Canticle of the Fair King

by brazboy

A fable showing the immense wisdom of the Fair King, as he is challenged by a vile noble with a riddle which apparently has no right answers.

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In the olden days when the land was new, a Fair King came to rule. He was admired for his handsome face, his thick muscles, his voluminous balls and his powerful and gigantic member, which combined awed all in the land and made them realize that this was no normal ruler. Unlike other new sovereigns, who came to power by killing other claimants to the throne, one swing of the kingly rod was enough to submit his brothers, uncles and cousins, and make them lower their heads to serve their people, as did the king, with their hearts and bodies.

So naturally endowed, it so happened that the Fair King was—despite his age—extremely wise, and cases from all over the land were brought to his adjudication. In his rich throne room, the Fair King sat, surrounded by courtesans and with one of his younger brothers next to each of his balls, listening to the complaints and solving the problems of the peasants and nobles alike.

The experience of entering the throne room itself was almost transcendent: first, the visitor would cross the majestic gates of the royal palace, which were so large as to allow the entrance of every exotic animal or human. They would then walk through the massive courtyard of the nations, amongst visitors from all corners of the realm, seeing different peoples and dresses that seemed as marvelous as the royal palace itself. Ahead of them, the visitors would see a huge richly decorated building, standing tall and proud like the sovereign himself, which was surrounded by red and straight columns that seemed to reach for the sky. As the visitors crossed the massive courtyard towards the throne room, they’d climb a long row of golden stairs under the hot sun, during which they’d have only the precum gutters to the side as a source of refreshment.

As they reached the upper level, they’d walk from the hot and sunny exterior towards the door of the gigantic throne room. As they approach the entrance, the visitor would smell the scent of incense and cum, the male scents of sweat and sex which exhaled through the windows and massive doors of the building. Then, the visitor would be invited to enter the large throne room, which was substantially darker than outside—the smell and sound of slapping rods would dominate his senses as his eyes adjusted, and then he’d see the Fair King’s immense cock, framed by his two handsome and strong younger brothers, with a wall of erect guards to the sides, which would seem endless. He’d then approach, kneel, and finally touch the royal glans, lick some of the kingly pre, and finally turn his ass to the royal cock, proving absolute submission—then, the visitor would address His Majesty, certainly more than fully aware of his own insignificance near the royal presence.

In the year 179 of the dynasty and third of the reign of the Fair King, in came a nobleman from the borderlands, to bring gifts to the royal court as well as test the king’s famous wisdom and his celebrated righteousness.

“Your Majesty,” said the nobleman, “I bring with me twins, each equally as lovely as the other in all aspects. Their cocks and asses are perfectly the same—or may the Gods strike me down now with their cocks! Each of their muscles is the same, their nipples are also the same color, shape, size and texture; even their holes are equal in every sense, since they never took anything into them which the other didn’t share almost immediately.”

The court whispered, as his words were indeed true—he was followed by two hot and handsome twins, whose long naked members were tied together like snakes and who looked perfectly the same. The Fair King, looking from afar, could not closely inspect their bodies, but it did seem to him like the nobleman was speaking true.

“And what is the matter with that, my vassal? If their bodies are the same, then it is even more perfect, as they can assess in one another the best way to treat themselves!” responded the intelligent ruler, as the cunning nobleman smirked, before he touched the regal cockhead with his hands and rubbed it, breaking protocol for a second before licking and suckling on the gigantic member.

“Your Majesty is most correct, most correct! But the perfection of their equality is indeed my issue, Your Majesty, as it will be made clear once I explain myself…” stated the nobleman, before one of the younger brothers—the Prince of the Left—hugged the Fair King’s gigantic productive shaft and wiggled it, as he toyed with the regal member.

“Then say it right this instant! The king is not here to attend your games!” said the angry prince, before he was patted in the head by the king, whose cock nonetheless reflercted the limits of the royal patience by trembling and throbbing and pushing the nobleman a few steps back as it grew harder.

“Of course, of course!” said the nobleman, and then he slowly walked towards the twins and rubbed their intertwined manhoods. “My problem is that I was about to come and bring these handsome and most perfect twins as a present to Your Majesty, but they came to save me and my son from road bandits, and as such I think they reserve a reward; however, since it is impossible to discriminate them both in terms of the merit of their actions and of their bodies in all and any sense, how can one do justice in rewarding the twins, Your Majesty? In other words, how to select, between them, which one should take ass and which one should take cock, given that they are, in all ways, the same?” asked the nobleman, and the court immediately gasped at the moral puzzle with which they were faced. The royal rod throbbed.

