would get me killed.”

Daryl’s eyes were wide. “The new car I was promised would be toast, and I would probably be kicked out!”

“Any legal messes are gonna keep me out of college!”

“My Mom would look at me and cry for years!”

Dave frowned at the way his buddy kept bringing up his mother’s wrath. “The punishments wouldn’t go on forever.”

“You don’t know my Mom!”

“I think that that cop saw us because I saw brake lights when they weren’t necessary.”

“If that fuckin’ cop comes back to look we’re fucked!”

“Dude, we gotta do Raven,” Davie entreated. “We are both too fucked up to get all the way home, and if we manage, as fucked up as we are to make it home, we are fucked anyway if we get seen this way!”

“Turn right here!”

It was a short walk, or “stagger,” to this weird old Victorian house.

The house, once beautiful in its Victorian architecture, had been tied up in a court battle over the estate of the deceased for several years. Both battling sides felt that they were entitled to the “whole enchilada”.

As the two boys entered the wrought iron gate, it squeaked and closed behind them. They were startled, and strangely it seemed that when the gate had closed it had somehow jammed the latch.

Slowly they crept around to the rear of the property. In the garage, visible through a dirty window, was a powder blue mid seventies Cadillac Eldorado Convertible covered in dust and sitting on four flat tires. It had been at one time a magnificent car. In the back yard, the bright moon lit night made it obvious that the weeds were waist high, and the degree to which the property had deteriorated. The pool that the guys had built was now only partially filled, the water was smelly, and an algae laden green color. The patio umbrellas were tattered, and the pads for the chaise lounges were tattered with the stuffing coming out of them. It was as if nothing had been touched after the owner’s demise.

There was a noise that startled both boys. The sound was of a door lock clicking. This was a big piece of property and the only lock that could have been heard was the one for the rear entrance door of the house.

“Dude, you fuckin’ hear that?” Then, when there was no response: “Dude! Dude! Dude! Where the fuck are ya?”

A few seconds later there was one scared kid as a rustling of bushes was heard from behind the garage.

The missing teen re-appeared, and in his intoxicated state had forgotten to tuck his cock back in or zip himself up.

“I tole ya dude!” Daryl said. “I hadda take a fuckin’ piss before I pissed my pants!”

“Dude, don’t fuckin’ leave me again without sayin’ somethin’!”

“This place gives me the creeps!”

A few seconds later, a car could be heard slowly cruising by, and a second after that, a spotlight shown towards the side of the house, and then towards the other side of the house.

“Shit dude! It’s the fuckin’ cops, and I’m so fuckin’ wasted I can barely stand up! We gotta get outta sight.” Another loud “click” was heard from the rear of the house.

Slowly, both boys crept towards the rear of the house and, surprisingly, found the rear door to the place unlocked and open.

“Shit, dude, the fuckin’ door was open!”

“I fuckin’ don’t believe it!”

Just after they walked into the house after closing the door and through the back laundry room, a much softer click could be heard as a lock closed behind them.

Immediately, Dave moved quickly back to the rear door. The door that had opened so easily to let them in was now jammed in every respect—just like the front gate.

Daryl saw two police officers at the side of the house casting flashlights around away from the windows, checking the property. Fortunately for the boys, the windows were so dirty that they could not be seen, but the boys could hear them asking for a helicopter with its spotlight to check the place.

A third officer tried the front door and found it locked. The officer who had flashed the light at the side of the house, reached the rear door and fortunately for the boys had found that locked as well.

“Dude, I’m fuckin scared shitless!” Daryl whispered.

“You realize that we are now legally adults. We could now be nailed on illegal trespass, breaking and entering and attempted burglary, and we could do hard jail time!”

“Fuck man, if we get out of this, I ain’t never gonna fuck around again!”

A few seconds later, they heard the sound of a door creaking open slightly in a hallway nearby. The boys were so scared that they were about to pass out, but moving in that direction would make them harder to see from the windows. When they got there, they found a strange thing. There were two doors. The outer one was a conventional panel wood door, but the second inner door was solid steel. There was a curved stone stairway illuminated by an eerie glow, which appeared to go down quite deeply under the old house.

As if through some weird public address system, a very masculine man’s voice in a soft whisper said: “Go ahead boys, you’ve come this far! Let us help you go all the way.”

Dave suddenly could feel a presence, turned to look behind him, and standing there was a huge monster of a man. He had to be six and a half feet all and covered in such muscle that he looked like a wall. Dave’s heart raced, adrenaline kicked in, and Dave in his effort to get past Daryl, knocked him down the stairs toward the unknown! Daryl’s level of intoxication helped him roll in a relaxed manner so that he was not seriously hurt.

As both rounded the corner, about half way down the staircase, there was an unexplainable blue-green glow illuminating the room. It was a large and well-equipped gym. There were no lights on, yet they could see everything

Both Dave and Daryl were sobering up fast now, their heart rate continued to increase, and unfortunately the alcohol was also making both of them sick. As they scanned the room visually, there was an area that looked like a bathroom and shower area complete with a medicine cabinet. There was the gym, and then there was another kind of weird area that looked like some sort of small laboratory.

The alcohol and the excitement were too much. Seconds later, both boys found themselves fading into blackness.

It seemed like only a minute of two, but as Dave awakened he noticed that he had been moved to the laboratory section. He was strapped with chains and cuffs around his wrists and ankles to some sort of tilting table. The eerie blue green glow still illuminated the room. As Dave looked around he saw that Daryl was in exactly the same condition strapped to a second table about six feet in front of him. Daryl was still out cold. Dave’s head hurt and was very groggy. He was having trouble grasping on to the situation. Maybe it was the booze, maybe it was something else. As Dave continued to scan the area around him, he also noticed that there were no windows of any kind.

