Alpha Luke releases the beast

by Eric Aaldersen

Luke thinks back to his first sexual encounter with a beta—in the back of a school bus!

Tales of the Alpha Jocks, #12 Added May 2020 10k views 4.7 stars (11 votes) 4,905 words

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After years of masturbating with his older brother, a younger Luke, still not fully aware of his alpha identity, finally has his first sexual encounters.

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Halfway through his first year of high school, at fourteen years old, Luke Forrester was already one of the best built guys in the school and a recognized star athlete. It had been almost two years since he blew his first load of alpha seed. Ever since that day he felt like his hormones had been in overdrive, like his brain had been issuing one, single overriding command for most of his waking hours: breed!

His brother Mike had made him promise to wait, with good reasons. And Mike was always up for some alpha bro playtime with Luke to release the tension. That helped. But Mike had been on the west coast for most of the time this past year.

Physically, Luke had always been so much ahead of everyone his age. Mike was right. It made sense to wait until his peers had caught up to him, at least a little bit, before exploring his sexuality with anyone. And he did it, he had waited. It had meant doing literally thousands of push-ups and pull-ups with a full-on boner, countless cold showers, and milking gallons of seed out of himself by jerking off, but he did it. Yet, day by day, as his hormones revved up even more and his alpha traits continued to blossom, holding himself back got harder and harder.

One day that winter Luke sat in the back of an almost empty school bus during a blizzard. The snow had caught the town by surprise, half the kids didn’t even bother going to school that day, and the ride home was taking forever. Luke lounged against the wall of the bus with his legs stretched along the width of the seat, feeling the heat from his back radiate through his sweatshirt and into the cold metal of the bus. With a dead cell phone and not even a book to read, he was bored. He lounged there casually flexing his arm and squeezing his bicep through the fabric of his hoodie. He’d been making very good use of the basement gym equipment that his bother had bequeathed to him since moving west. For the past few months he’d had access to the school’s gym, too. Luke had taken to working out like a bird to flight, using every chance he could to get bigger and stronger. And it was paying off!

At the tender age of just fourteen, Luke had rock hard, fifteen inch biceps, a smooth, fat-free, cobblestone road for a stomach, and powerful legs that could squat his body weight plus 100 pounds! With his broad shoulders and still boyishly thin waist, his proportions were crazy. With the oversized bulge at his crotch, and his still very youthful face, he could’ve easily been a Calvin Klein underwear model. He constantly outgrew his clothes these days, but he also had a huge supply of Mike’s hand-me-downs, which he didn’t mind wearing at all. All of his big brother’s old clothes still smelled like him, which Luke found tremendously comforting now that he didn’t see Mike that often. The sweatshirt he had on now had been Mike’s. Luke breathed in deep, drinking in his brother’s scent and saying a silent thank-you for everything that Mike had done for him. He’d taught Luke more than how to workout and get big, he’d also shown him how to be a good man, how to not let size and strength go to his head and turn him into a jerk, as was the case with other guys who were gifted with good genes.

The jocks at school all loved Luke and wanted him on their teams, the girls constantly flirted with him, even girls two or three years older than him. And any guy who was gay, bi, or even slightly questioning tossed him furtive looks of interest and desire in the halls and the locker room while adjusting their crotches. His brother had been right again, guys seemed way more willing to get sexually playful than girls.

Being on the wrestling team, the football team, the hockey team, the lacrosse team, and even the cross-country and gymnastics teams that year, Luke had participated in more than his share of locker room shenanigans. The school’s older athletes were so impressed with Luke’s physical development, they couldn’t resist asking him about it, about what he was doing to get so buff, challenging him to tests of strength, and—once they were more comfortable with one another—challenging him to other things.

One day in November, Christian Main, a senior and the captain of Luke’s hockey team, was feeling particularly confident the day after he and his girlfriend finally started having sex. He was bragging about how much she moaned over his fat cock and challenged everyone to see who had the biggest dick in the room. When all the measurements were taken, he and Luke tied for winner at just shy of eight inches, both impressively thick.

