Beyond ascension

by lazlostrange

It has long been accepted by natural belief that no man could possess divine gifts. But what could happen when one particular man becomes an exemption?

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“We are live now here at St. Dominique Square witnessing a fire incident that happened at 8:19 earlier this evening. The fire that started from the 27th floor of the tower was now scattered all around burning the rooms nearby. Unfortunately, hoses brought by the firemen are unable to reach the said floor and a shortage of water might result. In the meantime, helicopters and rescue teams are up in the air trying the best they can to save people affected by the fire inside—”

The report broke off when a familiar sound of wind whooshing caught my attention.

I am Jan Lewis, I am a live news reporter for our City’s local TV News station. Right now, I am currently covering a live report about a fire incident but was caught out by the sudden appearance of a being I consider ascending into godhood. His name was Sean McConley. As soon as I heard the sound, I knew who it was. I was expecting him to come.

Sean came flying very fast, breaking any sound barrier in existence on his way to the building covered in fire. To him, this was just as easy as holding back his pee. Sean floated on top of the building based on what we are witnessing down in the ground. Sean crossed his mind as if motioning he was all done for this. He started blowing a strong gust of wind coming from the wide expanse of his chest. A mighty blow that, with his complete 100% level of force, could break the entire building in half and cause a lot of damage and worst, death. But Sean clearly had the control to not cause this simple mistake.

Even so, his cold gusts were so strong that everyone below felt all of it. It even lifted my suit jacket and nudged my cameraman off-balance a bit. Sean continued his blows and flew around the building. The helicopter on top even flew apart from the building to make way for whatever this god is planning on doing.

After a few minutes, the fire miraculously slows down and down, diminishing only to smoke until the last hint of red fire can no longer be seen from below. When it was all done and everyone began to settle, Sean flew closer to one of the walls. Sean motioned his entire right arm back and coiling his entire fist. When he finally got the momentum, he punched his entire right fist against the building wall. A punch that had already been received by a handful of mountains, asteroids, trucks, buildings, bridges, and all only to break into pieces and disintegrate effortlessly. The wall was no exception to the mighty force of this god and disintegrated immediately upon impact from the hands of Sean’s punch. When he was all done. He turned around and spoke towards the rescuers in the helicopters and on the street below.

‘People are still in there. I’ll leave the rest of the work with you! I just don’t want to steal any jobs from you guys.”

After his last instructions he gave to the rescuer team, Sean flew down from the 27th-floor level and landed with a soft thud in the ground. Firemen and police were circling the area to make sure no citizens got hurt down near the building. When he came down, Sean rested both his hands in his hips, posing a bit looking like a proud handsome boy accomplishing another task in school. He was looking for something around the sea of bystanders and finally saw it. He was staring in our direction—staring right at me.

Even after his heroics, Sean is not your typical humble comic book hero. He always desires attention. Everything he does, he always makes sure that the media covers it. Sean started treading his feet, supporting very heavy big wide thighs and an Adonis of upper body. Truly a Greek god walking amongst mortal men. Well, this statement couldn’t get any more apt because on his way towards us, I could get enough size reference between him and the people within the area. I was sure of it. He was tall. Or taller than the last time I saw him.

I turned my attention a bit towards the cameraman to cue him.

‘Are you getting this?’ I mouthed. He nodded.

Sean was nearing towards us until he was a good 6 feet away. Some of the crowd was standing near him, and all their heads only reached Sean’s quite visible bulge in his spandex suit. A suit I’d soon learn contained a beastly man inside.

‘What’s up, Mr. Jan Lewis?’

I suddenly turned around the camera as if Sean’s recognition of me was my prompt to start doing live news. ‘Look who saved the evening, folks. It’s the one and only Sean McConley! I’m so sorry, Mr. McConley, but did you happen to grow taller the last time I—-we saw you?’

I turned back to him only to be surprised by his bulge’s close proximity to my face. He’d moved a good foot towards me and even I failed to notice it.

‘Oh, yeah I’m sorry. Maybe I’ll just, wait a minute—’

Sean must have realized his entire frame was too big to capture by my camera, so he decided to kneel down, his left knee on the ground and his right, supported his entire upper body. Even in a kneeling position, Sean’s entire body was twice the width of mine, and his head a good 2 feet past my own. The cameraman decided to step back a little, getting a good and complete frame shot.

‘That’s it, baby.’

Sean placed his wide right palm at my back as if assisting me from falling. His palm was as wide as my entire body, proportioned so greatly that it entirely covered the expanse of my back.

‘Uhmm about that. Yeah!. I certainly grew. In fact, I might possibly have grown more on the way here. You know, from all that rush, it probably triggered my growth hormones and added a new spurt.’

He was just talking directly in front of the camera and turned looking towards me in that last sentence.

‘Wow. You keep getting more magnificent every time we lose sight of you. Tell me where have you been before on your way saving people from the fire?’

‘Ohh …Ummm. Hmm where was I? Oh Yeah. I was in in the Philippines. You ever heard of Mayon Volcano? Yeah. It recently became active. So I had to assist in filtering the volcanic dust and redirected the possible lava flow. But unfortunately, I could have overdone it a bit. Haha. Folks there were pissed. The Mayon didn’t look perfectly coned shape after that. I’m sorry?’

Sean gave a two-fingered peace sign to the TV audience to show his sincerest apologies.

‘Ahhh. But I’m pretty sure most of them were grateful from that onslaught of the dust you filtered right?’

‘I hope so.’ Sean tilted his head to the side—an expression of ‘maybe, but who cares, right?’

‘So, Mr. McConley, what are we expecting from Mr. Superhero next time we’ll see him on screen?’

‘Maybe showing his boyfriend live? How would you feel about that?’

Sean turned around his entire frame a bit, making an expression on his face as if waiting for my own answer.

‘Well! Hahaha. That would surely intrigue everyone—and break the hearts of the millions of folks who’s got the hots for you, Mr. McConley.’

My emotions fluttered, and I was sure that could be heard in my speaking voice when I replied back.

Even as I gave him my answer, I heard Sean gave a silent chuckle and moved his entire body to stand up and loom around everyone.

I turned to camera and said, ‘But for now, that would be the entire coverage of this news. This is Jan Lewis, see you next time.’

The cameraman finished off my report and let me know that the camera was no longer running. I turned around to see a looming Sean McConley in front of me. I looked up to him and met him eye to eye. His deep ocean-blue eyes staring right back at me. The blond tips of his hair were waving from the nightly wind. I saw his entire face moved toward my own. He whispered right in my ear.

‘Meet me in the tower, Jan.’

And with that he stood back up again, straightening his posture, and turned around walking towards the place he landed. He placed both his arms in his hips and a strong wind began circling around him. Then, with a ‘boom’ Sean McConley flew towards the night sky and out of sight of the onlookers below.

1,530 words Added Jul 2021 7,549 views 3.5 stars (2 votes)

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