Both boys were still dressed in their jeans and other clothing. They’d worn T-shirts and then there were conventional long sleeve shirts over those because the weather had, in the first weeks of October, been at least a little cool in the evenings. Daryl’s dick was still hanging out of his fly, which was still unzipped.

After what seemed like about fifteen minutes Daryl started to awaken and move around. When he realized that he was tied to a table, panic set in and he started to scream and cry out.

Sweat started to pour off both captives, and their struggle got them nothing.

Several minutes later, in the center of the room, there were two clouds of mist that started to materialize. It took time, and for a moment the room became icy cold. These clouds swirled around and slowly formed into the shape of two huge men.

As the clouds began to take form, Dave recognized the one cloud as the huge man that was standing behind him and had frightened him down the staircase. By this time Daryl was sobbing and crying.

He was a monstrous bodybuilder and he was wearing shorts and a tank top in this ghostly form. A few seconds later, the second man could be clearly seen. He was much shorter, but if that was possible even more muscular, and had dark hair on his head. His face was decorated with a huge walrus moustache.

The larger cloud shrouded figure moved towards Dave first leering over him in a very menacing manner.

His clouded hand reached out and touched Dave’s head gripping it slightly. The touch of the very large ghostly hand encircled most of his head and in spite of it’s weird consistency, it left no doubt in Dave’s mind that it had the strength to crush his skull like a grape if it wanted to.

The clouded figure then bent over and brought its face within inches of Dave’s.

Then a booming voice was heard throughout the room. “Mr. David Roswell!” it said. “Yes, I remember you well.”

“I think that the words were ‘musclefag’ as I remember!” said a second deep voice.

“Pretty strong words for an underdeveloped little shit faced puke!”

“Let me guess shit-face, you weigh what, 140 pounds maybe?”

“That little worm you call a cock wouldn’t satisfy the tightest cunt in this town it’s so fuckin small!”

“Looking under your clothes, you little twit, you don’t even look like you’ve started into puberty yet!”

“We’re planning on changing that tonight!”

The ghostly form then moved across the room and took the same position in front of Daryl.

The same booming voices now taunted his friend. “Daryl Davis! in your case I remember the words ‘queerbait’! I only wish I could pay back your moronic big brother as much as I am going to pay you back tonight for what you’ve said.”

“Look at you, you little drunken worm!”

“Look at that little teenie weenie on you, you puke faced little asshole!”

“There is one joy I will have and that is when I am finished with you, you will pay your brother back for me!”

“We have waited here for years to find someone to avenge our deaths!”

“We couldn’t get the High School football star or the fuckin’ meter reader!”

“We get stuck with two total geek dweebs like you!!”

The larger ghostly form moved back to the center of the room between his two captives.

“Since we are stuck with you, you are going to avenge our deaths, and we don’t care if you like it or not!”

“You’re going to do it!”

“When we were murdered, we unfortunately took to our graves the secret of our size and development.”

“We wanted to leave something behind for those that needed what we had!”

“We wanted to leave our discovery for those suffering from neuromuscular disease!”

“We were approached by this big time promoter, this fuck head who just about owns the sport of bodybuilding!”

“He wanted us to sell him our discovery, and when we told him what we wanted to do, he called us fools!”

“He said that together we could make millions!”

“He said that he would get us when I told him to go fuck off!”

“He sent one of his thugs around two weeks later.”

“The thug shot us and when he couldn’t find the formula, he left.”

“Before he left, the asshole planted a hundred bottles of D-bol where the cops could find it!”

“In the process of the crime the thug dropped the gun!”

“Because the neighbors heard the gun shots, the cops were here within minutes of him leaving!”

The larger of the two ghostly images faded for the moment, and the smaller mustached form stepped forward.

“Do you know what it is like to watch some thug murder the person you love?”

“Did you know that the words you said hurt people?”

Daryl was shaking a great deal, but he finally got the courage to speak.

“Sorry Dude, I didn’t mean to hurt no one!”

A few moments later, two huge syringes, the kind that are used for general anesthetic in farm animals floated across the room and on to a table. The liquid in each of these syringes glowed a strange yellow orange.

A few seconds later, the contents of the first syringe were injected right through the clothing into Dave’s upper thigh. He let out a blood-curdling scream as the liquid entered his body.

Dave’s leg was in great pain where the fluid had been injected into him. The pain was sort of a throbbing, but that sensation was changing. All of a sudden he started feeling warm, it was as if the temperature of the room had reached a hundred degrees or more. Then he began to feel like he was starving for oxygen. This was getting really weird.

Daryl cried out begging for mercy.

Nothing could be seen, but the booming voice scared the shit out of Daryl when it said, enjoy what is going to happen to your friend, because you’re next worm. “Dude, Dude, you okay?”

“Don’t know what that shit is dude,” he said, struggling for breath, “but I fuckin’… ” he gasped “… . . feel really weird!”

“I feel really strange and really fuckin’ horny!”

“Oh fuck!”


Daryl felt a hand on him, the voice whispering in his ear had him shaking. “Watch what happens to your friend, you insignificant worm!”

“You’re such a little mealy mouthed geek, that watching you suffer will be even more fun than watching your pal over there!”

Ooooooooowwwwwwwwww… . .! ! ! !… . pant! . . gasp! . . gasp! . !”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! This fuckin huuuurrrrrrtttttssssss!”

“AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH… …Shit! SHIT Shhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiitittttttt! ! ! ! !”

Again the form whispered in Daryl’s ear.

“We need to make it possible for our young friend to fully enjoy what is going to happen to him!”

A few seconds later the room began to illuminate like it was daylight. A ball of bright blue white light lit the room with a brightness that seemed unearthly “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGG GHHHHHHHHHH. . ! !”

The scream this time was so loud that Daryl was afraid Dave was going to blow out his vocal chords. Daryl could see that Dave’s body was drenched in sweat. His shirt was sticking to him and patches of wet could be seen on his pants as well.

Then Daryl noticed something even more strange

The area right behind Dave’s zipper on his pants seemed to be growing and forming a bulge….

It was like there was something alive in Dave’s crotch. The mound continued to build and grow until Daryl thought that the zipper would explode.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu uuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkk ! ! ! ! Dude… gasp! …gasp! …pant… pant… .

I… can’t …gasp!… . seem to catch… gasp!… gasp!… gasp!. . my. . fuckin’… gasp… breath!… . .

With each breath Daryl could see that Dave was inflating his chest as much as he could… . .

Yet …Daryl’s eyes were still drawn to the show that was going on somewhat lower.

There was a huge bulge in Dave’s crotch now. It was so large it looked like it had been stuffed with something.

Daryl could see this odd shape creeping at an almost snail like pace. It was like there was some sort of snake trying to reach it’s head into Dave’s left pant leg. Suddenly… Daryl’s attention was changed when Dave let out a roar that sounded like a more manly voice than the one Dave had… . .

Daryl was astonished to see that there was now a scruff of facial hair growth on Dave’s face. There was the shadow of a wispy moustache and the beginning of what looked like a patch on his chin. He could also see fine hair growth on the backs of Dave’s hands.

The voice of the second smaller apparition could be heard. “I’m glad you approve! The hair was my idea! I’m afraid that you may even get more than your friend will… . My other half has so little chance to indulge me these days!… . I so enjoy a butch hairy man!” Daryl started to cry and whimper. The booming voice shook the room. “Shut the fuck up worm! Like I said before… …You’re going to help us and you don’t have a choice!”

Daryl heard a weird gasp on the other side of the room. His attention was now drawn back to the plight of his friend. In the intervening time hair had grown all over Dave’s face and down onto the front side of his neck. It was not a beard yet, but it was hair and it was growing and multiplying as Daryl watched… .

Then there was that weird gasp again. Dave had exhaled and then suddenly inhaled until his lungs where so completely inflated he couldn’t hold any more of the air he was trying to breathe. Each time Dave inhaled it seemed like his rib cage expanded a little more and then a little more. He would inhale and inflate then hold for about five seconds and then exhale and do it again.

Daryl noticed now that the snake had made it’s way about two or three inches down Dave’s left leg… . .

Then Dave let out a load moan. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuu uccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk! ! ! ! !” As Dave made this sound it was as if every muscle in his body tensed and turned to stone and held there.

Daryl could see the muscle tensed and flexed so hard he wondered how Dave could stand it. Then at least for a moment the seizure relaxed.

Dave was still breathing hard, but his breathing at least for a moment became more normalized.

A voice that Daryl did not recognize came from Dave’s body. It was far deeper and more masculine than the one Dave had before. “Oh fuck dude! I don’t know what the fuck is happenin’, and it hurrrrrts, but it hurts so fuckin gooooood! God dude, I am so fuckin’ horny right now I cold even fuck your ass. Oh… Oh… Oh… . pufff… puff… . gasp… . here… we… . go… again!”

Daryl watched as Dave started to inhale and puff like a steam engine! With each intake of air his rib cage seemed to become larger and finally it started to look a little weird. The front buttons on Dave’s shirt began to stretch tighter as his rib cage continued to expand.

Then, without warning, Dave began to shake in a way that Daryl had not yet seen. His muscles had flexed, but the seizure was not like the previous one in that Dave did not seem to be in any real pain this time.

Daryl glanced down and the snake in his left pant leg had continued to enlarge and grow toward his left knee. It had made it about half way. It was as if this slender snake had decided to somehow make it’s way from Dave’s crotch and was trying to escape!…

As Daryl looked back up he realized that the facial hair on Dave had filled in and was starting to look like a short beard.

All of a sudden Dave reared back and went into some sort of strange seizure, his eyes rolled back in his head and then it happened. As Dave shook slowly, the remaining wrinkles in his sweat-soaked clothing begin to disappear. Little by little it was obvious that Dave’s clothing was growing tighter.

Daryl was in a cold sweat now. His friend Dave was becoming something unearthly and he was changing less than ten feet away.

In the background there were voices. Dave’s groans were heard, and the groans made by his friend were drowning out the voices of the two ghostly entities.

There were so many things happening around him that it was hard for Daryl to concentrate on any one thing.

Daryl was trying to hear, watching Dave, and his mind and heart were racing.

A few seconds later, Daryl was momentarily enveloped in a cloud. The temperature dropped like a rock and he was scared. A few seconds later the smaller specter whispered in his ear. “One of the few advantages we have is that we can walk through things.”

“You don’t seem to be having enough fun in our opinion, we feel that we need to make this more enjoyable and even more memorable for you!”

As fast as the cloud had appeared and enveloped him, it disappeared as well. He looked back at Dave and was shocked at the change.

Dave’s clothing looked like it was growing uncomfortably tight now. His jeans were tight at the thighs and at the calves. His waist had remained small, but the sleeves on his shirt were now stretched tightly and the two top buttons on his shirt had given way to make room for the expansion that had taken place in Dave’s neck and chest.

