It’s not gonna stop now

by Riu

An size-hungry anthro squirrel takes some growth pills and gets much, much more growth than he bargained for.

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“Well, here goes nothing,” the squirrel anthro sighed, tipping his head back and swallowing the little pink pill. It slid down his throat with ease. Riu sat back in his couch, wrapping his large, fluffy tail around his body, and subconsciously scritching behind his ear. In one paw he held a generic, unmarked bottle, very nearly completely filled with identical pink capsules. Riu wasn’t sure what to expect, if he was honest.

He had chosen to wear older, less-nice clothes. The shorts barely even buttoned anymore, and the shirt clung tight to his furry torso. Riu hopped to his feet, unable to keep still, incredibly anxious in spite of himself, and scurried to the bathroom. He examined himself in the mirror, neither pleased nor disappointed with what he found. Or perhaps more accurately, both pleased and disappointed.

He was large for a squirrel, about 5’11”, not incredibly thick-set, but hardly twiggy either. Riu raised his right arm, flexing his bicep. He was proud of his body; nearly a year ago he had decided that he wanted to be buff, goddammit! And Riu had pursued that goal admirably, going to the gym near daily, increasing his caloric intake and the amount of protein in his diet. But he just weren’t getting the results he wanted; he had gained some weight (hence the increasingly tight wardrobe), but it just wasn’t enough!

If Riu was honest with himself, he wanted to be big. Like. Really big. That’s where the pills came in.

He had no real faith in the things, but secretly he desperately hoped he would work. His tail twitched behind his head, the curse of all squirrels: endless fidgety energy. Riu allowed himself to indulge in narcissism for a moment, posing in the mirror, adjusting his dyed red head-hair, and flexing different muscles. He was a bit obsessed with his chest; after months of no real change, recently he had developed subtle pecs, and in his tight shirt, he actually showed (at least somewhat).

Riu was boning up, and in his old, undersized shorts it was hardly comfortable. He adjusted his bulge, the tight fabric of the shorts showing his erection clearly. Riu’s dick was a painfully average 6 inches, yet another part of himself he wanted to grow. He gently massaged his bulge, imagining himself with a 12 inch dick, twice his actual size. But why stop there? He had had some, well, “encounters” with horse anthros as big as 16 inches, but even that almost didn’t seem big enough to Riu.

He stopped. Well, it’d been about 5 minutes, and no catastrophic changes had happened to his musculature. He guessed he’d been duped into just getting a bottle of sugar pills. But just as Riu was thinking this, a sudden wave of nausea rolled over him. He felt dizzy, and his vision blacked out for a moment, like he had stood up too quickly. Riu placed a paw against the bathroom wall; somehow he’d become drenched in sweat in only moments, and his breathing was ragged.

Every muscle in his body suddenly ached. His fur stood on end, and his perpetually moving tail was stock still. He felt his claws scratch the wall. Wait, what? Riu examined his paw; he was certain he was not moving, yet he could see the tips of his digits ever so minutely expanding across the wallpaper. It couldn’t be. His heart leapt, and he looked himself in the mirror.

No doubt about it, Riu was growing. He could see the tips of his ears, inching ever so slightly upwards, and (much more importantly) his muscles were expanding. Riu lifted up his tight shirt; whereas before he had had a more-or-less flat belly, the extraneous flab was melting away, and rockhard abs, visible even through his chestnut fur, grew in its place. He flexed his arm once more; his bicep already noticeably thicker, more cut, and vascular, stretching the fabric of the old tee-shirt’s sleeve.

The nausea and aching had passed, and as the growth became more visible, Riu felt immense pleasure. The bulge in his shorts was also expanding, the outline of his still-erect cock stretching further along his hip. His overworked tee-shirt now clung tightly to his expanding chest; his nipples pointing out through the fabric. Only moments ago, he had merely been a heavier-than-average squirrel, but now he was a 6’2” gymrat (gymsquirrel?). But his growth was only speeding up. Riu’s shorts, now only reaching about half the way to his knees, were completely filled by his thickening quads. He began to run his hands over his body, feeling his warm muscles growing. His clothes were now being actively stretched by his expanding body; his pecs now that of a bodybuilder, his biceps bulging out like softballs.