Indeed, if the twins were both equally deserving and fit for both rewards, how to fairly and reasonably select one over the other? All around waited, and waited, while the Fair King said nothing, the flow of his precum into the drains and then around the gutters being the only noise that could be heard at the time. The nobleman smirked.

“You see my problem, Your Majesty? Only the wisest man in the land can solve such a conundrum!” teased the nobleman, as his own member trembled with the idea of humiliating the king with an unanswerable puzzle in front of the whole court.

“It is so simple!” said the other one of the king’s brothers—the Prince of the Right—trying to help his elder, as he stood up to sit on the royal rod with the first-born’s permission and rubbed his ass on it, smiling as he lowered his head to lick and then slowly start to kiss and suckle on his older brother’s meaty and gigantic pecs, with particular attention dedicated to the royal nipple. “Just like between me and younger brother, our King favors us equally not by giving us the same thing, but by giving us our favorite things, which are different; he lets me kiss the royal nipples while younger brother kisses the royal mouth—this way its fair, and we are both having the maximum amount of happiness and rewards that is possible!” said the prince, and then he proudly started to suckle thick male milk from the gigantic muscular male tits of the royal ruler.

The Fair King patted his middle brother on the head, although he knew that to be an insufficient answer.

“Ha!” shouted the defying noble, almost laughing, but immediate lowering his head and then touching the princely cock which was also gigantic and oozing warm pre. “Your Highness could be right, except that in this case both twins agree in their preferences as well: both would prefer to be fucked, but alas, the king has only one cock, and his ass cannot be left unattended!.”

As such words were pronounced, whispers grew around the room, as it was clear that this was no simple matter. The Fair King himself trembled, as he had already realized how this complicated case had no satisfactory answer. He pulled his ass up and down the thick obelisk which was at the center of the royal throne, trying to focus away from the whispers by thrusting his body up and down the throne’s regal obelisk, to find a reasonable solution. Expectations mounted as the time passed; the princes bite their lips and while one suckled on the noble nipples the other licked and hugged the gigantic royal rod.

“Is His Majesty going to find a solution, or will he admit his insufficiencies in front of the court?” wondered the sly nobleman as his own member trembled in excitement under his vests, coating them in more and more of his own juices as the Fair King took time to reply.

As the royal cock trembled, servants came to rub the thick and monumental glans, which were shaking and delivering more and more juices as the king lifted and lowered his hole on the throne’s obelisk. A constant moaning could soon be heard, and it felt to the audience in the throne room almost like meditation: the king was indeed a higher being, whose member controlled the world, but whose mind was also able to access higher forms of thinking as he impaled his ass on the throne and focused only on his own pleasure.

“Ah, ah, ahhh!” pronounced the king as his precum thickened, and his cock trembled, and all of the court was inundated with the royal smell—sweet, salty and masculine. The princes had gotten extremely anxious as their older brother’s movement got faster, trying hard to follow in their hugging, sucking, kissing and stroking. Meanwhile, the servants were now working to rub the royal cockhead, with some particularly adventurous ones climbing upon the sovereign’s slit and trying their luck against the tide of bodily fluids.

By now, everyone in attendance was hard and oozing pre; the nobles had their immense hardons smashing against each other; the peasants were stroking their smaller members or being pulled around to penetrate hungry assess. The sly nobleman was on his knees, ass up, trying to hump the floor itself with his hard oozing cock, as he noticed in the back of his mind just how powerful the king was—capable of moving and controlling a whole room without even lifting a finger!

The poor twins, with their cocks tied together and snaking around one another, moaned as their members gained rigidity and the ropes broke apart, releasing their immense members which then bobbed up and down, slamming their previous overlord down against the floor as they themselves released huge amounts of pre.

“Your… Majesty!” said the twins in unison, hugging one another and humping each other’s gigantic cocks as their muscular hips thrusted up and down, still incapable of reaching the extremely tall ceiling over them even with their manhoods fully hard.