Daryl felt a cold sensation down near his lower legs and then all of a sudden it happened. The strangest sensation he had ever experienced. There was something happening at his dick! He looked down and noticed a sort of a cloud partially obscuring his clear vision all the way to the floor. What he could see was that something appeared to be handling his dick! It was a cold feeling, but it was not really unpleasant. Daryl looked back over at Dave, and in the few seconds that had gone by he had continued to grow larger.

Daryl then felt a sensation that he could not describe. He was getting his first blow job! “Oh Fuck! Dude! Fuck A AAAAHHHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOWWWWWSSSSSSSSSHHHH IIIIIIIIITTTTTTTT!”

As Dave began to come out of his latest phase he could see several things. The first was that there was sort of a cloudy apparition and mainly he could see that Daryl had a raging hardon. Daryl was at least for the moment lost, as his own cock fought to get as hard as it possibly could. Dave looked over and Daryl’s state of erection was adding to the fire he was already feeling. He was so fuckin’ horny he wanted to fuck, and he wanted to fuck now! ! “Fuck Dude! Look at your hard on! I wanna fuck your ass so fuckin bad Dude! I wanna suck your tits and fuck your ass! Goddam Dude! What am I sayin’… . I… I …I …f . f f fuckin wanna suck your cock, and lick your fuckin body all over! I wanna fuck your ass till ya can’t walk! I wanna fuck until I can’t get hard for nuthin Dude!”

Dave heard the words coming from his mouth, and he knew that he meant them, but he realized that something was killing the old Dave even as he, strapped to the table, contemplated his fate! It was like there were now two of him at the same time. One was the old fag hating Dave, and the other was this pure man loving and man fucking decidedly male animal! He was not yet hard, but he wanted to be fucked himself, and he wanted to fuck like unlike any time in the past.

Daryl was getting the first blow job of his life and it was a good one. He heard the words in the strange and deeper voice coming from his friend. He was terrified, yet at the same time what he was feeling below in his private areas was so incredible he could only moan and groan in rapture. Part of him wanted to scream from the incredible sensations originating in his groin and the other part of him wanted to scream at Dave! With the voice and the sweating smell coming from Dave on the other table, he was in a state close to shock. The next thing would be green vomit and Dave’s head spinning around a few times. The huge ghostly form decided it was about time for him to have some fun as well.

He knew that if he brought Dave to the boiling point, that it would have effects on his transformation. The specter wondered if the restraints were strong enough to hold Dave. That form had been hurt badly and was almost out of his mind with anger towards what had caused their demise. Because of his absolute resolve he was a sadistic bastard and he was going to milk this for all he could. He knew that if he got Dave hot enough that the normal hormone changes that take place during this type of excitement would magnify Dave’s transformation even more making him bigger and stronger than even he had originally intended. These would also make Dave’s already growing dick, grow a great deal more. A few seconds later, a cloud descended partially over Dave. The cloud started ripping away Dave’s clothing. In a matter of a few minutes, the shirt and T-shirt had been removed, and Dave felt the work starting on his shoes and pants.


The booming ghostly voice answered: “Well asshole! Since we’re dead, we definitely are not going to be using the clothing in our closets upstairs! I suspect that at least some of it will be going to cover your worthless asses!”

Dave finally looked down at his own body. The clothing had masked it, but it had completely changed. He looked like one of the “jocks” now. He had shape to his chest and he had muscle. Though they were not yet big, he had two definite pecs and what amazed him even more was that there was a patch of hair between them. There was also a treasure trail both above and below his naval. A few seconds later his pants finally gave way and he got the first look at his own cock and balls. His balls were very large now. Each one of them was the size of a very large chicken egg. His cock had grown a great deal. It was still soft, but it was now laying down over the side of his pelvis, and reached in its flaccid state, out nearly to the edge of his hip.

Dave looked at his crotch, and the hair was no much thicker than it had been before, and the coating on his legs was full of fine hair that covered every part.

Dave had been concentrating on looking at what had been happening with himself, until he saw that Daryl was starting to thrash and moan from the great sex he was having with the smaller specter! The specter would bring Daryl to the brink of cumming and then back off just long enough to let the passions ebb, then bring them right to the edge again.

Dave could see that the larger specter had left him now and was starting to rip Daryl’s clothing off as his partner kept Daryl in a state bordering on sexual nirvana. Again and again he would bring Daryl to the edge, but he would not let Daryl cum for anything! Daryl was gasping and thrashing, and moaning. He was even begging the ghostly figures to either let him cum, or kill him.

Dave then heard the larger voice whisper in his ear. “You’re far from through my friend!”

“You still have a long way to grow!”

“In another couple of minutes, you will start growing again!”

A few minutes later, as promised, Dave again started to grow short of breath. Sweat started to pour off of him in rivers. Again he began to suck in oxygen and puff like a locomotive engine. As this started again, the smaller ghostly form kept up the agonizing blow-job on Daryl.

Daryl did not know what to do, he had never been so fucking hard in his entire life. His cock was hard as if it had been machined from solid steel. His was normally the fleshy kind that when it got hard had loose skin on it. It was so hard and swollen now that the veins could be seen on the surface. Daryl felt certain that he was going to die. He wondered how fast he would die if his dick exploded?

He could hear Dave puffing away on the other side of the room but could not focus away from himself for the moment. His mind was beginning to short circuit, and he was himself in a state that was less than ideal for comprehension.

