Paradise outgrown

by LAComplex

An exotic island retreat. A 40’ bulked-up horny boyfriend. Worship, cum, eat, sleep, and repeat. Sounds like paradise? Well, that’s until an unexpected growth spurt gets in the way!

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Eat, worship, cum, sleep, and repeat. Liam and Alastair are enjoying a lovely island retreat, far away from the bustle of civilisation. As Alastair’s growth took him to new heights these past few weeks, it hadn’t been easy for Liam to have private moments with his bulking boyfriend. Finally, they can catch a break.

Well. Until Alastair outgrows the cosy island. His growth is not stopping; it’s probably even accelerating, with him gaining a few feet and thousands of pounds every day. Liam loves it, each of Alastair’s cushy pecs now big enough to serve as a king size bed for his nights.

It’s afternoon nap time, and Alastair is sleeping soundly, bathing in the sunshine, maybe hopping to catch some colour on his white Scottish skin. Liam is lazing on his boyfriend’s massive chest, feeling the thick muscles under him with his hands. Relaxed like this, he can press into the lush pecs easily, his hands sinking in as they would in a memory foam mattress. But he knows that if his partner was to tense even the slightest, the muscles below him would become impenetrable, harder than steel.

Liam is feeling like waking up his boyfriend his a surprise. He rolls over to his nipple, the teat bigger than a medicine ball. With his two hands, he starts playing with it; Alastair has always had hypersensitive nipples, and the soft touch of Liam’s tiny hands makes him groan in his sleep.

As he intuitively plays with the big nipple, Liam stare down at the giant’s cock, which is resting on his thick 8-pack. Flaccid, it’s already nearly longer than Liam is tall, and it’s certainly much bulkier. He has learned to be careful when playing with it, knowing full well it could crush him over easily. The thick uncut python is coming to life as Liam expertly worships Alastair’s nipples. It thickens, gorging with blood, and starts lengthening. The foreskin slides down, slowly revealing an oversized mushroom head.

Liam suddenly notice a very low rumble, and he feels Alastair’s skin stretching underneath his body; the giant is growing bigger! He must be in the middle of a pretty intense dream, and Liam’s nipple worship is just the exaltation his body needed to get started growing again.

Staring at the rising cock, precum leaking in large quantities from its head, Liam can’t resist anymore. His own cock is rock hard, and he feels eager to fuel his lover’s growth further. After all, Alastair hasn’t had a proper spurt in quite a few days now—he deserves to bulk up a bit.

In just a few steps, Liam crosses the expanse of Alastair’s abs, and he starts hugging the huge dick with his tiny body. It’s not even fully erect, and yet, it already stands nearly twice as tall as him. He can barely believe he was still taking it fully up his ass a few weeks ago… A sensation of fullness he will never know again.

Alastair is obscenely endowed; it has been impossible to hide this to the public for a while now. Proportionally, his flaccid cock would be longer and far thicker than the average erect one; and when it expands, it just keeps on swelling bigger and bigger, lately nearly reaching up his last row of abs. His balls are equally oversized, by now bigger than big boulders, and propped up forward by his rock-solid diamond quads. They are an inconvenience to his daily movements—though he has learned to be mindful of them.

Worshipping Alastair’s dick is no easy job anymore. It’s not quite as simple as giving it a quick handjob; Liam has to put his entire body into it, embracing it and pushing against it with all of his weight and strength. Blissfully asleep, the giant groans again with pleasure.

Liam’s entire mind is focused on the task, the ever-expanding monster cock an holy shrine requiring his full devotion. It lengthens and thickens, now rising steadily above the palm trees. He can feel his surroundings shifting, Alastair’s dick thickening far past his grasp, and the muscles surrounding him inflating. Liam can hear him mumbling in sleep, his deep voice rumbling: “b—bi—bigger… m—more”. With each masterful stroke applied by his frail body, he can feel the growth ramping up, the expansion cycling with his rhythmic movements. Deep into unabashed worship, he feels uniquely connected to his lover’s body… In that moment, nothing else matters to him than servicing his boyfriend. And judging from the amount of precum that is pouring around him, he is quite successful at it.

Enthralled, Liam eventually comes himself, his comparatively absurdly small cock erupting. It’s a long, spasmodic orgasm, and he nearly falls to his knees, reaching for support.

Gaining back awareness of his surroundings, Liam stares up in awe; Alastair cock is gloriously outsizing him, more than four times longer than he is tall. And it keeps on expanding… Faster and faster… This is now a full-blown growth spurt, the ground rumbling around him, and the sound of sand, rocks, and little trees getting crushed by Alastair’s expanding body acting as the soundtrack to it all.

