Pet pride

by Eriknl77

How a young man becomes a happy and proud pet.

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So it is my birthday. My friends come over and ring my doorbell to surprise me. As I open up the door, I welcome them in with big smiles. After all, they’ve brought beer. All my friends are there, cheering, being loud, already having had some beers and Bart, Diego, Jeffrey, Peter, Ricardo and Johan greet and congratulate me.

“Hey, Erik, happy birthday man, how are you?” They yell as the hand me a can of beer, which I open and gulp from.

“I’m great man, I love you guys all came over together. Thanks for bringing the beer. I was planning on a quiet evening, as I wasn’t going to do much for my birthday. Now this is going be an awesome party.”

We all drink a few cans of beer and soon we’re starting to get a bit drunk. We’re all joking around when Bart suddenly pushes a present in my hands.

“This is for you, my friend. Open it up. We’ve had a peek at your computer and browser history to see what you’ve been checking out lately. You’ll love it. We’re all sure about it.” Bart said, while the others kept on cheering me on to unwrap the present.

I open the package and became bright red. Oh fuck, I think, as I see a box inside it, with a little screen printed on it. I can only whisper, as this is legendary. “It’s a Chronivac 4.0,” I said in awe. My eyes are wide. Knowing they were rare, mythical almost, but they do exist. My heart skips a beat. My mouth goes dry as my cock starts to get rock hard.

“Oh! My! God!” I managed to get out. “You… how…. Where did you get this?” I was stunned. Those machines are notorious. They must be worth a fortune.

I look up at Bart and he smiled. They all smiled. “Meh, it doesn’t matter. But from what we read on that CYOC dot net website you’ve been addicted to, it’s something nice and kinky and you’ll really love it.”

Peter jumped in. “So Erik, what will you be?” he asked in anticipation, while the others asked similar questions. “How long will you transform?” Ricardo asked, mumbling about hoping for me to become something eatable because he was starving.

I grinned at him, and say, “I’ll become a banana later, ok?”

Ricardo laughs. “Make that a roasted chicken then, dude.”

All guys were excited and kept asking questions, being influenced by the amount of beer they already had. Johan looked at the box. “Are you gonna go all the way?” he asked.

I looked up at all of them. “Hey you guys, I haven’t decided what to become yet, so take it easy, okay.” I took the box from Johan again and looked over the sheets inside. “The instructions here say the minimum duration of a transformation is for three hours. So how about I’ll change a bit later okay, I wanna party right now.”

Peter, who was in the middle of lighting up a joint, told me to get undressed and change right away.

“I have always wanted a dog. Why don’t you become a dog for a while, so I can take care of you,” he said, pouting a little. Damn, I thought. Why does he have to be so fucking cute? Look at him, with that hot swimmer’s body. It would actually be nice to be taken care of by him for a little while.

I smile at Peter, daring him a little. “You’re not serious are you? If I become a dog now, you’ll have to walk me soon, because I drank enough beer to be pissing hard in no time flat.”

They all laughed. “Okay, well that’s cool,” Bart said. “We can walk you in the park across the street. You can play with other dogs to and have a blast. What kind of dog do you want, Peter?”

“A Doberman,” he said. “Oh, no, better yet. Make that a Dalmatian.” Peter sat up, getting all excited, continuing to utter his wishes. “But don’t change all the way. I love that hot muscled body of yours, stud, so take it to the level where you look enough like a dog, but your body will still be this muscled.”

That gave me an idea and while they continued calling out their wishes, I look at the machine and quickly figured out how it worked. I started to fill in the settings while warning them the instructions said not to hurt me or damage me, because otherwise I will have to be a dog longer than anticipated.

“So Peter, how about you take care of me for this week? I have some time off anyway and I’m sure it will be fun. Can you handle that?”

Peter smiled wide. “Oh cool, Tarzan, go for it, cause I might just happen to have a collar and leash with me, just in case.” Peter laughed while shaking his bag.

I laughed out loud and shook my head. That little devil. This is going to be good.

I changed the settings and filled in the rest on the machine. I had no job at the moment anyway, and no one would miss me right away, so I decide to set the machine to change me for a month, to become about 40% a dog, all the way, so including internal organs, mental state and heightened senses. Setting a few extra details as to make sure I would have to walk on all fours, would be able to live on dogfood, would get dog genitals and have to use them, peeing in a dog way (which I had to admit made me grin and would be enjoyable) and then it was done. After my change, people would see me for what I was, 40% a dog, but there was this little button that would make it so people would recognize me as normal, so I would be recognized as a dog. This excited me the most, because it meant I could walk freely wherever I wanted, completely naked, and no one would take offence to it. I became even more excited than I already was.

I was buzzed from all the beer, couldn’t read everything clearly, but I thought I had finished setting up the machine. “Okay, here goes nothing.” I said, while pushing the button.

A flash took away my sight, which scared me for a moment. But when I opened my eyes, all I could see was black and white images. I had not much time to think about it though, as I fell down to all fours and my body started to tingle. My shorts and tank top were annoying me as my body itched and I took them off as good as I could. Peter and Bart started to help. Diego, who had been silent the whole time, was just watching with Ricardo from the couch. It was all happening so fast.