The Fair King’s ass then descended on the thick, gigantic obelisk attached to the throne, completely incapsulating it inside the regal hole. The king moaned deliciously, as he repositioned his ass around so as to have the obelisk move inside him. His eyes rolled back as he moaned and did so, and the servant had to work hard to keep the royal cock from bouncing around too much and injuring onlookers. The princely members were used, being attached to the royal cock to serve as counterweights to the gigantic regal member, and the knights positioned besides the king’s immense penis—who had had their erections up until that point in time—lowered their bodies so their asses faced up and their cocks fell hard on top of the king’s member, which was now slammed in an improvised cock-made shelter.

The regal body started moving back and forth, fucking the cock shelter that was provided to the sovereign member. The Fair King moaned and panted, and his guttural sounds as well as the vast amounts of fluid leaving his cock and the cocks of the two princes and the many members belonging to all the guards created an atmosphere where all the visitants and guests were either fucking each other or masturbating themselves, with little to no exception. One such exception was the royal advisor, who seeing the Fair King’s hungry mouth open and drooling, knew immediately what to do.

“Bring down the royal feeder!” he screamed, and down from the ceiling was descended a handsome male with a thick cock of about 40 centimeters, totally hard and throbbing, his muscular body all oiled up and his balls heavy and round, as his member was covered in honey and herbs. The male had his thick arms and legs tied up and his cock was the only member of his capable of natural movement, as his balls were also tied up in a large pouch. He moaned as he was lowered, until the tip of his oozing cock met the royal lips, and the Fair King almost automatically started to suck on the thick servile member.

The Fair King suckled powerfully as the juices started to flow from the magnificent sweet and long feeding rod which pushed through his mouth and throat, as pre started flowing down the royal throat. Meanwhile, the royal ass still rode up and down on the throne’s obelisk, and the king’s member was thrust back and forth through the cave of his royal vassals, as the princes worshiped the royal muscles, suckled from the sovereign nipples, and rubbed on the kingly arms. Soon, the deep sound of a guttural moan was heard in the throne room, muffled only by the thick feeding rod that filled the royal throat.

“His Majesty is about to reach his conclusion!” said the advisor, as the nobles and peasants around one by one came profusely, as a foretelling to the biggest event to come.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!” said the twins as they rubbed their cocks on one another, and squeezed their ass cheeks and rubbed each other’s holes, hoping to be filled by the imperial rod as soon as possible, as they now licked and kissed their own gigantic manhoods which stood in front of them, trembling and delivering large amounts of pre.

“Ah!” panted the king around the thick feeding manhood which filled his mouth and throat, before his balls trembled and his gigantic royal rod throbbed as it slid in and out of its designed penile cave. The Fair King continued sucking the feeing cock in his mouth, and in fact he almost gagged on it as his body convulsed from the pleasure of enlightenment; his muscles sweated profusely, as they contracted and trembled, and the sovereign’s nipples delivered even greater amounts of royal milk to the hungry princes. The royal balls started flexing and pumping their product; the kingly cock throbbed while contained and entangled by the cocks of the princes and the royal guards, as the sovereign’s seed traveled up the thick and long urethra, until it broke past the royal slit, and a river of precious spunk started raining down on the challenging nobleman, the twins, and the members of the royal court around.

As the smell of the royal seed became absolute, and as it rained down in vast quantities on all present in the royal throne room, a gigantic collective orgasm exploded. First the suckling princes came on rapid succession, adding their massive princely contributions to their older brother’s royal cum. Then, in a fast succession, the guards exploded, and then the Dukes, Marquises, Counts and Viscounts came profusely on one another and towards the sky, as if to prove that no royal call to orgasming could be left unanswered. The whole crowd of hundreds of men panted, trembled, and delivered their abundant juices covering each other and themselves, as well as letting their spunk run away to the cum gutters which fed the palace and the townsfolk bellow.

The feeding cock, filling the royal throat, felt itself milked and massaged by the convulsing insides of the Fair King’s mouth, and his long tongue which teased the underside of his massive member. Noticing the king was thirsty, however, his Advisor left nothing to chance: he stood up behind the throne and raised his hands to grab the feeder’s large cum orbs and squeeze them until they delivered their juices, which happened quickly. The feeder moaned loud, despite trying to contain himself, and then his body shook as it delivered its thick produce, which was his reason to exist. The Fair King drank liter after liter of the deliciously warm, thick, salty and tasty juices flowing down his throat, as his own royal member delivered hundreds of liters of the royal baby seed on the noble crowd.