Liam is ecstatic. He has never been happier in his life; his boyfriend is steadily growing again, all thanks to his little worship session. He feels fulfilled, and he wants to wake him up and share the good news with him. He dashes across Alastair’s expanding midsection, noticing that the abs below him are looking rounder, the gap between them widening. He shouts: “Al! Al! You are growing! You are getting fucking huge!” Alastair is not just proportionally getting taller; his muscles are becoming bulkier, his pecs inflating like hot air balloon, his abs swelling with size, his huge quads fighting for more space.

The growth is accelerating. Significantly. “F-fu—fuck y—yeah…” Alastair mumble… Crossing his abs is no longer just a few steps; Liam notices his progresses towards the hilly pecs is slowing, each of his step seemingly covering less and less of the way remaining. Crossing a single row of abs take five or six steps now, and he has to jump across the separation between them. The monster cock behind him is casting an ominous shadow, rapidly becoming building-sized… Looking around, it’s like being on a glass elevator; the tree lines lowers below his eyes, and soon below even his feet. Alastair is packing on size, and fast! Gallons upon gallons of precum are piling down the monstrous cock, running down Alastair’s car-sized balls and tower-like quads. He is gonna cum soon, Liam knows it. Liam is not so sure anymore he will make it to his friend’s pecs in time. He shouts again to get Alastair attention, but his voice is too weak to even be noticed by the giant in his dreamy slumber.

When Liam finally reaches the ballooning pecs they stand nearly thrice as tall as he is. They are proper hills now, the cleavage between the two of them a tight canyon. Liam has no idea how big Alastair is anymore; he is dazzled by the insane spurt, the strongest so far—and with no end in sight. His boyfriend is soon gonna be skyscraper-sized, packing untold amounts of power in his bulging muscles.

Liam hesitates for a second between climbing up the mound-like pecs, or crossing cleavage canyon. The pass is not exactly the easiest terrain to navigate—plus, the slightest flex could crush to death lie a pea. Eventually, he decides to climb up.

But hesitating and waiting is not a good bet against Alastair boisterous growth. By the time Liam starts climbing, the muscled hill he is facing has expanded significantly, and the slopes have steepened. It stands now easily five time taller than he is, and it’s growing by the very second. He has to actually climb up his boyfriend’s chest, struggling to find good holds. Looking to the side, he can see the forest inevitably getting crushed under Alastair expanding body, the palm trees no match for his dense muscles.

There is a stronger rumble suddenly, and looking back, he can see cum starting to flow out of Alastair’s titanic cock, bubbling up like lava out of a volcano. Liam can’t help but stare at the indecent display of a cock dozens of time his size, the virile pole standing up and and up in the sky. But he knows he has to hurry; he has seconds before the actual eruption occur, and with that, a tremendous final spurt. Alastair has outgrown houses in the past, but here it feels more to Liam as if the meaty surroundings are outgrowing him.

He pushes hard up the pecs, his climbing outpacing the spurt for a bit, allowing him to eventually start running across Alastair’s chest. Each pectoral was before a comfy bed to him, but now they are tennis court sized. Staring at his friend’s face, he understands there will be no waking him up—he is so tiny now compared to him!

Still, Liam has an idea. Alastair nipples must be more sensitive than ever. That’s the way to get him awake, with a good pinch. He sets course down slope to the boulder-like nipples, keeping on eye on the throbbing co—

Without warning, a sudden spam make Liam almost fall to the ground. Alastair’s dick twitches, jerks in the sky, and tons of cum start pouring out of the head. It’s a maelstrom of thick white liquid, some flying hundreds of feet in the sky, thick ropes pouring over his abs and legs, and more just pouring down his cock. Liam stares at the impossible display, split between awe, love, and terror. He comes again too, enraptured by the scene, contributing humbly to the pools of cum forming everywhere.

Spasms cross Alastair’s body like earthquakes, and he grows much, much bigger. Each wave brings in unending amounts of mass to his frame, and he swells defiantly larger and larger, the island a tight squeeze for his body now. Liam is riding the high, feeling dizzy from the speed at which his surroundings are changing and stretching, and by how fast he is climbing up and up above the ground. His partner nipples are actually outgrowing him, the little balls nice sturdy sphere 7’ feet in diameter. He hugs one, unable to even pinch it anymore, and his mind drifts away in bliss, mixed feelings of pride, love, and religious wonder shuffling through his head like a hurricane of emotions.

It takes a moment, but finally, Alastair’s growth settles. His cock start winding down, covered in thick cum, and he groans as he wakes up from his wet dream.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alastair feels big. Really big. He know he has grown, a lot. Grown to be fucking huge in fact…

He looks for a reference in his surroundings, but they are unrecognisable. He dwarfs the island now. He moves his bulky legs and bulging arms; they feel impossibly hefty with muscle, packing unlimited power. Pure strength flows through his veins; he is a real giant now.

Alastair sits up, extending his thick legs into the sea. Behemoth barely begin to describe him; his ass barely fits on the island, and his diamond-shaped quads level down what little was remaining of it. He booms with laughter, delighted by just how ungodly huge he got. Even to him, it requires adjustment, his oversized muscles rubbing against one another as he moves. “HOLY SHIT! THAT WASN’T JUST A DREAM!” Is all he can muster for now, contemplating his godly body.