“Yeah,” cried out one of the other guys. “But I’d say Lucky Lukey gets the title of Biggest Lube Factory. Shit, Forrester! Do you always precum that much? Don’t slip on it!”

There were many other times like that when the locker room talk boiled over into something sexual and, given his constant and growing need for sexual release, Luke usually hoped that it would. Once, after winning a locker room arm wrestling contest, Luke’s prize was getting jerked off by his opponent. All the other guys watched in silent awe as Luke, the muscular freshman, blew a load of cum all over himself that would’ve bested any of the senior studs watching on their very best day.

This is not to say that the girls stayed away from Luke, quite the opposite. One day, after a co-ed swimming class, Lisa Latrell, a busty redhead, got flirty in the pool with with Luke, shoved her hand down his swimming trunks, and proceeded to give him a hand job as everyone else left the water. Her eyes went wide when she discovered what he was packing down there. He blasted such a huge load of cum that the two of them had to quickly move to another part of the pool. Lucky Lukey’s reputation as one of the biggest studs in school really began to grow after that day.

Sitting at the back of the bus that snowy afternoon Luke, the young alpha, was more than bored, he was horny. The motion and vibrations of the bus weren’t helping. His thick dick—monstrous compared to any other fourteen-year-old—began chubbing and stretching its way down the leg of his boxers. At the rate the bus was moving it would be a while before he could get home and jerk off or pound out a couple hundred push-ups.

“Heh… hey, Luke,” someone said quietly from a few seats up.

Luke looked up and saw Sam Berry looking over the back of a seat at him. At this point he was the only student on the bus other than Luke. He was a year older than Luke, but looked a couple of years younger—a pale, slim, nerdy twink of a kid with soft, brown eyes that looked out from behind long lashes and dark-rimmed glasses. A messy mop of auburn hair crowned his head.

“Oh, hey, Sam.”

He looked surprised.

“What’s wrong?” Luke asked.

“Oh, I just… uh… I didn’t think you knew my name.”

“Dude,” Luke said with a smirk on his face, “you’re in my Science class. Of course I know your name. What’s up?”

“Oh, I just wanted to say… Uh… well, I was in the stands at that big wrestling tournament last weekend. I saw you take first place in your class and, uh… I just wanted to say congratulations. You really ruled the mat!”

Luke sat up straighter and tossed the smaller guy a bright, friendly smile, “Thanks, dude! Didn’t know I had fans.”

“Yeah, well… I try to catch all the wrestling matches.”

“Cool. Hey, come back here, man. Let’s talk. I’m bored as hell.”

Sam moved to the back and took the seat beside Luke.

“Do you wrestle yourself?” Luke asked.

“Oh, no way,” Sam said, blushing a little. “I’m no good at that stuff. I just… you know, really admire guys who are good at it.”

“That’s cool,” Luke replied, still beaming a crotch-swelling smile at his new travel companion. “So what are you good at?”

“Me? Oh, I’m really into drawing and stuff like that.”

“Oh, yeah? That’s awesome, dude. I’m shit at stuff like that. Can I see?”


Luke shrugged, “Yeah, man. You saw me do my thing last weekend. Show me what you’ve got.”

“Well… okay.”

Sam pulled a pad of paper out of his backpack and opened it, resting it across his leg and Luke’s. Sam started flipping through it, showing Luke his drawings. The guy was super good! He drew everything from plants to landscapes to animals and everything else. His drawings of people were really good, totally lifelike.

“Hey, these are great!” Luke said. “You’re really talented, bro.”


Luke turned the page one more time and it opened on a drawing of a muscular, male torso in a skin-tight wrestling singlet.

“Whoa!” Luke said, grinning. Sam reached for book, but Luke moved it away. “What do we have here?”