Riu grinned, and once more flexed his arms, both in tandem this time. It was a beautiful sight; the pose emphasized his widening torso, and as he hit the pose, a loud rip tore through the air. Their expanding triceps and biceps had blown out the fabric of the shirt, leaving long, irregular tears up to his armpits on both sides. His cock was throbbing in its prison, the massive shaft now reaching all the way to his hip. He grabbed the neckline of the ruined tee-shirt, and pulled with all the force he could muster. His claws initiated the rip, but his muscles did the work in rending the fabric, tearing the whole thing off his torso.

Riu allowed the fabric to fall from his paws, leaving his furred, massive torso bare. The pressure on his legs from his undersized shorts was becoming nearly painful, but Riu only reveled in that fact. He was now closer to 7 feet than 6, and had the appearance of a professional bodybuilder; pecs incredibly well-defined, and overhanging his rockhard 6 pack. His shoulders were twice the width he once were.

He grabbed the waistband of his shorts, and grunted as the attempted to rip him off. The fabric was much tougher than the shirt’s, but as he exerted their newfound strength, the shorts were rent apart. Riu was not wearing underwear. As he tore the fabric away from his front, his ironhard dick sprang out. It was fucking massive, at least a foot of hard cockflesh jutting out from his groin. His balls were even more impressive, dangling in his fuzzy sack nearly to his knees, the size of baseballs.

Tentatively, as if the whole thing might disappear and reveal itself to just be an illusion, Riu reached for his throbbing erection. His paw closed around the burning hot, still-growing flesh. He moaned. Just the sensation of his soft pawpads against his dick felt amazing. Slowly, he began to jerk his meat.

He was so huge. All his dreams were coming true at once. With his free paw, Riu felt his heavy pec, pinching his erect nipple, groaning at its sensitivity. He increased the rate of his jacking off, pounding at his 14 inch cock with wild abandon as his height breached 7 feet tall.

God, he was so big! So much bigger, so much stronger, than he used to be. His cock was so massive, bigger even than most horses, or even elephants! And he still had a whole bottle of pills left.

The mere thought of the small vial of magenta capsules was enough to make Riu jizz. His oversized, orange-rivaling balls drew up in his sack, and a mighty jet of cum blasted out of his cock, splashing against the bathroom mirror. As he reached orgasm, his growth magnified 100 fold, and as he came his height shot up rapidly, his dick forced his paws grip to slacken as it widened and lengthened. But more than anything, his muscles exploded, pecs expanding out in front of him, biceps becoming so large his arms were forced out from his body, quads like treetrunks, and calves that put moose to shame.

As his cock gave its final, heavy pulses, his growth slowed and stopped, leaving him 8’2” and built like a brick shithouse. Fuck, no a cinderblock shithouse! His cock rivaled his earlier fantasy, a full foot and half of squirrel dick, still achingly erect and drooling the last vestiges of his prodigious orgasm. Riu panted, his fat, massive pecs heaving with every breath. He was gigantic: the biggest squirrel ever, probably.

He needed more.

He burst out of the bathroom, slamming the door open so hard that it literally burst off its hinges, slamming to the ground. Riu didn’t give a fuck, really. He made his way back to the couch, and more specifically the coffee table where he had left the pill bottle so cavalierly. His oversized tail, much larger than he was used to, knocked a stack of papers off the nearby counter. Riu tore the lid off, and bringing the bottle up to his muzzle, swallowed every last pill inside.

Some part of him knew this was probably an awful idea with far-reaching consequences, but this part was easily overruled by the part of him that had desperately wanted for so long to get big. The effects took much less time to kick in this time.

No sooner had Riu smacked his chops, the capsules leaving a bitter, dry taste in his mouth, than he felt once more the sweeping wave of nausea, and the dizziness. This time though, it felt much milder, and almost instantly passed to be supplanted by the pleasure of growth. He shot up towards the ceiling, the rate of expansion orders of magnitude greater than before.

“FUCK YES!!!” He couldn’t contain himself. His still-hard cock had grown to 2 feet in the mere 10 seconds since ingestion, and already his head was but inches from the 10 foot ceilings of his apartment. He hunched, muscles so large that he competed for space on his body, growing so quickly that he was forced to his knees simply to prevent himself from giving his upstairs neighbor an unwelcome surprise.

