A growth vignette

by Anonymous

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It was an ordinary day in New York. Everything was going good, until he found it. He was walking through a subway system, waiting on line. The place seemed unusual. After a day of traffic and walking, he wanted to go home, after the subway ride, he went home. After getting home, he went to go finish cleaning his attic.

He was rummaging through some boxes when he found a bottle. The bottle read: Penis extender.

Laughing to himself, he wanted to try it. 18-year-old Troy was pretty buff, but only had a 5.5 inch erect penis. He has always wanted to get a longer one, but pills and pumps weren’t showing any luck. He ran quickly to his bathroom. After shutting the door, he looked at the back and this is what it read: “Caution, use very little amount for amazing growth, best time is to put on overnight.”

He got so excited for the next day. The next day came, no luck, he waited till that night thinking it was a big waste. He tried some more though before he knew for sure. He grabbed a huge handful and glopped it on. He rubbed it in, which took about 4 minutes and then went to bed.

In the middle of the night, he heard something, he heard the tearing of clothing and an overwhelming feeling, and with that he fell back asleep. In the morning he immediately leaped out of bed to go to the bathroom, but tripped the second he jumped out of bed. He crashed to the ground with a thud. He looked down when he got up and his jaw dropped and his eyes widened.

His piece of meat was 16 inches long and seemed to be growing before his eyes. 17 inches, 18 inches…..20 inches….23 inches…and then it stopped. He froze with shock as his member floated near the ground still soft. It was 2 feet long and it was still soft!

And then a tingling sensation erupted from him and it grew longer. 25 inches…27…30 inches, and then it stopped. He ran out of the room and his member was literally 1 inch off the ground.

He grabbed the biggest jeans he had and shoved them on, they displayed his member, he shoved the end of it in his sock and went to eat breakfast.

But his member began to stiffen, he watched shocked as it tore through his jeans and up his pant leg. It stood proudly at 38 inches, about 3 feet…for now. Underwear was not a possibility anymore.

But something odd happened…it was longer than before when soft, at 33 inches soft. His balls began to tingle furiously. Then that’s when they grew. They sagged to his lower they, now his knee, and then it stopped.

He began to really worry then. He threw away the cream and went upstairs and stripped his tattered clothes. His penis now dragged on the ground.

And it hit then, a huge growth spurt exploded through his balls and his member. 4ft…5ft…7ft..10 ft! And his balls…they grew to his ankles and stopped.

“Oh no!” He still felt the tingle slightly…knowing it would come very soon again, but it didn’t. Not until about 5 hours later when the sensation was so much he swore he may pass out. And then it happened, and it grew. 10 ft…15ft…20ft….23ft, and it stopped. Then his balls began to grow. They touched the ground and still kept growing, no signs of stopping.

He got into bed real quick and watched it all grow.

His balls began to sag over the edges of the bed, his balls soon grew to the size of a recliner, and then stopped. The tingling sensation went away and he fell asleep immediately from blood flow leaving for too long. He awoke and it was very bright, he squinted. He sat up immediately and was slapped in the face, his member was touching the roof and he ran into it. They were still the same size. It happened so quickly he couldn’t even process.

He went downstairs very slowly and made it into his 30 foot high two-story living room.

It shot through him again…the growth spurt. And it stopped at 33 feet and his member smudged the roof. His balls grew to the size of a king sized bed and then stopped. That was when he knew it had stopped for good, and it did.

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