The greed demon

by Marquis de Rent

 A greed demon finds a human with immense greed and decide to have some fun with him.

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The Demonic Realm is quite straightforward. Think of it as a firm whose aim is to rake in as much sin as they can. It’s their currency. And yes, their direct competition is a Divine Realm thriving on benevolence. The agents of both realms blend in with human society and meddle with the lives of everyday people to serve the interest of their own kind.

Leaving aside the details, here is a quick overview of the Demonic Realm: There are Major, Superior and Inferior Demons, whose names indicate their potential for harm. (There are also the Supremes, but you’re unlikely to cross paths with one. They can not manifest physically in the human world, lest they destroy it.) The demonic ranks assume various functions, pretty much like the human society (and yes, they have demonic IT guys… if you have ever dealt with an IT service you don’t need any proof). And there are seven main branches. One per deadly sin, obviously. Which brings us to the Greed Demons.

You’d think gay clubs and bar would attract Lust demons, and you’d be right. But what Landon was looking at that night was a Greed Demon. And he couldn’t tear his eyes from it. It was a Hunter Greed Demon to be precise: a bloodhound trained to track greed in men’s hearts and nurture it, to cash in a much sin as they could. Think of it as a demonic salesman. There’s an army of them trying to feed of our worst traits, just like there’s an army of Hunter Angels trying to turn us into self-righteous dicks. Yes, they both suck.

The demon seated at the bar had worked in Greed because it was fun. One day you’d be messing with traders in the finance district, the next you’d be taking care of a fat bastard at an all you can eat buffet. Greed is so deeply rooted in mankind and takes so many forms that the demon knew it would never get bored and that it could find all kinds of exotic forms of greed to have fun with once in awhile.

Landon was seated alone at a small table in a corner of the bar. The demon had smelt his greed a few weeks ago while bursting a few speculative bubbles in the financial district (resulting in five bankrupt firms, two burnouts and one jumper, that would earn him quite a nice bonus this month). Landon was a trader too, a 32-year-old stag fag, cute though unremarkable. What interested the demon was Landon’s recently found obsession with growing muscle. He fancied that getting more muscular would make him loveable. Or at least more fuckable. Over the last few months he had started working out, dieting, supplementing and he was wearing what meager gains he had achieved as a badge of honor. The demon immediately took an interest in him. He might not get much sin out of Landon, but it would be fun.

It had assumed a form specially designed for Landon. And it worked. Landon had his eyes glued to it from across the room. Eye-fucking the demon, drinking in the sight, recording the images for later fantasies. Its new form was stunning. In his late thirties, 6’4 tall, around 230 pounds of muscle with just a tiny bit of bodyfat to make it look comfortable and powerful. The mass was sumptuously distributed. It wasn’t an athletic body, it was a pure porno body, sculpted for sex. The worn out jeans were skin tight, putting the emphasis on its powerful legs and huge round ass. The tight waist flared into a powerful torso with broad shoulders and almost disproportionately huge arms. The white t-shirt was hugging every inch of it and highlighting the massive pecs. Two fat nipples clearly visible pointing downwards, the dark wide aureola contrasting through the flimsy white fabric. A bull-thick neck stretching the collar supported a face that had Landon totally engrossed. It was clearly modeled to look like an Arabian man. The deep olive skintone, thick jet black hair with a few grey ones buzzed short on the side with a short fauxhawk on the top. Square features enhanced by his perfectly styled stubble, wide smiling mouth with a plump lower lips, strong nose and eyes like polished onyx adorned with dark lashes and crowned with extra thick perfectly shaped black brows. It was looking at Landon with a sly smile.

Landon was, comparatively, small and unremarkable. 5’9, 185 lbs, mousy brown hair, dirty green eyes. Though he was definitely a handsome man he didn’t stand out in crowd. He also wasn’t used to being noticed, so when he realized the man he had been staring a was looking back and smiling he panicked and looked down. He felt beads of sweat form on his forehead and his body heat seemed to go through the roof as he was flushed with embarrassment. When he finally lifted his head to look up, the Demon had already crossed the room and was standing on the other side of the table. Landon was staring directly at the Demon’s obscenely bulging fly.

Landon’s throat dried, as all the moisture his body could generate was currently in his briefs. He looked up, the generous pecs partly hiding the magnificent face, but a predatory smile could still be seen on the muscle man’s masculine face. He gracefully moved around the table and sat right next to Landon, shamelessly invading his personal space. Its gorgeous lips moved to Landon’s ears, its juicy pecs brushing against him, its heat radiating onto his skin.