That couldn’t last long though, as he was filling the available space in his small apartment rather quickly. Only moments later, on his knees, and head bowed, back pressed against the ceiling, his 6 foot dick growing dangerously close to the wall, Riu decided fuck it. He pressed up with his immense strength, and like soggy cardboard his plaster ceiling collapsed as he burst through up to the 4th floor.

Almost as if responding to his loss of inhibition and concern about collateral damage, his growth increased. His muscles were growing just about in proportion to his height, preventing complete immobility of his limbs, but he was damn close to it; arms so fucking thick that he was forced out at 45 degree angles to his body even once he had created a hole in the ceiling large enough to lower him to his sides. Still on his knees, his head reached more than half the way to the ceiling of the floor above him (the apartment whose floor he decimated apparently unoccupied).

Riu groaned as his cock came in contact with the outside-facing wall of his apartment. The rigidity of his cock was so incredibly vast that he flexed it just a tad, and the whole wall, plaster and brick and mortar, exploded outwards, releasing his titanic dick into the outside air as it blasted past 10 feet long.

The floor beneath him gave a slight groan, and without any more warning the structure beneath him buckled. On his knees, Riu fell through the floor to the 2nd floor, and then the first, the whole building shaking violently as he destroyed precious parts of its internal structure.

Riu figured the whole place was only its last legs anyways, so he rose to his feet, any part of the building he came in contact with bursting apart from the force of his massive body. He punched a hole in the facade of the apartment complex, bursting out of the building. Literal tonnes of brick, steel, wood, and probably more than a few anthro bodies tumbled into dust behind him as Riu stepped out onto the street, his head now about 5 stories high. His cock was already pressed up against the building opposite him, and grinning madly he thrust his hips forward, cock punching into it, destroying much of the 3rd floor.

He turned, cock leaving a trail of destruction in the poor building as it forced its way back out into the open, pointing straight in front of Riu as he began to walk the thoroughfare. At his feet, tiny citizens rushed about, fleeing the growing macro. Cars screeched to a halt or swerved, chaos reigning as Riu callously crushed anything in his path, leaving the ruined, mangled remains of cars and the bloody streaks of slow-moving pedestrians. He laughed, the deep boom of his voice echoing through the shrinking city.

His head eclipsed all the nearby buildings as he strolled casually towards downtown proper. Even the tallest nearby building (a 15 story, high-end apartment building) was now shorter than the 200 foot squirrel. His cock, still growing disproportionate to his body, now stretched in front of him 100 feet long, and drooling precum, leading to a veritable flood for the tinies below.

Riu was now walking blocks a second, his monstrous footpaws leaving indentations and spiderweb cracks in the weak pavement beneath his impossible weight. His oversized thighs rubbed against each other with every step; his tail so huge and powerful by itself that when he on whim struck a building with it much of the face crumbled.

As he waltzed into downtown, Riu was finally faced with buildings that could actually dwarf him once more. But not for long. He stopped in front of one particularly impressive office complex, the tallest in town, in fact, standing at 56 stories and 683 feet tall. Only barely taller than Riu at this point.

Well, he figured he had to indulge in his favorite macro trope: grabbing the sides of the skyscraper, he took his cock (nearly 3/4ths his own height), and plunged it into the towering building. It burst out the other side, sending a barrage of glass and steel shrapnel raining down on the panicking populous. Almost instantaneously, the building buckled, the top half tipping over and crashing into the ground beside Riu, leaving his dick woefully unserviced.

Figures that reality doesn’t line up with fantasy, he mused. Instead he wrapped both forepaws around what he could manage of his massive shaft, and began to pump. Despite his inability to reach about half his dick, the thing had become so sensitive as it grew, that he felt sexual pleasure beyond anything he had experienced before. And he still grew.

Riu widened his stance, feet crushing an entire city block as he surpassed the height of the (formerly) tallest building in the city, stretching up to heights far beyond it. He was bigger than he ever thought possible, bigger than any living thing on the planet, he was a fucking god compared to these fucking ants still scurrying at his expanding feet, futilely trying to escape his inevitable death beneath Riu’s soles. And he was nowhere near done growing yet.