“Shit! Sorry,” Sam said. “You… uh… weren’t supposed to see these ones.”

Luke tossed Sam a playful smirk and said, “Why keep the best stuff hidden, dude?”

He gave Sam a friendly nudge and continued looking through the drawing pad. There was image after image of naked, muscular guys with rippling muscles, huge dicks, but no faces.

“Damn, man,” Luke said in a hushed voice. “These are hot!”

“You… think so?” Sam asked, quietly.

“For sure…” Luke felt his dick lengthen, precum moistening his inner thigh, as his eyes drank in the sexy images.

Damn, I need to get off! Luke thought to himself. He breathed in and smelled that strong, sweet musk coming off of Sam in waves, the same smell that so many guys his age seemed to give off. Something about that smell went straight to his crotch and made him even hornier.

“Whew!” Luke said, closing the sketch pad and handing it back to Sam. “That did not help my boner go away, dude.”

Sam looked down at Luke’s crotch and his eyes went wide as he took in the bulge growing there.

“Did you draw all that stuff from memory?” Luke asked, adjusting the contents of his crotch.

“Uh… well, I look at a lot of pictures online and, you know, in magazines. And of course… uh… at wrestling tournaments,” Sam said bashfully, looking at Luke over the top of his glasses.

Luke lounged back, smiling at the nerdy little muscle worshipper sitting next to him. He purposely stuck his crotch out a little bit, letting his dick swell now without holding back.

“Ever had a model?” Luke asked.

“Uh, well… no.”

Luke raised the hem of his hoodie, exposing his ripped mid section, “Think you’d like to draw me sometime?”

Luke patted his hard stomach, making a slapping sound.

“Whoa…” Sam said, staring.

“I’ve been working a lot on my abs lately,” Luke said, cool as a cucumber. “Getting them super hard, especially the lower abs. I want ’em popping all the way down.”

“Wow…” Sam breathed.

“Well don’t just look, man,” Luke said. “Have a feel.”

“Really?” Sam’s eyes went wide.

“Sure, man,” Luke said. “I love showing off my hard work.”

Sam still looked hesitant. Luke reached over, took his hand, and put it on his abs. Once there Sam immediately started stroking and squeezing. Luke’s body fat was so low at that point, from playing almost every sport his school offered, that his skin was vacuum packed onto his stomach muscles. His obliques were super well defined, too, with two deep v-lines plunging down into the waist of his jeans.

“Whoa…” Sam said again. Luke could see a bulge forming in Sam’s crotch, too.

Time to give this guy what he really wants, Luke thought with a smirk.

“Get a good feel, dude,” Luke said. “Go lower… Lots lower.”

Sam looked up at the bus driver. His attention was on the poor road conditions and he was blaring the radio. He wouldn’t bother them. Then Sam looked up at Luke as if asking permission. Luke gave him a smile and a nod. Sam pushed his trembling, delicate, artist’s hand down into Luke’s jeans, feeling his pubes and gripping the jock’s big, swelling dick.

“Holy shit…” Sam breathed, barely audible.

Luke undid his fly and pushed the band of his underwear down behind his swelling balls, displaying himself in all his glory. His thick cock swung up onto his rock hard abs, flinging a stream of precum and landing with a thud. Sam continued stroking him, mesmerized by Luke’s body and his own good luck.

“Mmmmm… That’s it, dude,” Luke moaned. “Thanks, buddy. I’ve been needing this kind of attention all day.”

Luke rested one hand on Sam’s shoulder as Sam slowly milked the young alpha’s huge dick. Precum flowed like crazy, covering Sam’s hand and rolling down into Luke’s crotch.

“Damn…” Sam breathed, looking up into Luke’s eyes with total adoration. “You sure are one big stud!”

“And you’re doin’ a real good job, man,” Luke said, ruffling the kid’s hair and placing his hand back on his shoulder.

“Thanks, Luke,” Sam said with a big smile on his face.