“Hello cutie,” it said. “I’m Damon.” Its voice was deep, warm and husky.

Landon hesitated for a moment, not sure he heard its name right. The first syllable sounded off. But his brain quickly shoved that thought aside.

“I’m Landon,” he said.

Damon smiled, looking tenderly at Landon. He could taste the man’s greed. An exotic greed, fresh and newly formed. An obsession for muscle and size. A compulsive need for more. More muscle, more food, more cock, more manliness, more sex, more size. A bottomless pit. A perpetual motion machine. Whatever little gains made calling for a bigger one. It wasn’t just the grueling workouts, the overeating, the race for calories… now that it was close, Damon smelt other things. Landon had recently botoxed his scrotum and gotten hyaluronic acid in his dick. He had skipped a couple months of saving for retirement to get penile enhancement. Landon’s greed was phenomenal. Damon had hit jackpot.

It was easy for Damon to lure Landon to its den. A few flirty words, an gestured invitation, and Landon was ready to follow the hunky demon anywhere. Just two streets away from the bar, Damon pulled out a key and opened the entrance of an apartment building. Had Landon not been starring at the glorious massive ass of Damon, he’d have noticed the key looked too old and didn’t match the modern keyhole. Or that the entrance they stepped through was too large to belong to the building he thought he had walked in. He might have even noticed that he had entered an alternate dimension.

Damon was amazed at how simple that was to snare Landon’s attention. Lust Demons really had it easy, he thought. Make your form attractive enough and humans would throw themselves off cliffs without even giving it a second thought. Plus having a sexualized body was feeling nice. Usually it assumed the unremarkable appearance of a average human male or female, not bothering with details like nipples or genitalia or body hair. The body it was wearing tonight was designed to be seen and desired. Though it was mostly a façade, the muscle mass made it feel dynamic and strong. The way it bounced and flexed was addictive. A big fat cock with a set of extra large balls was nestled in its briefs between its thick thighs. It was the first time in ages it had given itself genitalia, and now it wanted to do it more often. Especially having a dick. It felt ridiculously good, and it realized the bigger it made its dick the more satisfying it felt. It had to reel in and keep itself in check to avoid being too much of a freak.

Damon’s apartment was gigantic (space being more malleable in the underworld), designed to look like a French Haussmannian interior (you can look it up if you like) with everything the same shade of clinical white. Like some 3D designer had carefully sculpted the whole thing but forgot to put a texture on it. It led Landon to the living room dominated by a huge lush sofa, on which Damon sprawled. Its powerful legs opened to put its massive basket on display. He patted the spot next to him inviting Landon. Landon sat a respectful foot away from Damon, visibly ill at ease, stiff on the edge of the sofa.

“Aw, for fuck’s sake,” Damon growled, rolling his eyes.

He closed the distance between it and Landon grabbed the back of the man’s head and french kissed him. Landon was overwhelmed by Damon’s soft lips, its scruffy stubble and powerful tongue. His hand slowly found Damon’s body and he started caressing the big muscular demon. It was his first time with someone this size and it felt, ironically, like heaven to him. He loved it, he wanted to be like this himself so much. The experience was pleasant for Damon too but what was getting it off was the Greed inside Landon. It just needed to enter a pact with Landon and it would soon be rewarded by a tsunami of greed.

Abandoning any subtlety, Damon got up. Its 13’’ boner was leaving a serious dickprint on its jeans. It took off its shirt and threw it away revealing his powerful torsos glorious pecs. Its mouthwatering pecs ever so slightly dragged down by their own obscene weight toward the perfectly carved abs. Landon was looking at him overcome with disbelief, joy, lust and envy. He couldn’t function anymore, he needed to be as muscular, no, more muscular than Damon.

“I know what you need,” rasped Damon. “I know you want to get bigger. You need to. That’s why you’re killing yourself in the gym. Why you got injections in your dick. Because you want to look like this!” it said, flexing. “Or this!” he added, grabbing his dick through its jeans.

Landon was about to cry, his face burning, feeling humiliated, anger and jealousy rising inside him. Damon looked down on the human sitting in front of him and chuckled.

“Don’t get all worked up baby. I’m here to help,” Damon cooed, unfastening his fly. “Tell you what… You worship me and I’ll give you all the muscle you want, all the dick you want. You want to be a freak? Sure, baby, I’ll make you a freak. Just worship me.”

It had its jeans around its ankles, a 13-inch wrist thick rock hard uncut cock jutting from a perfectly groom pelvis. Landon was still mistrustful of the cocky hunk in front of him, but greed took over. He leaned forward, grabbing the glorious penis and unsheathing it from Damon’s jeans.