Dave, still breathing heavily could feel prickling and itching now on his chest and he felt a very strange sensation spreading all over his body. There was itching on his face and neck, his arms and legs and on his buttocks. He was tied to the table, he could not scratch and this was really beginning to get to him.

He lifted his head and looked at what he could see, and what he did see was that the hair on his body seemed to be growing in, and at an incredible rate. As each new hair sprouted and began to grow, it was like a miniaturized needle momentarily pricked his skin and then the itching would start. The feeling was spreading over most of his body, it was the most unusual feeling that he had ever experienced.

The next thing was a strange feeling that started in both of his nipples. As Dave again raised his head to look down at his chest, he could see that the muscle had grown slightly larger, but the really weird thing was that each of his nipples had grown a great deal longer, and the brownish-purple aureoles were growing in diameter even as he watched. Then, it was as if something was inflating the tissue under the aureoles. They started to puff up something fierce, and as they did so, sexual sensations flooded his very being.

Then a tingling started, and his oxygen requirements seemed to raise a thousand times. His chest was growing and he could see this time that his pecs were expanding and rising. They were expanding forward, and they were expanding sideways. He could feel a strange and different sensation as the muscle reached a large enough size that it began to create a crease or fold underneath. Still the growth continued! Dave’s head seemed to be less mobile as the muscle growth had spread to his traps and delts. As they grew, he could feel his whole shape changing and it was even more of a turn on. Then he could begin to feel his lats pushing out against his arms and he felt himself rising as his back and buttocks began to gain considerable mass. He looked back to his chest and it was now covered totally with fine fuzz. It was covered from arm-pit to arm-pit and the vellus hair that covered the whole area was growing longer and thickening into full adult hair. The hair on his arms was growing longer and becoming darker as well.

The more he grew, the more his attention started going back and forth between Daryl’s blow job and his own huge muscle-covered body. He was still growing larger and larger. He could feel the skin stretching to accommodate his increasing mass, he could feel his balls rolling around in a ball sack that was growing larger and larger to contain their ever increasing size. His dick was tingling and vibrating. It was not hard yet, but it had started to inch out to an even more monstrous size than it had been when Dave had last seen it before his latest growth spurt. Dave couldn’t see it any more, his huge chest was blocking his view. In fact his chest had grown so much that unless the table was tilted a little more upright, he soon would not be able to see Daryl.

Daryl was becoming light-headed. He needed to cum and he needed to cum badly! The smaller tormentor had worked him literally into a frenzy. His eyes were wide open, his breath was coming in gasps and pre-cum was seeping out of him by the gallon. The pre-cum was running down the sides of his cock and his balls were getting soaked. His balls were hurting now, they had been drawn up to his cock off and on for so long that there was a totally weird aching sensation that had taken over his whole groin.

For a while at least, the excellent attention Daryl was receiving stopped. He looked over at Dave and for the first time the changes in Dave registered. “Oh fuck Dude! You should fuckin’ see yourself! Your so fuckin’ big that that big ghost Dude can’t be much bigger!” Dave’s chest had grown to an incredible size, and Daryl could not see Dave’s face. There was too much pec muscle in the way. Dave’s arms had increased massively in size and looked to Daryl like they were the largest he had ever seen. They had to be somewhere over twenty inches! His forearms looked like Popeye, they had grown in size to where one could see Dave’s wrists, which looked normal, then the taper was tremendous as one headed towards the elbow. Dave’s arms were covered in silky dark hair. Dave’s legs had grown so monstrous that his upper leg area was easily larger than his waist. Sitting on top of this were his cock and balls. His cock, still soft was larger than the ones on the Clydesdale horses he had seen at the County Fair last year. His balls matched it in size and there was this monstrous pubic bush that looked kind of weird. It was so thick that it stuck way up and it was sort of in a triangular shape with the heaviest portion of the hair reaching all the way to Dave’s navel.

“Dude! Dude! You okay, dude?”

A few seconds later, a click could be heard and Dave’s table tilted more placing his head a great deal higher and his feet a great deal lower. Daryl looked shocked. His friend Dave had a full beard now, and it was one that needed a trim! The hair on his face just never ended! It sort of started on his cheeks just below his eyes, and went down covering his entire face and neck blending right in to the chest hair below “Dude! Dude! You okay dude?” Daryl called for a second time.

Dave had a sort of dreamy “out of it” expression on his face, his breathing was slow and deep now and had returned to normal more or less. He was really OK, he was exhausted and was sort of asleep.

The smaller specter re-appeared and in a rather quiet voice said that Dave was OK, and was just resting. Daryl did not feel as threatened by the smaller of the two.

“Your friend is about three-quarters of the way through his growth. He will still grow more, but it will be slower now.”

“Dude! Why’d ya do this ta us? We never meant ta hurt ya or nuthin’!”

A few seconds later, the larger specter re-appeared next to the smaller one.

Daryl began to cry, and cry hard. “Cry you little twit! We were fucking murdered, man! We have no fuckin’ choice!”

“What about your families?” Daryl asked.

The Large Specter replied: “Look, kid, the most worthless thing on this planet are those two families! Those assholes divided our funerals, and then immediately filed a stack of lawsuits against each other trying to get their greedy money-grubbing little hands on our assets.”

“They even buried our remains in two fucking different cemeteries.”

“It doesn’t seem fair,” Daryl said.

“In order for us to have eternal peace, we need to avenge our deaths and we must have help from the living to do it,” the Smaller Specter said.

The Large Specter added, “Time for your shot Kid!”