At this very same time, the twins—bathing in imperial spunk and knowing their fate was soon to be known—rubbed their cocks together and then exploded like a fountain; their male milk flowed at once from the tips of their members and rose all the way to the ceiling where it splashed, painting the well-decorated coverture in their white slime, which then came raining back down on them. The twins collapsed on their asses with the strength of their own orgasm, and their balls continued trembling and delivering their juices as they themselves hugged and kissed each other hastily and furiously on the side of their cocks.

The torrent of cum slowly became a stream, and then a dribble. The cocks of the noblemen and guards were the first to dry out and start slowly oozing cum; then came the twins, whose orgasm had started relatively late, and finally the princes and the Fair King. As all the semi-soft cocks oozed their leftover juices, the nobles starting grabbing their own penises and nibbling on them so as to guarantee that their final gushes of manly milk would not be wasted; the princely cocks, on their turn, were slowly oozing a stream of cum, and to take care of that came in a few servants, who started licking and rubbing against the princely glans, to consume and use the final gushes of their princely milk.

Meanwhile, the kingly cock was left unattended, until the satisfied royal waved his hands so that the feeding cock would be raised from his mouth. As the feeder was lifted, his cock slowly left the royal throat, allowing it to regain its normal shape, and then it popped out from in between the king’s lips with a wet sound. The glistening wet and clean feeding cock continued being risen all the way up until it disappeared from sight, leaving only the king’s smiley face above the throne.

“Your Majesty! I ask for the right to suckle on your cock!” asked a large, handsome and muscular figure in the front of the room—one of the King’s cousins, the Grand Duke. He stood up, revealing his cum-covered massive frame, and then kowtowed to the King with his ass up towards the royal, showing his total submission.

The King smiled and as his brothers were feeding on his pecs, he saw no higher claim to his royal rod than that by the Grand Duke, and as such he acquiesced and nodded. The Grand Duke, not wanting to waste a second, immediately walked pass the twins and the nobleman who trembled on the ground, and tried to hug the gigantic cockhead with his own massive body and then started licking and rubbing on it. The Grand Duke’s own gigantic cock was slowly regaining its size, as he feasted on His Majesty’s bountiful cock and the privilege awarded to him of feeding on it. The slurping, humping, sucking, suckling, and kissing sounds were heard all throughout the throne room.

The King moaned in his post-orgasmic bliss as his immense and sensitive manhood was taken care of by his cousin, and so he turned to the fallen nobleman, and frowned.

“Your challenge is no challenge at all, my subject; it is indeed a pleasure for me to give you a reply!” said the King, as his hands went around his brothers and hugged them, as they continued sucking on his bountiful gigantic meaty pecs and nipples. The nobleman, who had had his own orgasm but whose body had been completely covered in the kingly cum, was now shaking with his ass up completely pale, embarrassed and regretting his previous plotting against the king.

“Your…. Your Majesty! Of course, it is your pleasure to solve the problems of your poor underlings!” said the nobleman, now pointing his ass towards the king to show his final submission. He wasn’t allowed, however, to rub his hole on the royal cock, as it was now overflowing with leftover juices which were being consumed by the Grand Duke.

“Indeed, it is! There is no pleasure greater to me than feeding my vassals with milk and wisdom, and filling them with pleasure and enlightenment,” said the Fair King, and his brothers sucked even harder on his nipples in agreement. The King grunted as the Grand Duke was a bit harsh when trying to suck on the gigantic royal glans, but he soon started moaning blissfully again and continued. “As for your previous question, it is ultimately a short-sighted one. First: your twins are impossible to distinguish, and yet they must receive different rewards. This is a problem of nature itself, it cannot be solved theoretically, as I have only one cock and one ass. Given the limits of nature, either distribution of the rewards it is neither unjust nor a problem, and whatever solution is given to your problem in practice is both natural and good,” said the King, slowly, as the nobleman raised his ass even more.

“True, true Your Majesty! I invented a contrived and useless riddle in order to fool Your Majesty, even though I knew that perfect fairness is an impossibility in those circumstances! Please forgive me!” said the nobleman, but as he tried to approach the royal rod with his raised ass, the Grand Duke looked back and, possessive of his spoils, he kicked the nobleman on the ass, rubbing the crack on the nobleman’s ass with his foot before pushing him away from the gigantic throbbing kingly cock.