“Do we have a deal?” said the demon.

“Yeah…” Landon said before stuffing his face with as much dick as he could.

Damon growled and felt his knees buckle. He had underestimated Landon’s greed. They were just getting started and it was already exceeding what it had anticipated. Plus he was getting head for the first time and he fucking loved it. It could feel the energy flux going both way. Its demonic energy was leaving it, fueling Landon’s growth, butLandon’s greed was filling it making its power greater. Like a river flowing in two directions at the same time. He tried to turn his focus back on Landon. Damn, the human’s clothes were stretched tight. He was already starting to look like a fitboy. It forcefully pried its dick from Landon’s mouth, pushing back the man’s head with little ceremony.

“Undress,” it ordered simply.

Landon complied, eager to get more from Damon. Landon was already looking like he had been hitting the gym for years. Faint abs showing, little pancake pecs emerging, the hint of a V shape. A decent 6’’ inches cut dick was painfully hard and leaking. This was going much faster than Damon planned. Damon shook its jeans and shoes off, it fell back on the couch, lifting its thick slightly hairy legs in the air and spreading them to expose its hole, magnified by the lovely shape of its muscular ass.

“How about we take it up a notch?” Damon said.

Landon positioned himself, caressing Damon’s powerful legs and rubbing his cockhead on the demon’s hole. It was unlike anything Landon had ever felt—clean, silky, warm and slick, like it was already lubed. Landon gently pushed himself inside Damon. He gasped. The insides of the demon were deliciously smooth and warm, the muscle rings were applying the perfect amount of pressure on his dick. Damon was perfect, flawlessly designed for sex. The intimate connection between the demon and the greedy human opened, unleashing a tidal wave. Landon’s greed was making the demon more powerful than it would ever have imagined… and Damon’s power was growing Landon at a worrying pace.

Landon’s body was starting to resemble a gymrat’s. Unbelievable muscular definition, wide shoulders rounding up, bulging biceps, striated triceps, thick forearms, nice thick pecs bouncing up and down as he fucked the demon. Damon felt the strength of the plowing he was receiving increasing as Landon’s ass became more muscular and defined. The demon was delighted to feel Landon’s penis grow inside it—the stretching feeling was utterly amazing. It reminded Damon of how it had wanted to give itself a freakishly big dick. It let its own penis fatten and lengthen beyond what was humanly possible. Landon looked in disbelief as the magnificent uncut dick reached the thickness of the demon’s thighs and a sufficient length for Landon to suck on it even while he fucked the demon. He obviously obliged, giving the demon a blowjob while he pounded his ass.

Landon adjusted his stance, his thighs were getting too thick and his balls too fat and hanging too low. His 10’’ dick wrecking the now distended demon hole, making obscene wet noises with the piston motion and the gallon of pre coating its insides. Landon was almost as big as a bodybuilder. His thick pecs casting a shadow on his rock hard abs. His shoulders striated and overblown with muscle, arms now too thick to bend entirely. He was constantly shifting and changing his stance to accommodate the mass that added to his frame, his bones were stretching to accommodate the onslaught of mass packing on his body. It was all too much for him, for both of them.

Landon started pumping his load into the demon. He was thrusting harder, harder and harder, trying to push his seed as deep as he could. Meanwhile Damon’s mind suddenly exploded as its power unexpectedly reached the level of a Major Demon. New powers and knowledge flooded its mind as Landon’s semen flooded its inside. Its mind was wrapped in a warm lush blanket and as it experienced a human male orgasm for the first time it drifted into a deep much needed blissful sleep.

On the other hand, Landon, who had been prone to sleep immediately after orgasm in the past, resisted the hormonal tide quite well. Despite feeling weak in the knees as his dick softened, he was still mostly awake. He pulled out from the demon, the gross suction noise it made was accompanied by a ungodly amount of cum cascading from the demon distended but rapidly recovering hole. Had it been awake it would have regretted choosing a white sofa.

Landon was still reeling from all the muscle and power he had filled with. He was monstrous 6’8” (2m7) and 328 lbs (149kg). He had 20’’ arms (51cm) and his glorious pecs pushed his chest out to a glorious 55’’ (1m40), while his waist remained barely thicker than his arms at a mind boggling 25’’ (65cm). He was in a haze, like he was severely drunk, and answering to his automatic habit of dressing up and leaving after hooking up. He grabbed his underwear, vaguely aware his 9’’ softie and lemon-sized balls would never fit. Still he was surprised to feel them rip and disintegrate in his hands as he yanked them up to try to pull them over his now gigantic quads. He discarded them and tried hauling on his jeans and T-shirt. The waist of the jeans resisted despite several threads popping, the seams of the quads and calves burst open as soon as he moved and his tee ripped on both sides, on the back and the sleeves were purely destroyed as he awkwardly put his clothes on. He stumbled toward the exit of the flat with just tatters on his back. A few minutes later the front door of the building spat him back into the real world.

