Friday Flashback August 2013

Friday Flashback: August 2013

Hi folks. This week’s off-week retrovoyage finds us in August 2013, just five years ago. Looking back at the events of that storied time for anything relating to guys with hot bodies, because, hey, I’m totally on message when I’m working on the site, I find that WWE wrestler Darren Young (a.k.a. Fred Rosser) came out that month, the first wrestler to do so while still signed as a pro. It occurs to me that I haven’t explored wrestler growth story ideas much, though if you go to the search page and put in wrestling you’ll find other writers who have.

August 2013 also saw the announcement of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, and what a tumultuous five years it’s been since. And, coincidentally, The Doctors host and ex-Bachelor Travis Stork topped Prevention magazine’s “Sexiest Men Over 40” clickbait-fest (Springsteen came second). Stephen Moyer is on the list, cementing its time-capsule status.

In other news: I finally worked on tracking down what specifically has been dragging down load times, and made a few changes to do something about it. Starting today you should be experiencing much faster loads on the home page and the story pages.

Next update: Friday, 24 August. After that, look for updates on Saturdays for the time being. I may have to shift things around again if Saturdays don’t work, so watch for news on that either here or on my social media. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy the site.

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