The precum that Riu’s dick now leaked endlessly was so voluminous that those trapped beneath it drowned, and it flooded the yet-undestroyed city streets to a height of several feet. “I NEED!” Riu panted. “TO GET! BIGGER!!!” As the final word boomed from his mouth, the intensity and depth of his voice enough to shatter all windows within a several hundred foot radius, his body exploded. He shot past 1000 feet, the tallest buildings in the city (those that hadn’t collapsed yet, that is) barely up to his hip, and very quickly shrinking below that. His dick’s growth finally fell into stability with his body, the monstrously thick shaft now almost equal to him in height, his massive furry balls as thick as his legs were long, just barely not touching the ground.

A thousand feet turned into 2 thousand, Riu’s stance widening as his feet crushed entire blocks, snuffed out hundreds of lives without any effort. It was only fitting; mere mortals should make sacrifices to his god. Every muscle on his body was flexed, and expanding more rapidly than he could comprehend. His pecs alone could house multiple city blocks on his expanse, and his arms held enough power to destroy whole countries if he so chose. And he wasn’t done; he’d never be done.

He shot past a mile tall, the city at his feet a mere doormat, not even enough to wipe his feet on anymore. The surrounding countryside stretched out as if he was looking out the window of an airplane. Growing bored of the tiny, ruined city upon which he tread, Riu began to trek north, each step carrying him a thousand feet, each step destroying hundreds of hours of labor.

North of the city was nothing but rolling hills; hills that beneath Riu’s feet were but mounds. Laughing, he broke into a run, each bounding step sending tremors hundreds of miles in each direction, footpaws leaving deep craters in the earth behind him.

In only a minute he traveled a distance that took 3 hours by car, his head now in the clouds at 2&½ miles tall. In front of him, he saw the largest metropolitan area in the state, a sprawl of multiple cities and towns and suburbs and millions, even tens of millions of souls that were completely at his mercy. Or, really, his lack of it.

Riu dropped to his knees, holding his body-sized cock up off the ground with one paw, his monstrous balls forcing his legs apart and crushing the countryside behind him. “HEY PUNY MORTALS. PREPARED TO BE FUCKED BY A REAL GOD.” He boomed, and let go of his dick. It slammed into the ground with incredible force, destroying almost all of the downtown area in of itself. Then Riu began to thrust, his 3 miles cock rubbing against the ground, grinding everything in its path into the dirt.

Millions of anthros were crushed beneath the impossible dick of the growing titan. He passed 4 miles tall, his dick keep pace as he thrust ever harder, fucking the earth itself with his cock.

It was all too much for the expanding muscletitan. His cock convulsed, his massive testes contracting as his dick spurted its load, his jizz flying through the air for miles, before crashing down in puddles that decimated entire towns.

As before, his orgasm triggered a cascade of growth. He was mindless, humping the ground with all the force of his hypertrophied muscles. His height doubled in mere seconds, before the first shot of cum finished ejecting from his rapidly expanding cock, and it just kept coming. There was nothing left of the city beneath him, his 10 mile dick having destroyed all of the urban area, his body crushing every surrounding town, not a single person surviving the destruction.

His cock shot again, the second spurt barely less powerful than the first. Riu shot past 20 miles tall, the cities and towns beneath him now just grey splotches on a green background. It was beyond looking like the view from an airplane, the ground beneath him now looked like he was seeing it from a satellite photo.

He panted, each breath like a tornado the microscopic landscape below. His cock throbbed more, the cum now drooling out, billions of pounds of jizz crushing what little remained intact beneath Riu’s titanic, expanding body.

Finally, it ended. His muscles relaxed, his fur laying flat against his impressive, impossible musculature once more, his knees now lying in a lake of jism to rival the Caspian Sea.

Riu rose to his footpaws. His head was now far above even the highest clouds, the earth beneath him just more ground to be torn up and destroyed. He was over 50 miles tall, hundreds of times taller than even the tallest skyscraper, his height dwarfing even Mount Everest. Riu flexed hard, and his body responded, expanding another mile into the air in only a moment.

He grinned. The sky’s the limit, and it wasn’t gonna stop now.

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