It was well past noon when Damon woke up. A reddish sunlight bathing the surreally white living room. Its two-foot morning wood was dripping a steady trickle of warm precum on its chin, it shifted, stretching enjoying the feeling of its hard dick and its sore rectum. A satisfied smile on its lips, Damon got to its feet, thinking it might keep this body for while (though he’d have to get his penis to a more manageable size). He rummaged through its discarded jeans to check its phone. It had received a shitload of notifications. Damon’s smile grew wider as it went through countless messages congratulating him on becoming a Major Demon. In the middle of all those message was one from the Central Demonic Administration (the CDeA—not to be mistaken with CDiA, which is the Central Divine Administration). It requested Damon to register its familiar.

As the pieces of the evening fell back in place its smile faded. He realized that Landon gone home, leaving just a destroyed pair of briefs behind. It had its incubus on the loose. It was accountable for him. It was supposed to register him to CDeA and it was potentially responsible for a risk of exposure to humans. It was in deepshit trouble.

“Fuuuuuuck,” Damon whined.

A common misconception about incubi is that they are beings transitioning to demonhood. They are actually power reservoirs for demons—sin generators, if you will. They are beings generating massive amount of sin naturally that get enhanced by demonic energy, turning them into sin factories to which demons tether to grow their power. They fall in the familiar category, and as such they have to be declared to the Demonic Authorities and removed from their homeworld to be safely stashed into the Demonic Realm.

Landon awoke a little before noon, still sticky from the night before and grossly comfy, rolled in his blanket and curled in a ball so that his feet didn’t dangle from the bedframe—something that was not normally a problem for him. His dick was rock hard, rubbing against his abs. He absentmindedly rubbed himself and was soon rewarded by easily three cups of hot spunk, spreading on his belly and soaking through his blanket and mattress. Landon immediately regretted his orgasm as he realized he might have ruined his bedclothes and stained his mattress. He tried to stand up and discard his blanket at the same time. He had a moment of vertigo as he stood up his full 6’8” (2m7), almost a foot taller than usual. As he stumbled to maintain his balance, his rapidly deflating monstercock, now free from the blanket burrito, swayed between his legs, sending fat drips of cum crashing noisily on the floor, carpet, and nightstand.

“Fuck,” he groaned, looking at the mess he’d made.

Landon was breathing hard. Everything felt smaller than he was used to. His body was feeling heavy and stiff. His arms were pushing against his lats to go to the side of his body, his pecs were heavy on his torso, his genitals were weighing heavily from his crotch. He was too panicked by those new feelings to register how nice they felt to him. He stumbled to his bathroom, his footsteps heavy on the wooden floor, his pecs bouncing up and down, his fat, slick cock slapping on his thighs.

As he turned on the light of the bathroom, his reflection appeared in the mirror. Landon stared. His face was more or less the same, though with a very bad case of bed hair, but underneath that, his body was one of a gigantic competitive, ‘roided out bodybuilder with a tight waist and heavy cock and balls. The surreal events of the past night resurfaced. The insanely hot middle eastern man, the crazy steamy sex, the growth. It all felt impossible, yet the memories were crystal clear… and his body was proof enough. Landon was halfway between panic and ecstasy. He had a body he would never have dared dream of having, but the change was so violent.

He explored his body, awkwardly flexing, feeling himself. It wasn’t exactly like the man he fucked last night: Landon’s body was more massive, more ripped, though when relaxed it felt firmer and denser. When he flexed, it was solid rock with a soft skin layer on top. As he cupped his pecs, lust suddenly overtook him. His cock inflated rapidly, reaching its hard footlong state, his balls dropping an inch lower at the same time swelling with seed.

Landon stepped in the shower, his wrist-thick hardon leading the way. As he drew the shower curtain he took in how cramped it now felt. He bent as best he could to turn on the water. The sensations were startlingly different from usual. He was so tall and wide that his body blocked the hot water from pouring over both sides of his body. He had to turn around to get his back wet. He then grabbed his soap and started worship himself a he cleaned himself. He soon realized he not only could no longer reach his back, he had to contort to get to his ass to clean it. He was musclebound and it felt… amazing. He stroked his dick while he rinsed himself and soon enough he orgasmed in his shower, pumping a literal gallon of thick cum in his tub. It took him a solid minute to reel himself back in from his earth-shattering orgasm. He basked in the hormone-induced bliss, occasionally giggling and shivering at the sensory overload.

