Dude cums and cums and cums

by Justusboys

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This is possible. I actually sucked off and off and off a guy who could just about cum indefinitely. I was out shopping one day and stopped at a now gone department store. As I was getting out of my car I noticed a very attractive young man around my age, early 20s so it was a long time ago, walking from his car into the store. He was not far, our eyes met and he gave me a smile and a greeting. He had dark hair, about 6 feet tall, brown eyes. We went into the store. As I was looking at some shirts on the rack I noticed he was a couple of racks over giving me that “I want you” look. I looked up and smiled and he then gave me a shake of the head indicating follow me. He headed off toward the restroom. I was almost hard by this time so of course I had to follow. When I walked in the restroom he was standing at one of the urinals dick in hand. I stood next to him dick in hand and after a few seconds of eye tag over the partition we both leaned back to reveal our hard cocks to each other. An absolutely beautiful penis, uncut with foreskin up over the head. Not gigantic but around 8 inches and fairly thick but not overly so. Enormous balls however, almost like golf balls. As I reached over to touch it he asked me if I sucked and if I had a place to go. “I sure do” I replied and he responded “Good, I really need to get off a few times”. Follow me home. I was a little embarrassed walking out through the store with a hard on but it couldn’t be helped. I was not going to turn down this random opportunity and he followed me out the store with his hard on as well.

We got back to my apartment with my dick still raging in anticipation. After a few seconds of pleasantries we made our way to the bedroom pulling clothes off as quickly as we could. He laid down on the bed with legs spread over the edge and feet almost touching the floor. As I started to put my mouth on his cock he stopped me for a second and said, “Just follow my lead, do it the way I tell I you and always suck the foreskin up. You do swallow don’t you”? At the time, swallowing was not considered a problem and since I totally love the taste of cum I said, “Of course I do”!

“OK!” He says. “For the first time, just suck nice and slow, and very lightly”. “The first time?” I’m thinking. So, doing as requested and want to please this incredibly cute guy I put my mouth over his hard penis, went down as far as I could and lightly sucked up to the tip of the foreskin. That produced a pleased moaning sound and so I kept doing the same thing. I grasped the huge balls and cupped them in my hands as I sucked. After gently slurping up the foreskin for a minute or two I felt the balls contract and his dick got that super hard stiffness. He bucked up his hips, let out a loud cry and started to cum. My head was spinning from the excitement. But he didn’t cum like most people cum. He came slower with a pause between each spurt. He shot out a rather large quantity in each spurt and then there was a brief pause followed by the next spurt. His whole body was vibrating from the orgasm and he filled my mouth and I swallowed three mouthfuls of sweet, delicious semen. I am still kneeling on the floor between his legs and almost shot my load on the carpet. He finished spurting after a while, his hips relaxed back on the bed, his balls loosened up but his dick stayed rock hard.

“Ohhhhh” I hear… “don’t stop, just suck nice and slow” I thought it was over but as requested I kept sucking. I sucked down and up, down and up, all around keeping the foreskin up all the time. He’s moaning all the time and I’m amazed he stayed hard after that orgasm. Anyway, after maybe five minutes he tells me to suck just a little bit harder now. I do and within half a minute I feel his giant balls contract, his dick gets super hard, he bucks up his hips like before and to my surprise, he explodes again. The same as before spurt, pause, spurt, pause, spurt, pause. This time I count. After four shots of cum I have to swallow and I realized why he wanted me to swallow. With this amount of semen, swallowing made a much better experience for him. Each spurt was about two seconds apart I would estimate. Four more shots and I have to swallow again, then another four or maybe six. His whole body was shaking and he suddenly started to get those after orgasm after-shocks where your arms and legs kind of jerk. I was concerned at first and took my mouth off his still hard dick. He immediately cries out “I’m okay, I’m okay, don’t stop, I’m not done yet!”