Holy shit indeed. Alastair stands 640’ tall now, a proper entry into the skyscraper territory. But contrary to the thin and fragile buildings, his frame is herculean: his immense and oversized muscles mean he weighs in at a whopping 150,000 metric tons, three times the weight of the Titanic when fully-loaded with cargo and passengers. And these are not (just) for show; he could easily snap any tanker boat in two should he wish to do so.

Meanwhile, Liam is hanging for his dear life on Alastair’s nipple, hundreds of feet of void below him. To describe it as a precarious situation would be an understatement; he is pinching as hard as he can while maintaining his hold, desperately hoping to get his boyfriend’s attention… But now that he is barely ant sized for Alastair, that’s a tall order.

Alastair feels a weird sensation around his nipple, and suddenly notices a small bug hanging there. Well. He has to remind himself something small to him is actually something that is very normally sized. Looking more closely, he notices it’s his boyfriend!

Seeing him so damn small feel him with glee. “LIAM!” He booms, approaching his hand underneath, being extra careful with his movements. The slightest misappreciation of distance and he could easily crush him. Liam drops down in his palm, barely noticeable, lost between the meaty fingers. He brings him up to be within eye distance.

“I WAS DREAMING I WAS OUTGROWING THE CITY AND… LOOK! I GOT SO BIG! GUESS IT WASN’T JUST A DREAM.” Alastair is like a kid in a candy store, filled with unbounded happiness by his spurt. He can’t get enough of his new giant hulking body. Liam can barely catch a break as the giant flexes his muscles for him; he feels disoriented by all the sudden movements. “FUCK, YOU ARE SO SO SMALL!” Liam smiles, making big hand gesture to acknowledge. He is so happy to see Alastair delighted with his new size.

“CHECK OUT THESE GUNS!” Alastair brings his hand to one of his biceps, and Liam jumps down on them. His biceps peak alone are bigger than a 5-story building. Veins wider than Liam run under the skin, and the forearm above is just bulging with muscle fiber. He drops down in worship of the holy skin he is walking on, licking it as he used to do back when Alastair was a mere 6’4’’. “SO FREAKIN’ BIG”, Alastair feels his horseshoe triceps gorging with blood, his biceps peaking larger with the pump. Flexing and moving around these 140’ peak-to-peak arms feels incredible, each of his upper arm bulging longer than a blue whale, and packing infinitely more muscle and mass within.

His muscles are not the only body part pumping up. His cock is steadily rising, and Alastair starts stroking it. “JUMP ON, I WANT TO SEE SOMETHING”. Liam executes, going back to the giant’s hand. Alastair lowers him to his fully erect, and puts him on the large mushroom head.

“DAMN, REMEMBER WHEN MY COCK OUTGREW YOU? I CAN BARELY SEE YOU ON TOP OF IT NOW!” Drops of precum the size of swimming pools come out near Liam. He can’t resist taking in a few mouthful of the protein-rich liquid. It’s warm, and it tastes amazing. Liam goes for more.

Alastair’s cock is fully-erect now; it has grown a lot proportionally, going past obscene territory into purely absurd. It stretches above his nipples, the head reaching halfway up his pecs. If his chest wasn’t so goddamn humongous, Alastair could easily suck himself, with little effort. It’s not just long; it’s girth is such his meaty paws can’t even wrap around it, and it feels completely oversized for him.

His cock could actually be in a class of its own in terms of tall buildings. It’s no less than 275’ long, and his balls are the size of a large suburban office building. “DUDE, I AM PRETTY SURE I WASN’T EVEN AS BIG AS A SINGLE ONE OF MY BALLS A FEW HOURS AGO!”

“I AM GONNA PUT YOU DOWN SO THAT YOU CAN CATCH SOME REST”. Alastair puts Liam on the beach. His bulky frame towers above, his wide back blocking the sun; proportionally, he looks as if two professional bodybuilders had been smashed together into a single body.

Liam is surrounded by the giant’s feet; his stinky soles are eight times wider than Liam is tall… Even Alastair’s big toe stand two to three times taller than Liam, a testament to just how big he is now. Their smell is as overbearing as they are huge, but Liam doesn’t mind it—he likes it in fact.

It’s his first look from the ground at his boyfriend, and he feels light-headed. He is just impossibly big, a force to be reckoned with. His mind struggles to wrap around the idea of Alastair being just so huge… Staring down at the feet across the water further dazzles him; he could crush anything under them easily: a human, a car, a bus, a locomotive, a house… Alastair is just not made for our puny human world anymore.

But he is very eager to see what kind of feat a man of his caliber can pull off. After that little afternoon nap and spurt, it’s time for some action. “WHAT ABOUT HEADING FOR THE CITY LITTLE GUY?”

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