“What do you mean, ‘he’s gone’?” she said.

She was gorgeous. Today she had the appearance of a flaming redhead in her late twenties, long slick deep red hair neatly parted on the side framing a perfectly regular heart-shaped face on which shone two emerald eyes adorned with a sixties’ like trait of black eyeliner. Her body was straight out of a retro pinup calendar and so was her black snakeskin faux-vintage dress. Lamia was Damon’s best friend and one of the most renowned Major Lust Demons.

“He left while I was asleep,” Damon said.

He was feeling embarrassed. Lamia had dropped by his place to congratulate him. If anyone could help get his hands back on Landon, it was her. So he had to tell Lamia the whole awkward story, and it wasn’t helping that after almost 24 hours of being in a sexed male body he was starting to think in terms of hes and shes. He hated those simplistic human genders, but for now he’d have to roll with it.

“And this is why you leave Lust to Lust demons,” she said flatly after listening to the whole story. “Though I confess you did quite an amazing job creating your body, that is quite the honey pot,” she added with professional appraisal. “I’d vouch for you. Should you ever apply to a position in the Lust department… though you’d have to be able to handle an orgasm to work with us,” she said with a wry smile.

“Thanks for the compliment, but if I don’t find Landon fast I won’t be unemployed. I’ll be dead.”

“Landon?! Calling your pet by its name! That’s sooooo cute,” she roared with laughter.

Damon felt himself blush. One more thing to hate about human bodies.

“Well, that’s quite simple,” she said. “Ignore the CDeA messages for now. They’re so slow, it’ll take them weeks to notice you’ve lost your unregistered incubus. Assuming he doesn’t make a mess, or pose an exposure threat. You’ll just need to retrieve him quickly and bring him back to the underworld with you.”

“That’s all fine and dandy, but how do I find him?” Damon said.

“For fuck’s sake, you’re a hunter demon! Finding an incubus in the real world is like hunting a fucking blue whale in a bathtub. The hard part will be getting to him before another hunter demon does…”

Toweling up had been an ordeal for Landon, but it was nothing compared to getting dressed. Landon spent an hour going through his wardrobe before finally accepting the fact that none of his clothes would decently, or comfortably, fit. None of the clothes that weren’t destroyed in the process of dressing, that is. He ended up wearing an old pair of black lycra pants he’d bought for the gym but never dared to wear, and a grey tank top that had once been loose on him. The lycra pants were stretched to their limit, his skin visible through the thinned out fabric. The waist would have been comfy enough if it wasn’t for his huge package pushing at the front—he had to go commando and he was giving major dickprint. The tank top was simply ridiculous, stopping a few inches under his pecs, it looked like a 90’s crop top. But he couldn’t do any better with only his own clothes.

Making a phone call wasn’t exactly easy either. Landon managed to make his boss’ number after 5 attempts, his enlarged fingertips pressing multiple numbers every time. He then found out that thanks to his biceps and shoulders he couldn’t comfortably get the phone to his ear. He had to put it on speaker.

“Yes Landon, what is it?” came the annoying voice of his boss.

“Er, hey Jeremy. Yeah… I might be a bit late this morning,” stuttered Landon “I have a little health issue I need to take care of this morning.”

“You okay? You sound terrible,” said Jeremy flatly.

“Well, I need to get a few things sorted ASAP. But I’m okay, I’m not contagious or anything. I’ll be there, maybe mid-morning? I’ll catch up those hours.”

“Yeah, don’t worry, take your time. See you later,” Jeremy said as he hung up.

Landon was relieved—that went better than expected. Given the fact that his boss tended to be a kind of toxic tyrannical, rigid, power-crazed, psycho asshole, it definitely had gone a lot better than expected.

As soon as he left the house to go clothes shopping, Landon became conscious of how exposed and obscene he was looking, but also of how hungry he was. He decided to go first to his favorite coffee shop on the corner of the street. He was grabbing coffee and breakfast there almost every morning and had a crush on the cute barista that normally took his order. He was both scared and excited to show his new body to the cutie behind the counter but in the end hunger prevailed.