Just as the huge and glowing syringe began to float into the air Dave began to awaken from his foggy haze. In a voice even he didn’t recognize, he was compelled to yell out, “Dude! Fuckin’ watch out!” Just then the needle penetrated into Daryl and the contents of the syringe were injected.

After the contents of the syringe were injected Daryl was so scared he did not know what to do. But as the seconds began to pass he started to feel like someone had turned the heat in the room up to “inferno”. Sweat began to form all over his body.

As soon as he started trying to talk to Dave he started finding that he was short of breath in a strange way. It was a weird sensation sort of like his body was starting to need a great deal of extra oxygen.

A few seconds later Daryl felt the need to breathe in deeply and to inflate his chest as far as he could. He did not know why, it was some sort of instinct and he just had to do it. A few seconds later, the same need happened again, except that it was as if he had to inflate his lungs to their full capacity and then some to satisfy the need.

The moment he tried to talk again he found that even saying a few words left him short of breath and he began to gasp just as his friend Dave had done.

As this oxygen shortness struck Daryl he also noticed that he was feeling really horny again. There was no erection, but thoughts of sex controlled his mind. This was really weird! Here he was having trouble breathing and yet he was also horny at the same time “Dude! …pant..pant..pant This. . gasp. . is… gasp. . fuckin. . gasp. . weird!” As Dave watched his friend begin the same transformation he had undergone something in the air was beginning to excite him, and he did not know what it was. All of a sudden he was beginning to feel really turned on. Was it the thought of Daryl, his best bud, growing that was doing it? Was it the all-male smell that was in Daryl’s sweat?

Dave was beginning to feel a weird tingling sensation in his own cock and balls.

He was so large now that he could no longer see his hanging cock thanks to his huge pecs. He could not move his hands to check out what was going on, but he could feel strange sensations. It was like the feeling he used to get, before he got hard, but this was magnified a thousand times. He could now feel the head and shaft of his dick stretching down his legs. It was slow and it was going farther and farther down. Dave was beginning to wonder just how fucking big he was. It seemed like the length just kept increasing and yet it was still soft enough to be making contact with his legs, but farther and farther down! This was really a weird sensation, he could feel it, he knew what was happening, and yet parts of it did not seem real to him.

As his lengthening cock reached an area a few inches above his knees he could feel the shaft now swelling and getting thicker. It was like it was gaining weight all on its own. As it swelled thicker and thicker it gained more and more weight until he could feel it almost pressing against his own huge quads! The perceptions begin to change and Dave could now feel that it was gaining in time to his heartbeat. With each beat it seemed to thicken and swell a little more, and a little more. After a few more beats it began to lift from the lying position and for a few moments as it continued to stiffen it slapped his quads gently. Now there was another weird sensation. It was a totally different pulling sensation as if his cock weighed a ton. The muscles in his groin had strengthened to handle the vastly increased weight, but he could feel the weight now. This was a sensation that he had never encountered before. It was a guy thing and he realized that his body was transmitting sexual data from areas that were not previously sexual.

Momentarily, Dave looked over at Daryl and he could see the changes beginning. In the weird glow of the artificial light he could see fuzz appearing on Daryl’s face and there was some on his belly. The hair on his arms and legs was not heavy, but it could now be seen. There was also light fuzz on Daryl’s chest. Unlike Dave the fuzz was also on Daryl’s shoulders and on his upper arms too. Dave’s looked at the newly grown hair on his own chest and what he could see of his own body and he pictured his friend Daryl gaining hair just has he had. Boy, this was an even bigger turn on! That thought sent his cock to roaring hard in seconds! As the erection process accelerated Dave saw his cock for the first time. It had to be absolutely monstrous! His pecs were gigantic and he could see it for a few seconds as it changed position. He flexed his butt muscles, and as it reached stone hard erection, Dave’s dick slapped him above his stomach with the head nearly between his hairy pecs

The sight of his now huge cock was like lighting the fire inside Dave, and he was becoming more and more aroused and could not help it. All of a sudden he was back to that point that he felt he had to fuck again! He was no longer in control. His butt muscles started clenching and it was as if he was trying to subconsciously pump more blood into his cock and make it swell even more! There were involuntary thrusts of his hips and he wanted to fuck so very badly that he could not stand it.

Dave felt the table tilt even more. Now it was tilted to the point that he was nearly standing up straight.

Dave heard voices, they were the voices of the two specters. He was now looking at Daryl, and then all of a sudden he felt something really strange. There was this cloud that started to materialize below his pecs. He could not see a great deal, but he could see the edges. With the weight of his cock, and because of its size, with the table nearly vertical it would no longer stand upright against his chest. It was pointed straight at Daryl, or at least that was what Dave thought. Then he felt something even stranger. There was the feeling of a mouth engulfing the head of his huge dick! It was cold and it was sort of a weird feeling. The smaller specter had gone to work on Dave’s dick, and he was like Daryl had been earlier. He was receiving his very first blow job

The smaller specter was good at what he did and he was bringing Dave to the boiling point. Copious quantities of clear pre-cum were flowing from Dave’s dick. He was watching Daryl knowing what was coming and at the same time he was being stimulated to the point of near insanity by the smaller specter. Dave’s excitement increased again and again. As he thought he was going to blow the first time he started feeling a tingling sensation that washed over his entire body. He started realizing that the tingling which took place when he got near shooting was his body growing even more! The smaller specter realized it too and brought Dave to the edge again and again just has he had done with Daryl.