“You deserve to be punished, not to be rewarded with touching the sovereign’s manhood!” said the Grand Duke, echoing the spirit and voice of all the members of the court, before going back to digging and licking and sucking on the immense thick member ahead of him.

The King smiled and smirked as he heard and saw the little scene happening next to the tip of his cock, but he didn’t address it.

“What is even more important, however, is how in your effort to build the most constricted scenario, you ignored reality. It is true that the King has only one cock and one ass—how can anyone deny that? There is only one manhood which casts a shadow over all the land, whose cum flows like honey and milk, and that is the kingly cock—but that doesn’t mean that taking the kingly cock is the only reward known at the court,” said the King, as his hands moved down his younger brothers’ suckling bodies and rubbed on their backs, before his hands reached their asses and squeezed their ass cheeks. “Or are my brothers not appetizing to the subjects of my cock? Are their holes not good enough for their cocks, when they own the first rights to the kingly cock itself? Are their cocks, immense in size, hard in consistence, throbbing and hot, not good enough despite being the first and last in touch with the royal hole? If it were unfair to divide the rewards of the twins between the sovereign ass and cock, which it isn’t for this state of things was created by nature; then the princes could stand up to their duty to the throne and with their thick unwavering members, or their holy princely assess, provide with all the reward necessary to a horde of twins, if need be.”

As the King spoke, he made sure to spread the princely ass cheeks, revealing the tight but experienced holes in their middle; to the gasps of the nobles below who were suddenly shocked and in absolute humility for being allowed to see princely holes. The nobleman raised his hands to spread his own butt cheeks and started crying.

“Your Majesty, I am sorry! I did not mean to forget the princes, their assess and cocks which are a source of much of the legitimacy of the royal family! Please, have a guard, nay, a servant fuck me! Otherwise, I can’t return home with my head held high, my children will be made the joke of town—Your Majesty I beg you, let me submit to the royal family and its perfection, even if indirectly!” cried the nobleman pushing his ass up, but the King simply sighed. The rubbed his hands on his feeding brothers’ tight holes, as the Grand Duke still licked and fed on the royal oozing cum.

“My cock, as my mercy, is huge, but even they have an end—however, I don’t want to have your sons pay for your crimes, and as such I will allow you to submit to my Advisor; as for the twins, they ought to be rewarded for their deeds and also for putting up with a suzerain like yourself, who knows not the value of respecting those above you,” said the King, and then he waved his hand. The Advisor trembled a little with the mission given to him, fearful due to his inner uncertainty about his capacity to meet the royal call. He knelt next to the feet of the king, which he kissed.

“Your Majesty, I will try my best; but just one word from you will suffice and I will have that man be impaled on the pillars of the royal prison,” said the Advisor, but the King shook his head and smiled.

“That is not needed, my loyal servant. Go and submit that man, and then for that you yourself will be rewarded,” said the King, and the Advisor couldn’t help but contract his ass, with the perspective of taking the gigantic kingly manhood up his anus.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” said the Advisor, before standing up and then climbing down the throne to the fallen nobleman.

Guards moved to grab the nobleman by the arms and push him out over a large stone table, while he thanked the king for allowing him to submit to his royal power, even if indirectly. That advisor walked slowly down to the ground level, and then raised his arms parallel to the ground, allowing two servants to come and remove his long robes, revealing his muscular frame and his three-meter-and-a-half long soft member sliding on the ground and wetly leaving a trail of pre. The large and muscular Advisor grabbed his enormous member and started stroking it, and then slapped the nobleman’s exposed back with his gigantic hardening cock. The sounds of the slap were heard by all, and the nobleman tried to lift his ass so his hole would also be slammed by the advisor’s hardening oozing cock.

“His Majesty has told me to submit you, and so I shall, even if your ass is underserving of being under the shadow of the King’s cock,” said the Advisor, frowning, stroking his member as it hardened and engorged, and started spewing more and more pre. Two servants came and grabbed the nobleman’s legs, spreading them and his butt cheeks wide apart—his own cock was uncomfortably pressured against the ground and the cold stone table, oozing immense amounts of pre as his whole treacherous body expected to be punished.

“I can only thank His Majesty for his endless mercy!” said the nobleman, trying to lift his ass as much as he could, when the Advisor slammed his cock down covering almost all the length of the smaller nobleman’s body, now that his cock was at its full 5m length. The Advisor’s cock throbbed and covered the nobleman in his pre, while it rubbed on the whole length of his body, as the Advisor pulled back, until the gigantic cockhead was aligned to the small and pink hole.