It turned out the cute guy didn’t even recognize him. Worse than that, he wasn’t impressed by Landon. Ill at ease, slightly disgusted, but definitively not impressed. Landon sat at a corner table with a huge-ass bucket of coffee and a tray full of pastries (3 cinnamon rolls, 4 cream-filled donuts, and 2 deep fried apple pie pockets) stuffing his face and trying to ignore the sickened faces of the patrons and staff. He polished off his tray in a just few minutes and left in a hurry. His belly had slightly rounded outward with all the food but he wasn’t satisfied. All the greed inside him made him want more food to feed his body. On his way to the store he stopped by a fitness and bodybuilding supplement store. As he walked in the guy behind the counter gawked at him. He made his way to a fridge where protein bars and drink were stocked.

“Can I help you dude?” asked the cashier.

“Yeah,” answered Landon. “Just had breakfast but it wasn’t really enough. I’m looking for something to get my fill with.” He said rubbing his little belly.

“Well, those are nondairy protein drink made for slow absorption, so it’ll help you feel satiated. And the chocolate peanut butter bars just there are super tasty and will give you a bit of sugar and fast absorption proteins,” said the assistant.

Landon was looking at the items and at the young guy from the store. His name tag said Garry. Not exactly handsome, or pretty, or cute. Rather ugly, actually, but the sort of ugly guy that groomed and styled himself thoroughly and hit the gym religiously hoping that beefing up would get him laid. An excellent strategy, Landon thought—he had a soft spot for that kind of guy. He guessed Garry was around 190 pounds of shredded muscle. He felt himself start to chub.

“Sounds cool, I’ll have both,” he said while grabbing a gallon of the drink and dozen of chocolate bars.

They proceed to the counter, Garry literally drooling over the massive Landon. Landon paid while chewing on two protein bars at the same time.

“Mind If I drink a bit now? I really need it,” Landon said uncorking the gallon of protein drink.

The cashier shook his head as Landon started chugging down the thick, sickening vanilla flavored drink. Garry had come around from behind the desk and was standing next to Landon watching in awe as the muscle giant’s belly stretched further. He laid his hand on Landon, unable to resist the god in front of him. Landon looked down on his little worshipper and raised and flexed an arm. Garry moaned and suddenly he was aware of the monster tenting Landon’s lycra. He stared mouth agape. Landon chuckled, stuffing three more bars in his mouth while pulling on his lycra to free his monster cock. Gary started massaging Landon, his muscles, his cock. Kissing the foot-long monster, the muscles. Garry, who had always identified as straight, found he was ecstatic to feel all those muscles and all that manliness. Landon finished the drink and tossed the empty bottle while stuffing the remaining bars in his mouth one after the other. He was stuffed. It all felt so good, he let himself go and rewarded his worshipper with a copious load of cum (while Garry blew a little wad in his own pants). His gut receded as his body spasmed, dispatching all the matter in his belly toward his muscles. According to the pact with Damon, his greed was being rewarded with more muscle. And as he reached 363 pounds (165kg), his lycra finally tore giving way to his 34 inch quads (83cm) and his tank top ripped as his pecs grew until his chest reached a whopping 63 inches (1m58). Garry was so engrossed into worshiping the massive monster that he didn’t even realize Landon had grown right in front of him.

“I’m gonna need some gym clothes too,” said Landon still catching his breath. “The biggest and baggiest you have, li’l dude”.

Damon felt the orgasm like it was his. It actually was his orgasm, and he now had a copious, sticky mess in the crotch of his jeans to attest to it. He had connected with Landon as the man climaxed. He had seen it all. The store, the fit worshipper, the ruined carpet… and he knew exactly where Landon was at that very moment.

“Got you,” he said to himself.

He rapidly changed clothes and left for the real world, hoping to catch the trail before it got cold.

Landon was looking into a mirror in the big and tall store. The mood wasn’t the same as in the supplement store. The clerk beside him was nervous and having a hard time hiding how unnerved he was by Landon’s massive body. Landon was equally uneasy, as his new size made him very self-conscious. He was so obvious, so sexual, and he had no idea how to deal with it when people weren’t worshiping him. Which would be most of the time, given the nasty stares he’d gotten since this morning.

The new outfit wasn’t really helping. He had ditched the oversized shorts and string top he’d hastily bought before leaving the supplement store for a more professionally appropriate attire. And though it was the best that could be done it was hardly professional, and hardly appropriate. The light blue shirt had to be open to the middle of his pecs, preventing him from wearing a tie, and it was clinging to his body, making every muscle painfully obvious. The dark blue slacks were comfy, though stretched over his massive legs like yoga pants. The outfit was complete with black leather shoes the clerk had to tie for Landon because he couldn’t reach his feet.