He increased the pace of his stroking and Luke moaned, long and low,


He felt his balls swell, churning up a load of cum.

“Go on and take it if you want, dude,” Luke whispered.


“Suck it, man.”

Sam looked up at Luke, down at his huge, leaky cock, then back into his eyes as if asking, “How?”

Luke brought his hand to the back of Sam’s head and guided him down. Sam sucked on the big head of Luke’s cock while looking up at him with his big, soft, brown eyes—looking into Luke’s eyes as if he couldn’t look away. Luke smiled and pushed encouragingly with his hand. After a few minutes, and a little gagging, Sam’s nose was buried in Luke’s pubes, his chin resting on top of his swollen balls.

“Ohhhhh… Yeah, dude,” Luke said quietly. “Way to go, man. Take it like a champ.”

Sam’s eyes glowed with Luke’s encouragement. Luke rolled his hips and abs, thrusting into the cute, little nerd’s full, plump lips.

So this is what a blow job feels like, Luke thought to himself. So worth the wait!

He felt his balls rise up to the base of his cock, getting ready to spew their load.

“Awwwe… Brace yourself, little dude. Here it comes!”

Luke bucked his hips and flexed his abs, burying his cock into Sam’s gullet, and his dick erupted. Sam did his best to swallow Luke’s mammoth load, but it came too fast. He choked a little, swallowed a mouth full of cum and let Luke’s cock out of his mouth. It blasted half a dozen ropes onto the little dude’s face, onto his glasses, and the rest just shot up into the air and fell on Luke’s lower abs. It then rolled down into his crotch where it mixed with a musky combo of sweat and saliva.

Sam panted like he’d just run a race, but he was all smiles, cum dribbling down his chin.

“Whew…” Luke said. “Thanks, dude. That was awesome.”

Luke then wrapped a hand around Sam’s neck, pulled him close, and shared a big, sloppy kiss with him. When they broke the kiss Sam looked at Luke, speechless, with total gratitude and adoration.

“We should do this again, buddy,” Luke said as he zipped up his crotch.


“Yeah, man,” Luke said, patting his shoulder. “This was fun. Maybe in return I could pose for a drawing.”

Sam and Luke became fast friends. They greeted each other at school and hung out together in the cafeteria. Luke introduced him to new people, people he wouldn’t have had the courage to approach by himself. And after a few weeks Sam introduced Luke to his parents. Luke had been invited to hang out for an afternoon while Sam’s parents went out for the afternoon and evening, but they all got to hang out together for a bit before his parents left. Luke could tell his parents were a little surprised when they saw him; he was a lot different from any other friends Sam had ever brought home. But they seemed delighted that their nerdy, socially awkward son had made friends with not only one of the most popular kids in school, but also one of the biggest.

Luke smiled when he overheard Sam’s father saying, as they left for the day, “Well, we sure won’t need to worry about him getting bullied anymore.”

Damn, right! Luke thought to himself.

Sam and Luke’s afternoon together began with video games. Sam had a pretty cool classic Nintendo that Luke had never seen before. Luke lounged on the floor with his back against the couch, Sam sat between his spread legs, leaning back against Luke’s big, warm, muscled torso as they played.

In between games, Sam paused, putting his controller down and looked back at Luke.

“Hey, Luke?”

“Yeah, buddy?”

“Do you remember what you said after… after what we did in the back of the bus that day?”

“I think we said a few things. Remind me.”

“Do you remember saying that… I could draw you sometime?”

Luke brought his big, strong arms around Sam and smiled down at him, “Sure I do, man.”

“Well… could we do that? Like, now?”

Luke’s smile brightened.

Half an hour later they were in Sam’s bedroom. Luke stood in the middle of the room in the pose that Sam had asked him to hold, buck naked. Sam drew ferociously on a sketchpad balanced on his lap over a raging erection trying to fight its way out of his pants. Luke stood with his legs spread shoulder-width apart, right hand on the back of his neck, left arm hanging at his side, looking to to left so that Sam could see his profile. Luke’s youthful face was masculine, but still flashed that boyish charm that he’d always had.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna draw me from the front, dude?” Luke asked after a while. He smirked and added, “I’m pretty proud of what I’ve got there.”