“Sinner, contemplate!” said the Advisor, as he pushed his absurdly big manhood against the nobleman’s hole, forcing his enormous thickness through it, and then deep inside the invaded and pierced nobleman’s guts—he now shouted thanks, apologies, and congratulations frenetically as his own cock throbbed against the cold floor and spewed growing amounts of pre. His hole was being completely overstretched, as his ass was penetrated deep and the walls of his guts were stretched to absurd levels, welcoming the oozing cock between them to the great pleasure of both parts.

“Ahhh! Forgive me, Your Highness, Your Grace, please! For all that is good, and just… please… continue pushing!” asked the man whose voice quivered as his body was invaded deep and hard, all the walls of his ass were stretched and his prostate was hugely compressed forcing his cock to ooze more and more of his liquids. His body trembled around the hot and hard rigid member, which oozed and eased its way further inside him, forcing his legs to the side as he panted and creating a huge bulge in his mid-section.

“Quiet, just tremble and rejoice as your king has allowed you to continue under his cock’s shadow!” said the Advisor as his 5-meter-long rod penetrated further and further inside the large nobleman, until he pulled it out again, and then pushed it in hammering his cock so deep in as to straighten the nobleman’s ass and back and bulge his abs. The nobleman’s cock throbbed and oozed pre on the floor, as he moaned and grunted from his ass being overstuffed, overstretched and overfilled by the king’s Advisor’s massive manhood.

As he mumbled incoherently, the nobleman trembled uncapable of controlling his own body and then coming profusely onto the crowd, his white seed flying in rope after rope to join the previous eruptions of warm spunk, as he teared and pleaded for forgiveness. The guards held his body down as the Advisor’s gigantic penis was pulled from his insides, leaving his hole open. The Fair King then frowned.

“Now, your ass will remain like this, unfilled by warmth—so you and your family remember what happens to those who do try to undermine my house!” said the king, and then he waved his hand and a pair of muscular servants brough a long, thick and cold stone dildo, which was then positioned on the floor of the throne room near the tip of the royal cock. “And so that your all remembers its punishment, it shall be filled and stretched, from now on, by this cold stone statue,” pronounced the sovereign.

The nobleman teared up but as his orgasm subsided, he controlled his emotions, and allowed the guards to lift his body in a dignified manner, while his own penis oozed its male juices.

“Thank you for the lesson, Your Majesty! My sons will certainly greatly learn from it, if Your Majesty’s immense wisdom allows them to also join the court,” said the nobleman as his legs were spread wide and his loose open and drooling ass started being pulled on top of the tall and thick stone dildo. As his ass slowly accommodated the cold stone, he moaned and grunted but tried to resist the urge to shout; his cock, however, trembled as his muscles spasmed from the stimulation. His eyes rolled, barely able to focus—the pleasure, as he was watched by the whole noble court, was just too great.

The King smiled, and patted his two brothers who sucked his massive royal nipples, as he moaned from the Grand Duke feasting on his cock.

“I do not hold a son responsible for his father’s sins. Indeed, it would be good for them to come and witness their father’s new place, as you will from now own adorn the great hall of statues. Being here will also allow them to feed from their father, which is a natural right I’d never take from them,” said the King, and his brothers suckled stronger in agreement, as they rubbed their asses on the muscular and thick royal legs.

As the nobleman was being pulled down onto the majestic stone cock; the twins remained wary and waiting for their reward, watching as the princely cocks oozed thick and warm cum which fell on gutters to run to the nobles and even peasants. Their twin white cocks slammed and snaked together, as they waited anxiously for the King’s words towards them.

“As for you two,” stated his royal majesty, “I shall give two of the utmost rewards.” He smiled, rubbing his brother’s muscular and thick backs, and then he thrust his hips forwards forcing the Grand Duke to wrestle the wet and productive cockhead in order to continue licking and sucking from it, much to the royal pleasure.

As that happened, the princes let go of their older brother’s thick nipples and gigantic pecs, to turn around while still sitting on his legs, which were now nested between their princely buns.

“If my older brother and king orders me, then I shall fuck them to the ninth heaven!” said the elder of the two princes, and then the younger one nodded and looked at the king from the side of his eyes.