“That’ll have to do,” Landon said.

“We can have the extra shirts and pants by Wednesday,” said the clerk. “They’ll fit your frame better and you should be able to close the collar for a tie. We do have safety ties to clip on the collar, it might helpful since …errr…. you might not be able to …reach. Your neck… ” he ended awkwardly as they walked (swayed in Landon’s case) to the cash desk.

“That is a good idea. Can you get me three in different colors?” Landon said blushing.

He paid for his order, collected a paper bag with his gym clothes, and made a beeline for the subway to get to work. It was a rather unpleasant trip. Everything felt too small and cramped. People were staring disapprovingly, muttering nasty comments and avoiding him. To make thing worse, he broke his phone. He’d griped the thing a bit too strong while trying to answer a call. The damn thing got crushed like an empty beer can at a frat party. Probably his furious boss anyway.

The smell of semen was still lingering in the store, despite the efforts of Garry to mop the floor with a liberal amount of bleach. He was sweaty from the worship session and from all the cleaning afterward. He was pondering on what this morning’s session meant about his sexuality when a man barged in the store. The already sexually confused Garry felt himself get hard as he watched the middle eastern guy that had just came in. He was big (though nothing like the man this morning), gorgeous, and incredibly magnetic.

“Hello sir,” he said with a deep soothing voice. “I’m looking for an unusually large man that visited your store today.”

He produced a police badge and showed it to Garry. He looked thoroughly at the fit clerk, a look that meant “I-know-he-was-here-and-I-know-what-you-did”. The man radiated charm and authority. Garry was painfully hard and wet and his brain starting to play fantasies of being dominated by this man. He gulped hard, trying to focus to answer the man in front of him.

“Y-yes… d-did he d-d-do anything b-bad?” Garry stuttered.

“No, but I need to find him quick. For his own safety.”

“He-he d-did f-fill a-f-f-f-form fo-f-for a loyalty c-card,” Garry said.

Proud to obey and be useful, he went to his computer searching for Landon’s entry. The man moved right behind him; much closer than necessary. Garry could feel the guy’s sizeable package nestle right above his own perky ass. The guy was looking past Garry’s shoulder at the screen. Garry could feel the guy hot breath on his neck. The big guy put his hand on the one Garry had on the mouse, browsing the form by using Garry’s own hand.

“Good. That’ll help me a lot. Thank you,” he purred in Garry’s ear.

He left leaving Garry out of breath and ready to burst behind his desk.

Once he was out on the street, Damon took out his police badge. It shifted form and became a phone, and he searched for Lamia in the contacts list and sent her the coordinates of the store and a message: Check that place for a nice beefy closeted submissive bi guy ripe for harvesting. Have fun ;)

Still smiling to himself, he dialed the number that the store had given him from Landon’s information. It rang a few times, there was some strange commotion, and then it disconnected. He re-dialed, but the call now went straight to voicemail. Damon sighed. At least he still had Landon’s address.

The security guys at the entrance of the building had looked at him suspiciously, the receptionist couldn’t hide how disgusted she was when he greeted her, and his colleagues simply gasped and stared. Landon didn’t even make it to his cubicle after reaching his floor. Landon wanted to rush to his cubicle and hide there but he was intercepted by Jeremy. Jeremy wasn’t very much wider than one of Landon’s legs. Not very much taller either. Yet Landon felt his heart sink as his boss did a double take seeing the recently overgrown Landon.

“Landon, glad to see you’re doing fine and you’re finally with us,” Jeremy said without breathing and with an absolute disregard for punctuation.

“Morning. Yeah, sorry, I had… ”

“Can you come to my office? Now,” Jeremy interrupted.

He had a blank stare, his smile automatic and utterly out of place on his otherwise closed face. That wasn’t good. Landon sheepishly followed his boss toward the glass office at the other end of the floor. He was now seeing the cubicles from above and that new point of view was particularly depressing. His colleague were looking at him with worry, disgust, disbelief or a mix of all three. Part of him was amused to allow the monster he was now to be bossed around by the puny asshole in an ill-tailored suit strutting in front of him.

They entered Jeremy’s office, the boss closing the door and blinds behind Landon and gesturing for him to sit in the chair facing his desk. Said chair creaked under Landon’s weight and, much to Jeremy’s annoyance, he was almost eye level with Landon now that he was seated. Jeremy half sat nonchalantly on the front of his desk, trying and failing to look relaxed and assertive.

“You know why you’re here, Landon,” Jeremy said.