My arms and legs changed length, my feet and hands turned to paws and my cock and balls itched, becoming more stiff and changing into dog genitals, slowly being covered by a sheath, which was attached to my lower abdominals. My nose became black and wet, my tongue seemed to be longer. I knew even after the transformation would slow down, more could transform in a later stage. But now, with my skin changing color and a thin layer of black and white fur covering my body, I was becoming fast the dog that Peter would have to walk a few times every day for the next month. I couldn’t wait to start my new short dog life and to experience my first true Chronivac transformation.

Then the machine beeped and a mechanical woman’s voice sounded. “Transformation complete. 40% canine, male specimen, dalmatian. Duration, 10 years. Countdown starts now. Enjoy the period as your chosen object or animal as Chronivac 4.0 hinders the use of itself to restore, change or modify transformed subject during the duration of the transformation. Damage or alteration of subject will result in disability of restoration of subject with the consequence of the transformation being permanent and un……”

I don’t know about the rest, but I stopped listening at that point. My jaw dropped, still buzzed from the beer. Damn. 10 years. I would be a dog for 10 full years. Not dog years. Human years. What had I done? I didn’t even register Peter collaring me, saying to me he never would have expected me to want to be his dog for this long, but it made him very happy and he would take very good care of me. He then snapped on the leach and when he gently pulled me, I didn’t respond. Then Ricardo stood up, being bossy as always and he took the leash and yanked me back to reality. I whined and wanted to yell at him, but all that came out were barks. I couldn’t speak anymore. Shit. My heart was racing. Was that me or….. damn, what smelled so good…. I…. my instinct kicked in. I had to sniff all of the guys. Some of them…. had bacon? Damn. I stood up and sniffed all of them, when Diego held some bacon in front of me. I wagged my tail…. Shit, I have a tail…. And I am wagging it. I must love this, I… I… I looked up, panting and barking. I was…. Feeling happy.

“Well Erik, eeerm, Tarzan, I mean,” Peter said, “I guess you’ve made a little mistake, but there’s nothing we can do about it. So you will be my dog for 10 years. I will take good care of you though.” Peter sounded proud to be the owner of a new dog.

They grabbed their things and took me out. I knew I wouldn’t see my apartment or my things back. I would be probably registered as a missing person and they all would be playing their part because they all knew I would be a dog for this long. Ricardo did bring the Chronivac though, he thought it might be useful. Looking at how he looked at Bart the entire time, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bart would have to help Ricardo with his hunger. They couldn’t stand each other that much anyway.

I ran in the park and had the best time I ever had. I first lifted my leg and had to pee. All the beer had to come out, but I soon found out I was also marking my territory. I barked, chased squirrels and rabbits and sniffed other dogs out. Then Peter took a thing from his pocket and somehow I recognized it as a dog whistle. I ran back and let Peter pat me on the head while he clipped on the leash again. He was taking me home, as they all said goodbye to each other for the night. Peter brought me home and told me that he would expect me to be housetrained, but he couldn’t risk his carpets. So since he still had the kennel from his previous dog in his back yard, he put me in and locked the gate behind me. I would have to spend the night outside, having only a doghouse and a pillow inside. Peter walked away and I looked at him, a little sad. Would I be treated as a dog already? Have I never been a good friend to him?

Those thoughts faded away when he returned. A big bowl of mushy dogfood and a bowl of water were placed from under the fence and as I greedily started to eat the food, he threw in a bone and some toys for me to play with. My instinct kicked in again and I jumped up the fence and started lapping my tongue over Peters face. The closest that I had ever been to kissing him. But I could kiss him. Just a few hours before I had been a bit bored, never thinking this could ever happen. Even not realizing the Chronivac really existed. And now, here I am. A dog, even if just partially transformed, I belonged to the species and would be for the next 10 years.

As night fell I slept peacefully in my new kennel and the next day my life as a dog would really start, as I would be sober and so would Peter. I doubt I would drink beer again soon. But Peter, who still recognized me as who I used to be and especially appreciated the still human shape I had, made sure I would feel special. He took very well care of me. A little too good though. Because after several months the Chronivac beeped. Ricardo, who still had it in his possession didn’t notice at first, but when he found out he decided to be quiet and to lock the Chronivac away for a while so no one would see it read…. ‘Subject, transformed in 40% dalmatian for 10 years has been altered. Transformation time disrupted. Subjects transformation remains permanent.’

Little did Peter, and I, know that when he took me to the vet to have some shots and get me chipped as safety precaution, he sealed my fate. I didn’t really think about it. I don’t think I would have mind. I was just happy the vet didn’t suggest to get me neutered.

For the rest of my life, I would remain a pet, a dog for one of my best friends. I couldn’t be happier, but you can see that in the cover shoot I did for this magazine Peter signed me up for.

I am a happy dog, loving every bit and every second of my life.

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