“My cock is hard and trembling, older brother; I, in fact, would consider it a gift to myself to be allowed to put it inside something…,” he said while licking his wet lips from the royal male milk. The Fair King laughed and rubbed the princes’ own massive pecs, which made their own princely milk run down their bodies as their older brother milked them just for relaxation.

“As my brothers said, so it shall be!” said the ruler, and the twins rejoiced as their cocks throbbed and they looked at the gigantic, wet and hot princely manhoods, whose large single eyes were glaring straight at them.

The eldest of the two princes then stood up from the kingly lap, and sat down back on his princely place to the right of the royal big brother balls. There, he waved his hands, as the youngest brother moved to sit on the left side of the majestic scrotum.

“My king and older brother has spoken! Oil up my cock, for it shall take one of the twins, and do the same to our little brother, who shall fill the other!” ordered the prince of the right, as a dozen servants came in carrying vases filled with scented oil. They started rubbing the oil on the massive princely cocks, and also their muscular noble bodies, making more milk gush out of their gigantic pecs as they are squeezed and oiled up. The princes moaned as their bodies were exquisitely massaged and oiled, and the prince of the left also hugged his older brother’s shaft as his muscular back was rubbed by the servants.

“These twins are lucky, after all, their reward surpasses all expectations,” said a Marquis on the crowd, as his soft member rested oozing on the shoulders of his servant.

“True. Each of the princes, although not quite as big as the king, has a body unsurpassed in this realm. Any nobleman would readily trade places with the twins, since the princely members are true pillars of the royal family, as even the king’s penis cannot reach everywhere,” responded a Count, who was seated in such a way as give his servant access to his ass, which was being filled by the lowly peasant’s fat cock.

“No wonder the pillars of the throne room were modelled after the princely rods, rather than the king’s. The king is the ceiling covering the kingdom, while the younger princes keep it up, and guarded,” responded the Marquis, moaning as his servant stroked his cockhead.

“Indeed. They are the true guardians of the throne, and the King’s cock and balls. No one can access his royal body without passing through them,” nodded the Count, between moans.

Meanwhile, the princely pricks were oiled up and their delicious bodies were prepared for rewarding the twins. Some servants were particularly responsible for pinching the princely nipples, so as to heighten their state of attention. The Fair King thought his little brothers heated up and bloated like that were so delicious that he lowered his massive torso to kiss their necks and cheeks and give them a bite, as they moaned pushing their regal brother away.

“I have to fulfill your orders, older brother! Let me focus!” said the Prince of the Left as the Fair King bit and licked his ear, before being pushed away by the strong princely hands. His Majesty then laughed, and moved his muscular arms to each stroke one of his brother’s heads, as the twins knelt with their asses pointing each to one of the princes.

“We thank your highnesses for the blessing bestowed upon us! We feared being punished alongside the vile man who kept us captive, who didn’t let our rods move freely but tied them up so we couldn’t escape,” said the twins, as each of them pulled their assess against the majestic princely pricks. Servants came in to help them spread their legs, as the oiled-up noble cocks were poking against the hungry holes.

“Big brother’s mercy is as long and wide as his rod,” responded the Prince of the Right, and then he thrusts his gigantic 9-meter-long member forwards, forcing it to penetrate the expecting hole of the first twin. His younger brother did the same to his 8-meter-long prick, which slid inside the other equally hot ass. Soon, the twins were moaning incoherently as their cocks bounced up and down wetly, slapping the floor each time the princely cocks invaded their bodies deeper.

The princely pricks were slowly forcing their ways inside the twins, who tried to relax as their insides were stretched beyond imagination. The princes’ cocks produced abundant pre which eased their way in but still the twins breathed in hurriedly as their bodies slowly got used to their new condition. Slowly one started to tear up, as he felt the incredible and total pleasure of being filled by the nation’s second most marvelous member. The other twin, meanwhile, tried to move his ass to get more deeply fucked by the kingdom’s third cock, but he couldn’t because at this point in time the rising manhoods had pulled their bodies up from the ground.

“By the gods, all the lords of this realm, there is no greater pleasure…,” started one twin.

“…and no greater honor…,” continued another.

“…than heeding to the orders of the Fair King, and submitting to his marvelous royal family!” completed the first, as they both were so filled, so overstretched and so incoherently blissful that they approached total, mind-blowing and earth-shattering orgasm.


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