Alassares and the prince of centaurs

by brazboy

Oblodun, the twelfth prince of the Centaur Khanate, is a close friend of Alassares, the second prince of the Northern Empire, and as such he asks his talented mate for a favor: will he help cure the lonely centaur of his homesickness and horniness at the same time?

Nine Pillars, #5 3,008 words Added Feb 2022 Updated 19 Mar 2022 3,648 views 4.3 stars (3 votes)

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One day, Alassares was collecting with some ingredients in a large garden where he could find exotic fruits and flowers, when his friend and mate Oblodun—the foreign prince of the Centaur Khanate who studies in the Northern Empire’s Magic Academy—came galloping his way. The large centaur nobleman was tall and handsome, and he tended to wear the fancy tunics traditional in his homeland, which covered both the human and horse parts of his body—but Alassares, obviously, had seen it all before, and knew his friend to be a strong muscular stallion.

“In a hurry to find me, Oblodun?” asked the second prince of the Empire, with a slight smile, as he saw the foreign royal stop near him.

“Of sorts, I need some assistance that I think only you can provide, my friend,” said the horseman, as he towered over the tall prince due to his half-animal body. “You know your sword, Elgaro, has been off these days,” he started, and Alassares nodded, as he collects some leaves from one of the plants near him, eyeing his friend with the corner of his sight.

“Yes, it has gone to the city to get its blade sharpened by a specialist,” he replied. “So?” he asked, slightly curious, and then Oblodun laughed a little, as his face reddens and he seems a little bothered.

“So, it used to be very helpful to me, in draining myself. We had a little agreement, it and I where it gave me release in exchange for my seed. It was mutually beneficial, but now I find myself in such a position where I can’t find relief while it is gone,” Oblodun said with a sigh, and Alassares laughed and nodded, and then stood up and put his arm on his friend’s back, near where his human torso met his horse body, and pulled himself towards him.

“I knew about that agreement, of course, but I was not aware of how dependent you had become on it! Are you truly saying you can’t find a mare or maybe a human out there who is willing to help you out, other than myself?” he asked laughing, and Oblodun’s rear legs started moving and throwing dirt on the air as he laughed a little nervously.

“That is not so much the issue, Alassares. Unfortunately, no untrained horse such as the ones we find in your country, can take a member such as mine. They run away when I try anything like. And while I could find some assistance with humans, possibly, I was hoping you could use your body-shaping magic on me and give me wings so I could fly back home for a few days,” he said, and Alassares immediately raised a confused eyebrow.

“While the image of a winged centaur flying is an appealing one, my friend—and you know I wish to be of assistance to you—my powers are not so extensive as that. Even if I gave you wings, they’d not last long enough for you to reach your country, much less fly back here after you do your business there. You’d die falling in the ocean, and that we cannot have,” said Alassares, his hand feeling his friend’s horse muscles below his tunic.

“I see, perhaps I was too optimistic,” Oblodun responded, resigned, and then turned down to face Alassares. “I should not have come ask such a thing of a friend,” he added and then moved to gallop away when Alassares holds his tunic and finally lifts it, revealing a gigantic meter-and-a-half long hard cock under Oblodun’s body.

“No, perhaps you just didn’t ask me the right favor,” he pondered for a while. “What if I transform myself into a centaur? Then we can sort your issue while I get a new form, all the while we both get a pleasant time together,” the second prince suggested, and Oblodun’s face turned into a wide smile as his eyes shine, the best of his expectations being met and then some! His cock bounces under his belly, and slaps it with a loud noise. “I’ll take that as a yes, but I will also need some contribution of yours, so I can change my form,” said the human prince, and Oblodun’s cock moved up and down anxiously as it started oozing pre.

“What kind of contribution, Al?” said Oblodun with a tone filled with excitement and lust, as Alassares saw his gigantic rod oozing pre, and bit his lips as he moved his hands around Oblodun’s horse half and towards his magnificent penis.

“Some liquid coming from you…you know? This should suffice,” he said with a smile and knelt under his friend, and then brought his hands to Oblodun’s cockhead, and massages it, making the centaur prince moan and tremble, as his cock increased its output. Then Alassares licked the big cock and finally parted his lips by having Oblodun’s gigantic cockhead enter his mouth—he then sucked on it and suckled, and drank large amounts of the crystal clear warm and sweet liquid it released; as much, in fact, as his friend gave him.

“Al! Don’t suck too hard or I may cum!” Oblodun warned after a while, as his cock was just too sensitive after days without release, and truth be told, he had also found the second prince to be extremely hot and the whole idea of being sucked and possibly having sex with him was too exhilarating to bear for too long. But Alassares, careful as ever, simply pulled his head away and kissed his friend’s slit, getting his lips and chin covered in oozing centaur pre, but not letting the needy cock explode.