“Well…” Sam said, his eyes torn between the page and Luke’s godly form. “We can always do more drawings. I just think this pose is… perfect. But then,” he chuckled, “you’d look perfect in any pose.”

“Awwwe…” Luke said with a smirk. “I’ll bet you tell that to all the boys.”

“I’m serious,” Sam went on as he drew, scarcely aware of what words were coming out of his mouth. “Your body is more than just hot, it’s… beautiful! I mean… you’re, like, the model that ancient Greek artists wanted when they sculpted the gods. Your legs look strong enough to hold up the Earth. Your ass just looks… powerful. Your… back is… rocky like a warrior’s or… an archer’s… And those arms! Those are… arms that… that just…”

“Yeah?” Luke asked, getting totally turned on by this worshipping session. The young stud was particularly proud of the arms he’d sculpted for himself and flexed them a little harder. “What about these arms?”

“They’re arms that… that a lonely lover dreams of. Arms that… you just want to hold you… all night long.”

“You’re finished,” Luke said flatly.

“Not quite.”

“No, dude,” Luke said, dropping the pose and turning around. “You’re finished.”

He stood before Sam with a look of pure lust in his eyes and a huge, dripping erection.

Sam put his sketchpad aside and stood up, his eyes wide, mouth dry and slightly open, a bulge at the crotch of his sweatpants.

Luke stepped toward him, stopping inches away. He looked down at Sam and issued a single command,

“Get naked.”

Sam stripped inside of ten seconds. The instant his clothes hit the floor Luke pulled him into an embrace and kissed him, pressing the skinny, little twink against the whole length of his body, wrapping his one arm around the small of Sam’s back and pulling him up onto his toes to get his lips closer. Sam’s small hands gripped at Luke’s powerful arms and shoulders, holding on for dear life as he felt Luke’s huge, throbbing penis press against the soft flesh of his abdomen and rub against his own. Sam only had a slim six inches but right then it was hard as a diamond. Luke leaked precum like crazy and inside of minute it was covering both of them.

For Luke this already felt way beyond anything he’d ever experienced jerking off, even with his alpha bro Mike. He drank in that strong, sweet smell that came off of Sam. He felt his balls swell and get heavy in anticipation. He smelled his own musk get stronger and fill the room as they kissed. He felt energy and heat coming off of him in waves, encompassing Sam as well.

Without breaking the lock he had on Sam’s lips, he scooped the kid up into his arms, like he weighed nothing. Sam wrapped his arms around Luke’s strong neck as he was carried toward his bed. Luke tossed him on top of the mattress, threw the twink’s legs apart and climbed on top of him, firmly pressing the smaller guy into the mattress with his muscular bulk as they kissed. Luke thrust the head of his cock up against the tight pucker of Sam’s ass and pushed slightly.

Sam squealed into Luke’s mouth. Luke just let his cock sit there, leaking copious amounts of lube onto the tight opening and making micro thrusts that drove both of them insane. After a while Luke felt Sam’s opening relax a little. He pushed harder and the tip of his huge dick went in.

“Ah!” Sam gasped, breaking their kiss. “Luke!”

“Yeah, man?”

Sam’s eyes were wild, mostly with passion, but also a little fear.

“I… it’s just… I’ve never done this before. And you’re really big, Luke. And…”

“Shushhhhh…” Luke whispered, gently, smiling down at his friend. “Don’t worry, little dude. I’d never hurt you. I wanna make this feel real good for both of us.”

Sam nodded.