As Daryl’s muscles, cock and balls began to grow Dave started to look at him very differently. He had two different movies playing in his head. One of the movies was pure animalistic lust. In that one he wanted to sexually ravage his friend. That movie had Daryl moaning and groaning with the highest levels of pleasure that two males could achieve in sex. The second movie was even more odd to Dave. In the other one he was in bed with Daryl and they were not having sex they were making love. He was giving the body he imagined Daryl to have a tongue bath, he was sucking Daryl’s cock, he was nibbling on Daryl’s nipples, and he was hearing moans of pure joy from Daryl.

In Dave’s head various scenarios began to play on the two different movie screens. Fuck this was really weird! Dave then in one of the scenarios found himself tied and bound. Daryl walked into the imagined room dressed in a leather vest with huge hairy pecs showing between the two visible parts of the vest. He could see Daryl’s nipples standing up hard, he could see Daryl wearing leather pants and a huge codpiece. Fuck he looked like he was poured into those fucking leather pants! Fuck! Daryl pushed him onto the floor and ordered him to unfasten his codpiece with his teeth! This whole scenario was worth a couple of involuntary thrusts on it’s own! The other movie was playing a situation were Daryl was now giving him a tongue bath and it felt wonderful. Daryl licked up from his crotch and nibbled on his nipples gently. He then placed his huge muscular weight on top of Dave and the weight and pressure of Daryl’s huge hairy pecs against his own was incredible. In the scenario, Daryl took his head gently and kissed him on the lips opening his mouth with his tongue and kissing him deeply. The dream alone was making Dave delirious with pleasure. Dave was concentrating so much on the erotic stimulation he was receiving that he had not noticed that he was again growing larger and larger.

He looked over at Daryl and could see that Daryl now looked like one of the jocks. He had added considerable muscle, and his dick was already more than any of their school jocks could have hoped for. The hair had continued to fill on and darken to where it was no longer young vellus hair, but was now becoming full adult hair.

Dave turned his thoughts back down and immediately two more contrasting movies were running in his head. He was lying on a bed and Daryl walked through a door in a t-shirt stretched to it’s absolute limit. “I took some more!” the Daryl in his dream said in a rich baritone.

As Dave begin to watch in his mind’s eye, Daryl began to grow again and soon the t-shirt could no longer contain his growing mass. It began to rip and tear and as it did, so Dave posed for him growing larger and larger. Dave almost shot with that one! What was weird was that as much as Dave had always been the dominant one in their friendship, he noticed more and more than in the sex fantasies he was the one being dominated! This was …strange.

Soon Dave could hear Daryl chugging away for air a few feet away, and he could see that his friend was really on his way now. There was a nice pattern of hair on his chest that was still filling in and the hair everywhere else was growing and doing so with profusion. “It looks like he is going to be even more hairy than I am!” As Dave thought about this for some reason he decided that he liked that idea. Dave also started thinking of how really good looking Daryl was.

It was at that moment that the realization of the truth hit Dave. He was himself gay. He had pointed and made remarks about others to remove the attention from his own feelings. Maybe this was the way that things were supposed to be. Dave had continued to grow and so had Daryl.

Dave could no longer see Daryl’s face. His chest and pecs had grown so large that with the angle of the table to which Daryl was strapped, it was no longer visible. Daryl’s dick and balls had grown to enormous proportions. His dick soft looked to be a foot long and it was still growing. The hair on Daryl’s body had continued to multiply and was profuse everywhere. The thing that was amazing is that the hair did nothing to obscure the huge muscles that had grown on Daryl’s frame. The definition was in no way obscured by the fur coat. The more Dave looked at this, the better he liked that too.

A few seconds later Daryl’s table tilted and Dave could see all of his friend. Daryl’s appearance now was a total turn on to Dave. It was as if Daryl had been created out of some fantasy within Dave’s own imagination. Daryl had a full beard now and the fur that started on his face just went down and down joining with that on his chest, which joined with that on his belly and then his pubes. Dave noted one unusual thing. Just like on himself there was an unusual marker of sorts. There was a section of pubic hair that started at Daryl’s navel, this spread wider and wider and joined with his other pubic hair. It was sort of like looking at some extra hairy pyramid placed over the top of his genitals. Dave’s pubic hair was the same way.

The small specter had allowed Dave to come down again and was now doubling his efforts at bringing Dave to heights as yet not achieved.

A few minutes later Daryl started to awaken from the restful sleep that had overtaken him for at least a few minutes.

Dave could see a huge cloud start to appear in front of Daryl, but instead of saying anything Dave could see Daryl’s cock being moved and he knew that the larger specter was doing his friend and giving him just as much pleasure has he had received from the smaller one. Daryl could only groan. After a while:

In a really sexy baritone, just as it had sounded in Dave’s dream, a voice: “Dude, fuck! I am so fuckin’ hot I can’t stand it!”

“I know you’re straight and all, but I’m sorry dude! I wanna fuck you!”

“I wanna fuck you! I wanna kiss you! I wanna lick your huge fuckin’ body all over!”

“I wanna suck your cock dude!”

“I think I’m …. . “

Dave answered: “Don’t sweat it dude, I think that’s something we are going to have to work through together.”

“I know you probably wanna kick my ass right now, but I gotta tell you how I …. I …feel!”

“Dude… would it make any difference if I told you that I wanna fuck your ass too!”

“Holy Fuck!”

Dave, without thinking, started to lift his arm to scratch the itch of his new beard… He felt a little “give” in his restraints! He then decided to see what would happen if he really tried. When he did, the modified handcuffs that had been holding him to the table crumbled and broke into pieces. Then Dave reached down and felt what felt like a person’s head in the cloud like shape.

Daryl seeing what Dave had done, gave it a try and exactly the same thing happened. He also grabbed on to the head of the specter and for some reason felt like he had gotten a hold of something even though it was not like holding a human head.