“Don’t worry, my friend, this has been more than enough!” he exclaimed, while caressing the underside of Oblodun’s belly and thus making the large centaur shudder with Alassares’s gentle touch on his sensitive fur. Then, the second prince stood back up again, except he completely removed the tunic from Oblodun’s rear—exposing his horse body completely—while also taking off his own clothes and throwing them on low branch of a nearby a tree. “I have gathered more than enough to transform already,” he added, and almost as soon as he took off his shoes, his body started to shift.

Alassares’s legs started to engorge and become browner, as does the rest of his lower body. He moaned loudly, as his legs grew and then so did his butt and his groin, elongating until his two thick legs became four thinner ones, and the distance between them increased as his ass gained mass, and so did the whole lower half of his body. His cock greatly engorged and gained in length as well, as his balls ballooned and hanged ever lower.

The second prince panted and breathed in and out, trying to control himself, but he simply couldn’t prevent some grunts from leaving his mouth as he rose higher and higher, as his lower body gained heigh, and mass, and then a coat of fur. His cock also grew—two, three and then finally fourfold! It was truly a majestic sight, although as it was now buried under Alassares’s horse half, and he couldn’t see it or touch it by himself anymore. He did feel it bounce in want, though, and throb and coat the underside of his furry belly in his oozing warm pre.

While his friend grew, Oblodun watched him and took a few steps back to give his body room to grow—and also to be able to view all of Alassares’s changing form. He was absolutely impressed by the second prince’s new horse half—it was so large, powerful, muscular and developed. It reminded him of the biggest champions he had seen back home, and then some. His breath became shorter as he noticed his cock throbbing and releasing huge amounts of pre which rained on the ground as he lusted over his friend—what an ass, what a cock, and those muscles! A true stallion, no doubt—as a centaur as he was as a human. It was only fitting.

“You are looking fantastic!” said the centaur prince, before Alassares could even fully control himself. He looked up, used to doing so near Oblodun, but, to his surprise, he soon noticed he was now taller than his noble friend, and corrected his posturing while also moving his legs.

“Thank you. Your pre is really powerful,” he replied, smiling, and then started touching his own lower body, feeling his muscles, and then where his human torso connected with his horse half. “This is really… impressive. It’s all me!” he said and then waved his tail. “Look, I did that!” he laughed, and then galloped near Oblodun—for once in their lives, their torsos were at about the same height, although Alassares was now taller and, as always, more muscular.

“It is,” said his friend, completely entranced, and then putting his hand on Alassares’s fur coat, around his midsection. “You are probably one of the most handsome centaurs I have ever seen,” he confessed, blushing, and Alassares laughed. The new mixtures of smells Alassares was emanating was entrancing to Oblodun.

“Are you sure this is not simply your lust, and perhaps the fact that you haven’t seen another of your kind in more than a year, Oblodun?” asked the second prince with suspicion but also pleasure in his temporary form. He raised his legs, galloped around, experimenting his new body. Oblodun’s eyes followed him carefully, with particular excitement when he saw Alassares’s new gigantic cock bobbing up and down as he galloped around him. His ass was another focal point.

“No, I am sure any centaur would agree with me,” he said, with conviction, and then comes close to Alassares’s torso. “But please, end my torture—either take me, or let me take you!” he pleads, and Alassares laughed and touches his friend’s muscular shoulders.

“No need to say it like that, I’m as interested in this as you are,” he said and then galloped ahead and put his large ass right in front of Oblodun. He looked back and smiled. “There, show me how it’s done first, Oblodun,” he said, and prepared his thin horse legs to carry the hundreds of kilos of his friend’s massive body, as well as to host Oblodun’s gigantic meter-and-a-half cock inside him.

Oblodun waited for no second invitation, and quickly mounted his friend and colleague, having his long rod soon reach the second prince’s ass, and penetrate it quickly as he pushed further and further in. Both moaned more or less in unison, although Alassares’s moans were deeper and longer than those of Oblodun’s—there was the difference between taking a horse-cock and giving one, after all.

Oblodun pushed quickly, a little afraid that his friend would have trouble sustaining his large weight when his forelegs left the ground—however, Alassares proved more than strong enough, and soon the centaur prince was pushing the last half a meter of his cock inside his friend’s body.

“Damn, you beasts! I have never been this filled before in my life!” commented Alassares between moans and pants, and quickly Oblodun pushed all the way in, and Alassares almost yelled. “For the Gods of War and Wine!” screamed the surprised and sweaty human noble.

“And I’ve never been in such tight an ass, on such muscular a stallion!” praised Oblodun, as he now seemed taller than his friend again, as he was mounting him. Their two torsos collided, and Oblodun hugged the second prince from behind, and lowered his mouth while Alassares looked up, so they could share a deep kiss while Oblodun started humping Alassares’s ass, and Alasssares started also moving his rear legs and ass as much as possible to add to the movement and enjoyment of the fucking action. His ass muscles also twitched around Oblodun’s manhood, as they were newly formed and unused to being extended in such a way.

