Yogic growth blessing

by Josh Dugan

A richly symbolic outgrowth naturally accompanies spiritual advancement.

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“What are you looking at?” I asked Ian. He was naked and boned at the computer, looking at photos from Dan.

“These are from Dan's yogic growth class,” he said, pointing to the photos Dan had just emailed him.

“Here's Dan. He's sitting in the lotus position.”

Dan was smiling blissfully, eyes closed, hands in a prayer position, four bare feet resting among as many folded legs.

“Four feet?” I said.

“It's from meditating,” Ian said.

“They symbolize the quickening of the soul as it purifies itself through meditation. The soul is the form of the body; as the soul quickens, so the body. As meditation brings the spiritual quickening of the soul, it is expressed physically as quickening of the body, symbolized by the added quickness of more legs.”

There was a photo of the class.

Young guys, tanned, muscular, naked and with four bare feet, sat with eyes closed, lips parted, hands upended in the Lotus position, their foursomes of legs stacked like a kind of spiritual kindling beneath them, their foursomes of feet hanging out in all directions, relaxed and heavy.

In the background, pairs of the guys were coming and going, casually ambling in and out of the large meditation room, barefoot times four.

Since some of them were in various states of arousal, you could see that they could become aroused from between their hind legs as well as from between their front legs.

One guy was riding another, centaur-style, holding onto his shoulders, his four legs dangling down on either side of his friend's fourlegged hindquarters.

The guy being ridden was aroused between both sets of legs.

One stood talking to another, casually holding a hind foot in a kind of lazy stretch, balancing on his other three bare feet.

“Wow,” I said.

“Dan's cute, isn't he?” said Ian.

Here was one of Dan having a playful foot-fight with one of his naked, fourlegged yoga buddies as they leg-wrestled on a rumpled yoga mat, sleek bare feet playfully tumbled among their interlaced foursomes of legs as they laughed, doubly boned.

“Here he is with some of the more advanced class members,” Ian said.

Dan was reverently posed in the Lotus position, handsome on his four folded legs. The others, exceptionally fit and youthful looking, held the same pose, in calm introspection.

The only difference was their folded legs numbered six or eight, gracefully comfortable, their smooth feet many as they kissed the calm air.They were tall upon their many folded legs, and beautiful, Dan equally beautiful among them, equally peaceful, although didn't sit as high as they did, because he only had two pairs legs compared to their three or four pairs of beautiful folded legs.

They were the picture of peace, calm upon their many folded pairs legs, beautiful with so many handsome pairs of male feet.

“Here's Dan taking a foot-shower,” Ian smiled, flushed, breathless and obviously about to come.

I was boned, too.

“A foot-shower?” I asked.

“It's just a little friendly ritual the advanced members do for less-advanced members who show promise,” Ian explained.

“It can convey a blessing as a symbol of love and acceptance. An advanced member can convey such a blessing as an outgrowth of love and encouragement to one he loves.”

The shower was basically a shower of feet upon Dan, seated on a meditation cushion, with advanced members seated all around him on stools, their profusions of legs gently stretched towards him, their multitudes of beautiful male feet resting upon him, tumbled all over him, his own four feet hanging heavily out from the sides of his fourlegged lotus position.

He had a few of the advanced members' relaxed feet in his hands, kissing them.

“He kisses all of the feet, which takes some time,” Ian smiled.

“It's symbolic of his humility as a less-advanced member.”

It was beautiful to see him among all the tanned, muscular, multilegged, smiling young gods, and his own smile was beatific as he kissed the heavy, beautiful feet offered him, as the beautiful multilegged boys covered him or gently pushed against him with their bevies of beautiful, gentle male feet.

“Check this one out,” Ian said.

“What's he doing,” I asked. It appeared that Dan was actually licking some of the beautiful feet feet that he had gathered in his arms.

“It's the rite of passage,” Ian said.

“He's actually experienced a multiple-penis orgasm, and in the traditional gesture of service, he's removing his spilled come from their feet with his tongue.”

I was in need of coming, myself.

The next image was of the advanced members helping Dan to what were now his six feet, a little clumsy from the massive explosive ejaculations he had just experienced.

There were more images of a round of hugs and caresses among the multilegged boys, and much kissing and caressing of Dan's six feet as he was carried about on the shoulders of his new fellow advanced members, laughing and multi-penis ejaculating along with Dan.

“That was some email,” I said, pretty much out of breath.

“I'll say,” said Ian, wiping come from his chin and chest, his boned penis glazed with oozing hot come, his hands slick with come, some of the keyboard keys and part of the computer screen splattered with some of the volumes of his come.

He tried to wipe his hands on his stomach and sides, and then tried to stand up in spite of his unrelenting arousal, stumbling and catching himself as he tried to stand up.

We both looked down, amazed, at what were now his four handsome legs, his four bare feet. He was even handsomer with four of them, his four feet and four legs beautiful, somewhat clumsy (he would need to learn to use them).

I realized why he had come so much, as I noted the giant hind penis that bobbed and dripped come as Ian realized just how much there was of him and his legs now.

Ian blushed, smiling and aroused, as he met my amazed stare. I could not contain my envy.

“It's a blessing from Dan,” he smiled.

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