Luke pushed so slowly, his cock pumping out copious amounts of lube, entering millimetres at a time. And it was killing him! Every instinct in his body wanted to fuck this, smooth, warm, willing little twink hard—now! But then, confident that Luke wasn’t going to hurt him, Sam allowed his instincts to take over completely. Once Luke’s cock was about halfway inside, Sam’s legs came up and wrapped around Luke’s waist, pulling the stud in. Luke took the hint and thrust harder.

Ungh! Ohmigawd!” Sam gasped as Luke’s cock slid across his prostate.

The big, young muscle stud went balls deep and let out a long, low growl that rumbled through the mattress and down to the floorboards. And then he started slowly rocking his hips, thrusting, feeling the tight walls of Sam’s ass grip onto his cock as he moved in and out.

“Oh, fuck dude…” Luke said. “You feel sooooo good.”

Sam’s fingers clawed at Luke’s back as the sensations of his first fuck rippled through him.

“Ohmigawd Luke! Ohmigawd! I don’t think I can… I mean… I think I’m gonna… Ohhhhh!”

Luke felt Sam’s hard, little cock explode and spew sperm all over both of them. He chuckled and whispered, “Guess I’m doing something right.”

Sam gasped air like mad, his cheeks flushed. He came twice more inside of twenty minutes as he stared up into Luke’s eyes, feeling the huge cock inside of him, the hard, sweating muscles pressing against his body, the heat from Luke’s body warming his own and making him sweat. It all sent waves of pleasure through his body that just seemed to build and build with no end. All the while the speed and force of Luke’s thrusting slowly increased until the two young guys were fucking like pornstars.

Luke’s big balls were so packed full of cum that they actually started aching a bit as they swung up against the pale flesh of the little twink’s ass. Then he gripped Sam tight, thrust deeply once more, threw his head back and,


Luke roared, rattling Sam’s bedroom window. The young alpha stud had finally bred and claimed his first beta, the first of many. Sam obviously felt the seed rushing up inside of him because it was enough to send him into orgasm for a fourth time! Luke emptied so much semen that Sam actually started feeling a little full down there; he was so tight and Luke was too big for any of it to escape.

Luke kissed Sam, making small, slow thrusts as he continued unloading smaller blasts of seed for twenty minutes or more.

“Mmmmm…” Luke moaned as he thrust, burying his seed as deep as he could. “Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

“Thank me?” Sam said, panting and lightheaded. “This was amazing, Luke. Thank you!”

Afterwards they laid in Sam’s bed. Sam was sprawled on top of Luke, his head resting on Luke’s chest. Luke had his strong limbs curled protectively around his beta, for almost an hour, as they soaked in each other’s seed. Luke remembered taking a deep breath from Sam’s hair, noticing that his sweet musk was gone, and thinking that maybe it was just covered up by the smell of all the cum they were drenched in.

That night was the first of many encounters for Luke and Sam that year. Luke even encouraged Sam to join the cross-country team with him once spring rolled around. The two of them often “got lost” on the trails together and fucked in the forest. But by that time Sam’s wasn’t the only pussy Luke was plowing. Once he’d had his first taste of real action, Luke was insatiable. By the summer he was fucking half a dozen guys and half a dozen girls pretty regularly. All of them were very willing and extremely grateful to have been filled and pleasured by his huge cock and muscular body. By the start of the next school year Luke’s reputation as the school’s biggest stud was firmly established.

Finally, Luke had felt like he was living life as he was meant to—spreading his seed, pleasuring beautiful people on a regular basis, and loving every minute of it!

But later that summer Sam and his family moved away, following his father’s career. They kept in touch for a few years, but it had been a while since Luke had heard from Sam. He still had some of his drawings in a drawer back home. One day he’d frame them.

Lying in that tent on that long weekend, with his alpha pack surrounding him, Luke’s cock swelled and twitched at the memory of his very first beta. He lazily stroked his thickening manhood and thought to himself,

Maybe it’s time to drop Sam a line.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Up next: encouraged by his younger brother Luke, Mike decides it’s time for him to make a baby alpha of his own.

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