“You fucker, sweeting me up with compliments as you drill my ass with your horsecock!” said Alassares between kisses and moans, and Oblodun kissed his nose, and then his cheeks and finally the top of his head, which was resting on the centaur prince’s meaty pecs.

“A centaur cock for a centaur ass, nothing more natural,” responded Oblodun, as he moaned and sweated all over his body, due to the friction of their fur as his whole horse half humped and rubbed on Alassares’s horse body; as his cock penetrated deeper inside Alassares’s transformed self, and then left it a little due to their coordinated motion, just to hammer back in again. Both mates moaned as they mated, Oblodun guiding Alassares on how to use his newfound centaur half, but both enjoying each other as the gifted fuckers they were.

Alassares moaned and turned around to kiss Oblodun’s nice well-developed pecs as the centaur prince continued to fondle Alassares’s hair and fucking his ass furiously, and as most of his weight was supported by his friend’s body.

“Damn, I didn’t know centaurs had so much fun!” said the second price with a shortness of breath as his centaur ass was widened and pierced deep, and then abandoned and filled again; as his centaur prostate, large as it was, was provoked and had Oblodun’s immense centaurhood sliding against its sensitive self. The centaur prince also shook in pleasure and his cock throbbed inside his friend, whose distended guts felt his sword’s every movement.

After many minutes of pleasure—as Alassares was coating the ground in his abundant pre and as his cock bobbed up and down and slapped the underside of his centaur body, and as his immense balls were slapped by Oblodun’s gigantic swaying cum orbs—the centaur prince panted in blissful delight.

“Friend… I am sorry, I can hold no longer!” he said in between moans, kissing the top of Alassares’s head, hugging him with his human muscles, and using all his centaur strength to continue pounding the bigger centaur under him. His large balls contracted and he soon came profusely, filling Alassares’s insides and helping him discover more of the feelings and sensations his horse half could provide. Both panted, both moaned, and as Oblodun slid slowly out of his friend’s body, Alassares finally came—and a river it was!

His gigantic cock shook and delivered so much cum that Alassares was caught by surprise as the first jet left his balls and was shot from his slit, passing in between his front legs and coating the trees and flowers ahead for many meters. The following shots were less surprising, but still strong enough that they did what the 1 ton of a centaur on his back hadn’t done by itself—they made Alassares’s legs weak and he almost fell to the ground lost on orgasmic bliss. It was only Oblodun’s hug as his large softening centaur rod finally left Alassares’s ass that kept the human prince up until he recovered his strength and senses.

“This… is this what you feel every time?!” said a surprised Alassares to a smiling Oblodun, whose body was snuggling with the second prince’s, horse against horse, man against man, muscle against muscle.

“Out orgasms are… messy, yes. But no, I don’t feel this every time. Ours was a particularly good session, and you seem to have had a particularly good time,” Oblodun said in a smiley and self-congratulatory tone. Alassares laughed as he hugged his friend enthusiastically, both their cocks now becoming softer and oozing cum on the ground—but the second prince’s being long enough to actually touch the ground for a while, as it lost its firmness but not so much of its size.

“We must do it again, Oblodun. If not for you, then for me!” said Alassares as he climbed on top of his friend’s horse half, but perpendicularly, and in a playful fashion. The centaur prince laughed.

“Any time you want, Al. To me this was more than relief, it was like having a taste of home again,” he said with a fond smile, but then looked back at his friend sliding on top of his sweaty coat, Alassares’s half-hard cock poking his muscular side. “But, perhaps, for a more astute and methodical comparison between human and centaur pleasures, you could transform me into a human for our next session. What do you think?” suggested Oblodun with a smirk, and Alassares lifted and eyebrow and descended from being on top of his friend, and then galloped left and right in thought.

“Well, it is certainly something I am capable of, and if you really are curious, then why not? Just set your date and I’ll do it!” he offered, and then hugged Oblodun again before laughing. “It is indeed so weird to hug you from above like this… I don’t know that I can get used to it,” he comments. The centaur prince laughed and rubs his body on Alassares’s, as their members regain their hardness.

“Well, you are tall for a human, nothing more natural than that you be tall as well as a centaur,” he postited, before hugging Alassares back. “And as for your offer, what about tomorrow, after you change back?” he said with a smile and the human prince laughed heatedly.

“The twenty-four hours limit is only for other people, not for myself! But sure, tomorrow is great!” he responded, before eyeing over Oblodun’s shoulders, seeing his centaur ass and tail waving around. “But tell me, friend. Do you perhaps also miss other aspects of centaur sex?” he said with a smirk, and Oblodun moved his rear legs in excitement, lifting and throwing dust onto the air.

Nine Pillars, #5 3,008 words Added Feb 2022 Updated 19 Mar 2022 3,648 views 4.3 stars (3 votes)

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