“I… took too long to come in this morning?” Landon asked as innocently as he could.

Jeremy let an annoyed sigh escape him. His face was contorting trying not to show how irritated he was by Landon.

“Listen, I’m gonna have to let you go,” Jeremy said. “We can’t have you roaming around the office like—” He made an annoyed gesture in Landon’s general direction. “—that!”

“Ha. Yes,” Landon answered. “I’m sorry about the outfit, I can’t find my size off the racks. But I’m getting tailored outfits later this week so…”

“Don’t,” Jeremy interrupted. “I don’t want to hear any excuses. I don’t care about you getting outfits to cover—” He made another indescribable gesture toward Landon. “—this! We can’t have you around the office like that, period. Have you seen the commotion you caused when you arrived? No one inflates overnight like you did. Need I remind you that we got a very strict no-drug policy that you signed when we hired you? So you can leave now or we can have a mandatory drug check before we kick your freak ass out of here.”

Landon slowly stood up and took a step forward Jeremy. He was towering over him menacingly. He tilted his head down to look his boss in the eyes, his wide shoulders rolled forward forming a closed space around his boss and his pecs bunched up giving his body an intimidating shape. Jeremy’s his heart visibly sank, and Landon smiled softly. God, he was gonna love that.

“Bring the cup that I need to pee in, buddy,” he said softly—almost seductively. “Make that a bucket, actually, ‘cause you got that freak part right. Guess what? You won’t find any drugs or shit in it. You think I’m high on ‘roids? Bad news buddy, I’m not. I wouldn’t be growing that fast if I was and yes, buddy, I’m probably not done growing. I know you already find me disgustingly big.” Landon loomed closer to Jeremy. “But more than disgusted you’re frightened. Frightened that the illusion of power you had over me is gone. Now, it’s just you versus me with raw physical force. And, buddy, it ain’t looking that good for you.”

Landon leaned further in, laying his palm on the desk each side of Jeremy. Bringing his muscular body just a few inches of his boss. The power he had at this moment was intoxicating. He wanted more.

“If you’re scared and grossed out now buddy, just wait till I grow even bigger. Maybe you’ll even see it with your own eyes. Actually… I think I’m about to make an example… unnnnghh.”

The greed inside Landon swelled up.

Landon’s speech was rewarded by the weirdly recognizable sound of a grown-up pissing himself, that wet, cascading, muffled sound of a pint of piss soaking through business slacks and dripping on a cheap office carpet. Landon straightened himself, taking a step back, looking triumphantly down on Jeremy.

“I think I’ll take my afternoon then,” smiled Landon “You cover me for skipping work and I’ll cover you for pissing yourself. See you tomorrow morning, boss—and don’t forget the bucket. I would hate to further ruin your office carpet.”

Landon left the glass office with a big smile on his face and spring in his step. His heavy pecs bounced in rhythm. It felt so good he was oblivious to all the stares he got from his coworkers. Going home seemed like the best course of action. He wanted out of his clothes, to maybe rub one out, or ten, and rest. He was pondering last night, thinking he shouldn’t have left Damon’s place. That guy ought to know what happened, he might have even helped Landon get more. But Landon had been out of his head after sex and the end of the evening still felt surreal and blurry.

By the time he entered his flat he had made up his mind, he’d go back to the bar he was in the night before and try to find Damon. He was so into his head that he didn’t notice straight away the muscular figure sprawled on his couch.

“You’re home early honey. Lucky me,” purred Damon.

Landon laughed, low and guttural. “Lucky you indeed,” he growled.

Not bothering to understand how and why Damon was in his living room, Landon pounced on the hunky demon, kissing him deeply and ripping his clothes from his body.

Garry was closing his store. He had waited for this moment the whole day. He had noted Landon’s phone number from his loyalty registration form. He dialed the number and was crestfallen when it went straight on voicemail. Before the recorded message ended he felt someone grabbing his phone from him, softly but firmly and irresistibly. He turned around and was suddenly facing a man as massive as Landon was. Impossibly tall, wide, and muscular. He had gorgeous red hair with emerald green eyes. He was so stunning, his crisp white t-shirt emphasizing the volumes of his chest and his tight raw jeans hugging his monster legs and cupping an obscene bulge. Garry didn’t notice the odd and out-of-style snakeskin boots the man wore. The muscular giant was looking down on Garry smiling warmly as he hung up the call and handed the phone back to Garry.

“Forget about that Landon dude. He isn’t for you. But don’t be sad, cutie. I’d be happy to take care of you.” Lamia said tentatively.

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