“Not done yet”! Oh my God, I’m thinking, how can one person cum that much. However, I was in ecstasy, it was the best tasting cum I’d ever had and he sure seemed to like it producing it. So I kept sucking. I followed his requests to suck slow, suck faster, only suck the foreskin and so on. I kept doing this for eight to ten minutes this time and pretty soon sure enough, same as before the balls tighten, his body stiffens he thrusts up his hips and here comes another orgasm. Spurt (pause) spurt (pause) and he’s like almost passed out and quivering from it. I would say there was not quite as much cum this time but still plenty and I just sucked it down as it erupted out through that foreskin.

Now his body seemed to go limp, his balls completely relaxed but still that amazing dick stayed hard. “I just need to rest a few minutes. Hold your mouth on my cock and I’ll tell you when to start again. Hold my balls too.” I just held the hard dick in my mouth and cuddled his balls in my hands against my face. I could feel the throbbing against my tongue and every once in a while I could feel him tighten and squeeze. I really do not remember how long this interval was but maybe ten minutes. I wanted to ask what he was thinking but I that would mean taking his penis out of my mouth. Before too long he must have been rested and ready because I felt the balls quiver and he gave a few dick pulses.

“Ready. You are terrific. Go nice and slow like at first and slow and I’ll tell you when to go faster”. So up and down lightly, gently and pulling on the foreskin with my lips. He was really ready though and after five or six strokes he tells me to go faster and harder. That really set him off. It was somewhat unexpected. He bucked up his hips and the first shot came at the same time, he put his legs out straight and filled my mouth with the same sweet, thick, creamy sperm. I’m thinking I’ve gone to blow job heaven. Again, three good mouthfuls and 14 or 15 spurts as he writhes in joy.

We’ve been at this over an hour now and suddenly he lifts up on his elbows and asks me “You getting tired”? “Tired, hell no I’ve never given a blow job like this before”. Then he asks “You getting full”? I laugh a little. “You’re my dinner, how do you cum like that”? “I dunno”, he says, “I thought everyone could cum like that until about a year ago. I could do two or three more regular cums and then have a big one if you’re up for it”?

“Big one”, I think to myself I’ll just wait and see. “Sure,” I say, “I’ll suck you as long as you want me to”. He lifts up, gives me a kiss and says thank you and then lies back down. Back I go to that incredible cock. I won’t go into the details of the next three orgasms because it is much the same. He told me when to go slow, when to go faster or harder, when to cup the huge scrotum in my hands and always to keep the foreskin up over the head. Over the next hour and those three orgasms at times I thought he was going to have a stroke or something from the intensity. I had not cum at all yet and just could not stand it any longer. While he was filling my mouth again for the fifth time I could not wait. I reached down and barely touched my dick and shot all over the bedroom carpet. I left that dried cum on the carpet as a memento for weeks afterward. By this time it’s been two and a half hours and my friend has cum seven times. After the most recent one he falls back limp and appears exhausted but as soon as I start to take my mouth off of his still hard cock he reaches over and puts his hand gently on my head to stop me. I pause briefly and hold the pulsating penis in my mouth and the balls against my cheek as he rests. But he rests for no more than two or three minutes.

Then he says “I’m ready now”. Very softly and gently and lovingly he says “You’re best I’ve ever had. Please do exactly what I say. Don’t be frightened or concerned at anything, I’m OK”. “Alright” I say, “I just want to make you happy”. He lifts up and gives me another long kiss. “I want to you start sucking slowly and gently but this time pull the foreskin down as you go down and pull it up back over the head as you come up. Then just follow my lead.” So slowly, deliberately, gently I put my mouth on the tip of the skin covering his head and move down holding it softly in my lips so that it’s fully retracted when I reach the base of his penis. “Uhhhhhhh” I hear as I look up and see the pure pleasure on his face. Again I bring the foreskin down with my lips and back up careful to avoid teeth. I do this over and over just feeling the soft supple skin in my mouth and listening to his moans of passion. I get as much pleasure out of doing this as he does. I must have sucked him like this for 10 minutes. Presently, he says “Go a little faster and hold my balls”. I start moving up and down with the foreskin faster. “Stay with the skin.” he requests and I keep my mouth on the skin so it gets the most attention. I do this a couple of minutes and I can start to feel him getting tenser. He says “Remember I’m OK, now start sucking really fast and harder and don’t stop.” My mouth is in a frenzy working the foreskin, this is the fastest and hardest I’ve sucked him. Suddenly, his body goes completely rigid, his legs stick straight out, toes pointed. His arms are stiff, hands clenched in fists. I look up and his eyes have rolled back in his head. His dick becomes like a steel rod and those enormous testicles pull up almost out of my hands. His hips thrust up and forward and I struggle to keep that amazing cock in my mouth. He literally screams at the top of his voice. A scream so loud it would have been frightening if it weren’t so full of extreme ecstasy and rapture.