Dave and Daryl both could see their dicks or at least a portion of them because the view was partially obscured by the size of their pecs. Now they took control of the thrusts and started climbing their way to pinnacles of ecstasy they had never felt before.

As they neared their final plateau it was like a thousand atom bombs going off. It was the strongest feeling and both boys screamed out in unison as the cum rained all over the room.

Dave and Daryl heard voices. It was the voice of the smaller specter and he was crying.

They could hear the voice of the larger specter trying to soothe and calm him.

“Now we will never get to move on!” The smaller specter wept.

The larger one was visibly holding the smaller one and trying to reassure him. “Hey we can always try again… ”

“I don’t wanna try again, I want to move on!”

“We can’t move on Tony.”

“Michael, I can’t take this much more… ”

Dave and Daryl initially were going to try and escape immediately but what they heard made them stop cold. These ghosts were really not evil, they needed to do something that they could not do themselves.

The crying stopped on the part of the smaller specter and with tear filled eyes he looked up with a strange and questioning look on his face.

“You mean?”

“Yeah dude, fuck, look at us, maybe you can help us figure out how we are gonna explain this!”

“Nobody would believe us if we told the truth!”

“Imagine what our parents are going to say!”

“Remember we were a couple of high school kids before …. . well…. . er… what you did!”

“Now we’re a couple of fuckin’ freaks man!”

“My parents were going to buy me a car, and now that’s fuckin’ in the trash man!”

“They are goin’ to be absolutely convinced that I did this with some illegal drug or somethin’ everyone will think that that’s what we did!”

“Maybe we can fuckin’ fix your problems, but what about ours?”

“You gotta help us!”

The larger specter lifted a pen and began to write some things.

The smaller specter commented …

“Michael we… er… you can lift a syringe. .. . so you can lift a pen… does that give you any ideas?”

“I know how we can at least repay these guys!”

“Not now Tony, I’m thinking!”

Over the next few weeks a number of things that were very strange happened.

In a downtown Attorney’s Office an envelope appeared. The envelope was a Living Trust assigning all assets and future assets from the death of the two professional bodybuilders to two totally unknown youths. The living trust had been executed and dated only a few days after the prior will had been completed. It was strange that no one had found these records before. The Court Battle between two families was over. They would inherit nothing.

A series of studies and lab papers appeared in the offices of one of the largest known charities for neuromuscular disease. It gave the information needed for a different form of the drug given the two boys. This would stop and prevent muscle wasting and reverse neurological damage to muscle tissue. It would not cure everything, but it was a giant leap forward.

When two boys returned home to families things were not so simple. Initially everybody jumped to the wrong conclusions, but, both volunteered and submitted to blood tests. There was no evidence of illegal drug use of any kind.

It was not until days later that the families learned of the inheritance of the two boys. The assets in trust for them and the patents forthcoming on the new neuromuscular drugs would provide them with enough income and sufficient funds for a good college education. The other assets were so considerable that neither would have to work for a living unless they wanted to. There was also some cash that was earmarked for cars for each of them.

The Home on Raven Lane was an unusual situation. The trust provided for repair and maintenance of the home until the boys reached age twenty-one and were legally able to take title. It would be cleaned up and fixed up.

In a bar in a seedier part of town, police entered and arrested one “Lefty” Miller, the gunman who had been hired to steal the drug secrets and to kill the two bodybuilders. They had the gun. “Lefty” was, as a complication forced to undergo testing for sanity because he kept talking about the two huge ghosts that had been trying to kill him when he was in jail.

“Lefty”, after a series of nightmares of “unknown origin”, sang like a canary and a warrant was issued for a real heavy hitter in the sport of bodybuilding. The most interesting thing was that in addition his offices were raided and when that happened they found boxes of steroids marked for various bodybuilders under contract to this promoter. He also sang like a bird admitting that he had planted the drugs in the residence of his two victims.

When it was all over, the two boys went back to the house and sat in the darkened basement one last time for at least a while. They were alone, but this time they were not afraid.

The boys wanted to say goodbye to the two ghosts who in the end had done so much to change their lives in so many positive ways. Their wishes were completed and the boys hoped that they were not too late.

After sitting in the dark together for over an hour in silence.

Two figures appeared in a misty cloud.

This time the cloud was different than it had been in the past. The cloud looked as if it came from another dimension and as if the two figures were in shadow lighted from the rear.

The voice of the larger specter: “In the beginning, we did not know what to do when you stumbled into a situation that was nearly our last hope to leave this world a better place.”

“It appears that whatever it was that brought us together, the guiding force knew far better than we did.”

“You both did an excellent job!”

“If you’ll pardon the pun at this point.”

“You have our undying respect!”


“Tony, because I am dead doesn’t mean I can’t have a sense of humor!”

The voice of the smaller specter: “When you showed up I was at wit’s end. I no longer cared.”

“I wanted to move on as we should have when we were killed!”

“Michael felt that we needed to settle some things before we left!”

“I wanted to move on but because I love him I could not leave him here alone to try and do this!”

“Michael and I met when we were in high school.”

“Things were different then and you had to keep things a secret.”

“Michael and I had spent nearly twenty years together before we were killed.”

“Now we will spend the rest of eternity together.”

“It is my hope that in addition to the physical strength we gave you, that you yourselves develop the mental strength and abilities to leave the world a better place than it was when you came into it.”

“Study Hard, Work hard and learn.”

“After today, you will not see us again in this form.”

“Just remember that we will be with you… always.”

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