Then he starts to cum, the “big one”. The very first spurt floods my mouth with semen and I have to gulp to get it down. There is that pause again, longer than before and then his body begins to almost violently shake. He shouts again as the next spurt fills my mouth and I gulp it down. There’s that pause for about two seconds and I look up at his face. He appears to be in a semi-conscience state. Another shout and the third spurt erupts into my mouth and I swallow quickly in anticipation, unaware of how long this orgasm will last. A pause and I taste the wonderful nectar streaming out of him again. I taste and swallow and I keep sucking up and down the foreskin as he told me. I can see he now appears completely disassociated with any reality except his orgasm. His body is shaking ferociously but still I have the sense that somehow he is aware enough so he will not do anything to hurt me. Another screaming moan of pleasure and more quantities of semen flood into my mouth. I am still kneeling on the floor between his legs holding his dick and balls and sucking the foreskin up and down his still steel hard penis. But I cannot stand it anymore so I push my own dick up against the side of the mattress a couple of times and shoot all over as I’m drinking the latest spurt. Pause, spurt, about 2 seconds each. He told not told me not to stop sucking so I continue to do so. Another blast of hot semen fills my mouth and I drink it down. As the orgasm goes on his body seems to shake and jerk even more violently during the pauses as if working up the next cascade of cum. He becomes more rigid, lets out another loud groan and the next volley of fresh semen surges into my mouth. A pause and his fists start to beat against the mattress but unafraid I keep up sucking. This time he jerks up his hips and holds steady while another next geyser of cum erupts down my throat. Now he seems to get into a rhythm of frantic shaking, jerking screaming and cumming. His legs and arms are still rigid stiff and his eyes rolled back in his head, sweat is pouring off of him. He screams and more sperm shoots like a fountain into my throat. This went on for more than 14 cycles. I was beginning to think he’d just keep cumming forever if I kept sucking. Then unexpectedly I hear him say “Hold my balls tight, suck harder, suck harder”. So I really went at it this time sucking as hard and fast as I could. Two more streams of cum came into my mouth but I kept going. The next pause was even longer. He suddenly became completely stiff ever so briefly, then he sat up for a second looking completely wild, he threw himself back on the bed, shook violently, pounded the mattress with his fists, and let out the loudest scream of exultation. Then the most enormous quantity of extra delicious semen shot out of him like a cannon. I think he went into rapid fire orgasm. He screamed and he filled my mouth and I swallowed, he shouted and filled it again and I gulped, he moaned and he filled my mouth again and again, I struggled but got it all down.

Finally after an orgasm that lasted well over two minutes and I do not know how much cum, he relaxed. He put his hand on my head told me to just hold my mouth on his dick. He still shot three more times but much smaller events this time. Then he started to go soft and his balls relaxed. His arms and legs fell down against the bed his eyes looked at me. It was several minutes but he took my hand and pulled me up next to him and I held him in my arms. We laid there for quite a while before he was recovered enough to talk. “Thank you” he said, “most people get scared so I never get to finish and I get too out-of-it to do that myself”. I got up, got some towels, wiped him off and kissed him. “My pleasure” I said, “You don’t know how lucky you are to be able to do that”. We looked at each other, kissed again and said simultaneously “You are the best I have ever had”.

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